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25th Anniversary Appeal

tania-noakes As part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations the Ulysses Trust has launched an appeal to raise £1.5m by the end of 2021 to significantly increase the amount of support we can give to cadet expeditions. Our ambassador, Tania Noakes, is raising funds for the appeal through her 25th Anniversary Expedition. Tania has now completed the classic Norge På Langs, or ‘Norway from end to end’. A journey of over 2,500km from the southern tip of Norway, Lindesnes to the most northerly point, Nordkapp. Please support the Ulysses Trust by making a donation via Tania’s MyDonate webpage. All monies raised will be donated to the Ulysses Trust. Click on the images below to find out how she did it.

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25th Anniversary Expedition

  • And here’s the clothing I took! I was VERY pleased with all this, I used everything, pretty much living in the main items for 82 days straight (I did wash them occasionally 😉) most remain as good as new! I’m fortunate to be sponsored by @salewa_uk and @dynafit so huge thanks to them for their brilliant support. 
TLT 3L jacket and trousers, Radical down hood jacket, Speedfit dynastretch trousers, performance dryarn tee, mera 2PTC ❤️, seraks windstopper primaloft gloves, borax primaloft mittens ❤️❤️, TLT synthetic duvet jacket and trousers: #dynafit Emergency BIG down jacket #salewa, 2pairs of underwear, 2pairs of socks, bra, 3/4 length thermal under trousers, vest top and liner gloves #quechua 
I wouldn’t change ANYTHING about this set up. It was perfect. ❤️🇳🇴😀 #norgepålangs2018 #clothing #nordictouring #skitouringclothing #lightandfast #goodquality #happytourer #hardwearing #warmanddry
  • I have been asked to show what #equipment and #clothing I took with me for my #norgepålangs2018 and so here it is!
I can honestly say I don’t think I could have taken less or gone much lighter without compromising safety. These are my essentials for multi-day Nordic ski tour with rucksack no pulk... phone is taking the photo! 😉 
60ltr Lightning rucksack Exped expedition equipment, Showel #salewa, Sleepingbag ULEgret #featheredfriends, goretex bivvi bag #terranova , foam mat cut to line inside rucksack, Ultralight 3/4 length #thermarest , Stove #msrreactor, SpotGen3 tracker, GPS etrex30 #garmin plus Norwegian maps Topo Exp Prov3, Compass M3Global #suunto , waterproof map case and maps for stage, Headtorch Actik #petzl , 1tr #nalgene waterbottle plus insulative cover #outdoorresearch , various ultralight waterproof sacks and compression sack #seatosummit , plastic bowl, mug, spoon. Various electrical chargers, spare batteries, powerbank #chargeworx 4000mA, basic wash-kit, repairkit: zinc oxide tape, superglue, carious tub waxes, cork, scraper, liquid glide wax, small knife, lighter.
Food taken not in photo... sometimes up to 12 days, mostly 6 days.
Hope this helps with planning your adventures! 😀❤️🇳🇴 #nordictouring #nordictouringkit #huttohut #golight #essentials #wintertouring
  • Just before I set off on my journey across Norway in January my Aunt sent me this poem by #edgaraguest 
It brought a smile to me then, and one week after finishing I would like to share it with you now. Good advice to all #adventurers #inventers #dreamers and well, the more I think about it, to everyone! ❤️🙌🌍 #justtry #makeastart #dontfearfailure #tenacity #persistance #hardwork #goodadvice #smileatthestart
  • Nordkapp. 82 days. 2533km. 566hrs of skiing. 
It has been a very special day. One of 82 very special days which form the most amazing journey of my life. I have always loved adventure and my work as a mountain guide has shown me how valuable adventure is in our lives. There are so many things that we can learn about ourselves and about life, when we find the courage to step into the unknown and commit to a dream. Whatever that dream goal is, if the outcome isn’t certain and there’s risk involved then the path to achieving it will be an adventure.
There have been so many moments of happiness, but also very many moments of real doubt, frustration, hard work and, at times, pain. But on immediate reflection I can honestly say that I wouldn’t part with any if it... neither the good nor the bad, because actually it’s pretty difficult for me to say for sure which part falls into which category.
Although I skied this journey solo, one thing is certain, that I was never alone. I have been supported, encouraged and helped by numerous people along the way... old friends and new, and some people I may never cross paths with again. A true team effort! ❤️💪
Thank you all for your incredible support and positivity and wonderful messages. It’s been truly special to be able to share this amazing journey with you. #norgepålangs2018 #nordkapp #lindesnes #amazingjourney #thisislife #preciousmemories #success #europeslongestskitour #longestskitour #thankyou @dynafit @salewa_uk @brit_mt_guides @pulsinandbeond @forihq @thecoconutco
  • Day 82: Nordkapp tunnel to... 😉 Nordkapp! 😀🍾 48km 7hrs.
I was on the road at 4.30am for the 2 1/2hr ski to Honningsvåg. I stopped at the gas station, swallowed a hamburger and two large coffees and hatched a plan. The ladies working there told me that Honningsvåg had been cut off for 10 days.  The roads had only just been opened on Monday! No wonder the snow plough driver was somewhat agitated.
The access to Nordkapp had also been closed and only just reopened... what amazing luck! The ladies let me store all my surplus gear in their storeroom, I bought water and more biscuits and set off for what I hoped would be my final 30km. Good weather, light winds, immaculate views and fast skiing on the road... but I’d been told the last 15km were forbidden for skiers (or those on foot) due to avalanche risk and only convoy traffic was permitted. 15km of deep snow can take a long time... it meant that even to the very end I didn’t know if I’d make it today. As I reached the plateau another snow plough driver pulled level. He suggested I needed medication because of what I was doing, then asked where I was going. When I mentioned Nordkapp with my best smile he shook his head and said the road was closed to skiers... he wasn’t angry, a little amused and, I think, sympathetic to my cause. I said I’d go as far as I could... he said I could have a lift in the convoy at 11. 🙈
I skied hard. The conditions and terrain helped. Steep ups and long, icy, fast and straight descents... I was cruising at speed towards the convoy when I saw it leave with the snowplough leading. The barrier was down and it did indeed say no pedestrians. I guess that is what I am... but a friend once told me “Better to ask for forgiveness than permission”. So I ducked the barrier and started skiing for my life. I had some time before I would be caught at least... 4km down and I’m rumbled, but he points out I can cut onto a scooter track that goes all the way too. He says scooters have been out this morning so it shouldn’t be too much slower.. and he even offers me a lift back to town if I get there before his last run. These last kms are amazing and finally... finally I let myself feel that it’s real!
  • Day 81 Continued: The 7km Nordkapp tunnel links the island where Nordkapp is located with the mainland. It’s impossible to ski through the tunnel. 😉 
Nothing for it but to strap the skis to my rucksack and hike through. My first impressions were of a dark, gaping mouth ready to swallow me whole and transport me under the sea... then I saw the massive barrier firmly closing the entrance. It opens automatically for cars but I’m not a car. Hmmm... I sit down, eat, drink and contemplate a bivouac. It’s actually quite sheltered at the tunnel entrance. I have a little water left, no evening meal but I have a packet of biscuits. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s certainly not the end of Norway just yet. Then I notice the door. It’s not locked, just hard to pull open with the air pressure from the tunnel. Hey hoe I guess I’m off again. It’s 9pm when I reach the exit and my body is telling me enough is enough. I do a quick calculation and decide an early start will see me in Honningsvåg for breakfast and it’s better to sleep here than lose the critical hours of sleep which for me are around midnight. I’m inventive and I find the perfect bivouac spot out of the cold night air... and as soon as I’m in my sleeping bag I’m sound asleep! 😴😴😴 #emergencybivvy #nordkapptunnelen #enoughisenough #strikingdistance #quickthinking #quickcalculation #angrysnowploughdrivers #moretiredthanhungry #moretiredthanthirsty #soundasleep #norgepålangs2018
  • Day 81: Stohpojohka to Nordkapp tunnel. 🙈 62km 13hrs.
What a day. Some days have so many diverse parts to them, so many aspects that’s it’s been almost impossible to describe briefly... I’ll try. The forecast suggested Thursday would be my best window to succeed in getting to Nordkapp. A famously windy place, with a LOT of snow this year. That meant I had to get somewhere close, I hoped Honningsvåg. I started from the cabin in zero visibility, following the red poles marking the scooter trail north. Great for navigation, an umbilical cord linking me with safety, but the strong winds and snow yesterday and last night mean I’m trail breaking again like in the Settesdal mountains... cold powder snow, tiring but not impossible. I have 30km at least before I can switch to the road if I’m too tired. 8hrs later I emerge as the winds abate and clouds begin to break up, at Repvåg, the road and the sea! What an amazing sight... but my legs are tired and it’s 4pm. I have to make a decision... no gas, no food, a possible hotel at Repvåg, but leaving almost 80km to Nordkapp the next day. Too much... and Friday’s weather closes in again. I know what I have to do. I look at the road sign; 48km to Honningsvåg. I start skiing hard along the road, calculating 6-7hrs. It’s going to be a late one but the fresh snow and sea views are uplifting and I’m determined. A few kilometres down the road I see a convoy of cars parked up. The road is closed and only open when the snowplough goes through at specific times. I chat to some drivers briefly and decide to head off anyway... it means the road is free of traffic at least! An hour in and the convoy passes me... the driver I’d spoken to hands me a bottle of mineral water through his window and cheers me on. On the next sweep through the snowplough driver stops and tells me the road is closed and I must turn around. I smile and try my best to explain, thankfully he has a job to do and drives off followed by a long line of cars and trucks. I ski on. He passed another two times, honking aggressively.  I ski on and focus on the amazing views. The day is long... the kilometres slide by and eventually at 8pm I reach the Nordkapp tunnel. #tbc
  • Stohpojohka... made it out of the big white world to this wonderful open shepherds hut... my last mountain hut of my journey! #stohpojohka #digitout #lastcabin #bigwhiteroom #badweatherskiing #calminside #workforreward

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