If you are a member of the Volunteer Reserve or Cadet Forces of the UK, and your unit is organising an expedition or adventurous training activity, the Ulysses Trust may be able to provide financial support.

Annual Review 2017

To read or download our 2017 Annual Review, please click the image below


Recent Tweets

This looks like lots of fun! Reservists from @106RegimentRA creating plenty of bubbles in the salty depths of the Mediterranean during Ex: Cockney Abyss 2 2018. Supported by the @UlyssesTrust. Almost all the participants had no previous diving experience! https://t.co/NulkhrmjXU

The Ulysses Trust 2018 - Month by Month in 60 seconds. Take a look at some of our highlights from 2018 in this short slideshow. https://t.co/UHG1OcacRu via @YouTube

2018 Survey Results Part 2. Today's figures relate to impact on units. We're delighted to announce that The Ulysses Trust continues to have 100% POSITIVE IMPACT on Cadets & Reservists Units through our support of Adventurous Activities.

2018 Survey Results just in! The Ulysses Trust continues to have 100% POSITIVE IMPACT on Cadets & Reservists through our support of Adventurous Activities. Thanks to all all those who took part. Please share the good news!

Go to 46 seconds to see @raf100hv18 featured! A fantastic exped. Looking forward to more adventure in 2019
#NewYearsDay #mountaineering #climbing #RBL #friends #proudtoserve
@PoppyLegion @CathHenshaw @UlyssesTrust @aircadets @RAFCentralFund @rustybale @HelixTactical @dmmclimbing https://t.co/TaC2dy2Zdk

Our Year in Pictures: December 2018. As the year draws to an end we'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends and supporters a very Happy New Year!

Our Year in Pictures: November 2018. 51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland visited Malta during Ex: Northern Tartan Dive and captured some amazing underwater photographs https://t.co/TU1pGO6SPJ

I had the benefit of diving in Belize, Kenya and a great deal of the UK coastline as a result of learning to dive in @BritishArmy

A great leadership development opportunity.

Reserve units and cadets can apply for a grant with the @UlyssesTrust https://t.co/91wgRmxPXI

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Expedition Videos

Here are a selection of expedition videos produced by Reservist, Cadet and UOTC units we have supported.


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors Levison Wood and Tania Noakes are often out and about exploring the wilderness, climbing mountains and promoting the Ulysses Trust.

Find out what they are up to at the moment via clicking on their Instagram photos below.

Levison Wood

  • Super excited to announce my latest forthcoming project. The last couple of years I’ve been working on a children’s book called ‘Incredible Journeys’ which recounts some of the most epic adventures ever undertaken- from the wanderings of early man, to the conquests of Alexander the Great and the voyages of Captain Cook, all the way through to the flights of the space age, this book will hopefully inspire the next generation of explorers. Aimed at 7-9 year olds but suitable for adventurers of all ages, it will be published this coming June by Wren and Rook, a Hachette imprint. Watch this space! With massive thanks to @sam_brewster for the beautiful maps and illustrations, @4lot for her editorial help and of course @jocantello1 and @pieceof__kate @wrenandrookbook
  • This Saturday 19th Jan I’ll be speaking at the Adventure Travel Show at Olympia at 11:45 all about my travels through the Middle East. Come along and get a signed copy of my latest book and I’ll be doing a Q&A. Tickets available here https://www.adventureshow.com/levison-wood/ but selling fast! #arabia #middleeast #advtravelshow 📸 @simonbuxton
  • ‘It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.’ Marcus Aurelius -meditations #dailystoic #meditations #iwcpilot
  • Stilt Fishermen, Sri Lanka @leicauk #photography

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Tania Noakes

  • Saturday morning at the races... excited to be cheering @jpsmithi in his first IBU 10km Sprint Biathlon.  Racing for GB at the Hohenzollern ski stadium, Germany. 
Totally worth the epic drive after work last night to see him race. Such beautiful and inspiring skiing here 😍
I’m pretty stoked to see that the RM team has not one, but two fine athletes whose first steps on cross country skis I coached through @oxforduotc 
Some moments in life are precious and worth all the effort!
#nordicskiing #crosscountryskiing #biathlon #nordicskicoach #skiinstructors #basiinstructor #hohenzollern #epicdrive #skate2 #v2 #athleticpower #graceandpower #teampride #bigsmiles #happyreunions #soproud #foreverlearning
  • And so the weather changes for us on the BASI Nordic Level 1 course in Chamonix... Today we’ve had some great lessons delivered by course members before being chased off the tracks by the evening snowfall.
It’s been a pleasure sharing ideas and coaching this motivated, enthusiastic and professional group of people.  I love being a part of a skiers developmental journey... fascinating, challenging and forever learning! 
#greatgroup #basiinstructor #crosscountryskiing #crosscountryskiers #trackskiing #skiinstructors #basinordic #nordicinstructor #nordicskiing #chasedbytheweather #snowtime
  • Back in the love zone on my cross-country skis... I think this is my never ending romance...😍😍❄️❄️❄️
Coaching a BASI Level 1 Nordic course in Chamonix this week. Lots of great performance gains today for the students and some bright smiles lit up by their own “lightbulb” moments. Wonderful to help with and witness these moments. 
As Shirley Bassey says... Classic is forever, forever, forever... 😂
#shirleybassey #classicisforever #athletefocused #learningtoteach #basilevel1 #basinordic #basiinstructor #coachthecoaches #lightbulbmoments #neverendinglovestory #lovecrosscountryskiing #crosscountryskiing #skidefond #scidelfondo 
@basi_inst @williams_family_photos
  • A big thank you to @amandapirie for your excellent instruction on the BASI coaching course this last week- you are an inspiration. 🤗
It’s been really interesting seeing how we can run this module on a Nordic platform in future. It was incredibly useful tapping into a real depth of knowledge amongst the Alpine instructors on this course too- I leave with a much better understanding of piste skiing, and with a real breakthrough moment in my own alpine skiing as a result. I just have to consolidate that feeling now... but that takes me away from my cross-country skis... 😭😭😂 #foreverlearning #upyourgame #carvethatturn #basiinstructorsarethebest #perfectcoach #athletefocused #snowsports #gofaster #alpinetime #crossdiscipline 
@basi_inst @brit_mt_guides

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