If you are a member of the Volunteer Reserve or Cadet Forces of the UK, and your unit is organising an expedition or adventurous training activity, the Ulysses Trust may be able to provide financial support.

Annual Review 2018

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Our Summer 2019 Newsletter is out now. It includes a selection of recent expeditions we have supported including @SouthamptonUOTC Exped. Easter Challenge 2019 in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Read all about it at: https://t.co/5qG0eeWxVr

Our Summer 2019 Newsletter is out now. It includes a selection of recent expeditions we have supported including Matravers CCF's first trip abroad. Read all about it at: https://t.co/5qG0efe9k1

“Exploring is personal, it’s about finding yourself in a new place and having a new experience...” @Levisonwood gives an exclusive interview to the Ulysses Trust in our latest newsletter. Read all about it at: https://t.co/5qG0efe9k1

Our Summer 2019 Newsletter is out now. It includes a selection of recent expeditions we have supported including HQ 2 Medical Brigade's trekking trip to Nepal. Read all about it at: https://t.co/5qG0eeWxVr

Our Summer 2019 Newsletter is out now. The headline news is that our patron, HRH The Prince of Wales has extended his patronage. Read all about it at: https://t.co/5qG0efe9k1

This wonderful quote fits nicely with this fantastic view from @BucksACF Ex: Tiger Bavarian Explorer. We welcome applications from all Cadet, Reservist and UOTC units to support your next adventure. Click our pinned tweet to apply.

Good Luck to our Chairman Nick Kurth who'll be riding the Prudential Ride London – Surrey 100 tomorrow to raise funds for the Trust’s Anniversary Appeal. If you'd like to sponsor Nick, please click https://t.co/U0S82bYe49 Thank you!

Good Luck to all the units supported by The Ulysses Trust who are about to set-off on expeditions next few week. These include: 2480 (Holywell) Sqn, South Shields Sea Cadet Corps 315 Unit. TS Collingwood, East Midlands University Officers Training Corps and HQAC

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Expedition Videos

Here are a selection of expedition videos produced by Reservist, Cadet and UOTC units we have supported.


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors Levison Wood and Tania Noakes are often out and about exploring the wilderness, climbing mountains and promoting the Ulysses Trust.

Find out what they are up to at the moment via clicking on their Instagram photos below.

Levison Wood

  • Throwback to Uganda, 2014 with my little boy Sam (Aka Florence) on #walkingthenile now airing on @discovery_uk
  • Mundari Cattle Camp, Sudd Swamp, South Sudan, 2014. #walkingthenile is showing again on @discovery_uk tonight at 10pm
  • Who fancies a ride? Throwback to Nepal earlier this year doing a bit of exploring for  @telegraphtravel and the @gurkhawelfaretrust on a trusty @royalenfield #belstaff #ad pic by @alberto.caceres_
  • ‪Happy #WorldElephantDay here’s a little pic I took of one of my favourite encounters with one of the worlds last giants. Taken on @leicauk #leicasl

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Tania Noakes

  • The sky inhales
a slow drawn breath
of warm air.
Lifting shivers
to soar upwards
into towering clouds.
Stirring from slumber;
expanding, racing,
churning, seething
in agitated splendor.
The sky exhales
a fast heavy purge
of cold air;
plunging down
incredible torrents
of wild water 
as its cold 
descends to
engulfs you.
#dolomitestorms #dolomitestories #wetweatherdays #cloudheart #liftingair #plungingwater #thunderstorms #thepowerofnature #reflectionsonnature #naturalworld #restdays #restreflectrecover
  • Your soul’s energy requires nurturing. Life always makes demands from you, sometimes it drains you... but there are also moments which replenish and reinvigorate you, preparing you for future challenges. 
Today I climbed the Messner route V on the Neunerspitze 2968m south face with friends Chris and Claire.
This incredible and unique #classicclimbsofthedolomites is a pure friction slab climb and lies tucked away high in the Fanes valley.
Here you must simply stay focused, trust your feet and park your brain in neutral when it’s your turn to lead. But it has to be said... it’s quite addictive! 🌟
There is an other-worldly ambiance to this wild and hidden valley.  A sweeping moonscape of scree slopes, jumbled boulder fields and folded layers of plate-like limestone... guarded by a cohort of peaks presenting their shield-walls to the outside world.
Today, so many things went right for us when they could have gone wrong... and the dark, ominous clouds which threatened to rain off play proved to have real silver linings after all. Big thank you to a lovely team. 🤗🙏
@clarey.mary #87/94 #fanes #messner #slabclimbing #frictionisyourfriend #parkyourbrain #keepcalmandcarryonclimbing #dolomitiunesco #donnedimontagna #womenofclimbing #renewreplenishrestore #solitary #uniquelocations #climbingphotosofinstagram #classicclimbs
  • My dear friend Alan Boyle has recently been introducing his new guidebook to the Alta Via Amelia at various presentations around the dolomites.
This new trekking route follows in the spirit and footsteps of the intrepid female adventurer Amelia Edwards, who journeyed through this incredible area in 1872 just as the very first tourists set foot here. At a time when it was unconventional for women to travel unaccompanied, together with a female companion, she completed an extensive journey through this region- and afterwards wrote and illustrated a book about her experiences called “Untrodded Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys”.
It is this book, within which she describes her travels so eloquently, on which Alta Via Amelia (AVA) is based.
I first met Alan several years ago and our shared love of the dolomites, of wild places and natural beauty has forged an easy and treasured friendship.
I was therefore deeply touched when he asked me to write the foreword to his wonderful new guidebook. We  recently met up when he spoke about the book at an event in Cortina.  Where he gave me my very own signed copy hot off the press! 😍
I encourage those of you with an interest in trekking off the main tourist track, and in discovering a deeper understanding of the culture and history of a place... and hence forming a deeper connection with it, to invest in this richly detailed but very clearly laid out guide. 📖 ISBN 9780956376077
Tag your future journeys along AVA with @altaviaamelia 😀💪
#strongwomen #femaleexplorers #ameliaedwards #dolomitetreks #trekthedolomites #historyandculture #untroddenpeaksandunfrequentedvaeys #untroddenpeaks #alanboyle #beautifuladventures #besttrek #mynextadventure #classicadventures
  • Some days don’t go to plan.
Yesterday we climbed the Innerkofler Turn 3081m by the Southface “Via del Calice” VI+ 600m. One of the harder remaining #classicclimbsofthedolomites 🌟⛰
I imagined it would be a beautiful and demanding route on a high alpine summit followed by a typical complicated and engaging dolomitic descent. To say it was all these things and more does not do the day justice.
We walked out in silence amongst soft swirls of cloud and under an incredible, star-lit sky. A thinly veiled moon casting the sella peaks behind us into ink black shadows on the horizon.
I felt flat, exhausted and emotionally empty. I was done. Done working hard... my hands were in pain; hanging thick semi-clenched claws by my side... I was done hauling ropes... done climbing.
I had picked a route that was just a bit too hard for my climbing partner at her current stage of climbing development... and all the stress, and tears, anxiety and frustration rolled on from that poor decision.
She gave everything. Dug deep, found more, gave that... and always with positivity... but my habitual, learned emotional control was not as supportive as it should have been. I was focused on the dangers fast-hurtling towards us, of the potential hazards of a rappel retreat or the unpleasantly cold arms of benightment.
I abhor bad decision making in the mountains, and take pride in finding the right balance of challenge and enjoyment... but yesterday I got it wrong, and it is only in the strength of our friendship that I found forgiveness. 
We climbed the route. Navigated the difficult descent safely, and all in good style, if a little slower than we hoped... and pulled the ropes on the last abseil as the sunset.  Yet as we walked to safety through the darkness late last night I felt the heavy disapproval emanating from those timeless dark shadows at my back.
#86/94 #13/86 #nottoplan #notquitegood #notallbad #digdeep #giveiteverything #viadelcalice #innerkoflerturm #neverstoplearning #decisionmaking #sellapass #climbingdolomites #steep #awesomelines #thedayjustgotlonger #baddecisionsgoodintentions #friendshipandforgiveness #climbingpicturesofinstagram

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