If you are a member of the Volunteer Reserve or Cadet Forces of the UK, and your unit is organising an expedition or adventurous training activity, the Ulysses Trust may be able to provide financial support.

Annual Review 2018

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Some of the expeditions we support kindly pack one of our flags in the rucksacks. Over the next few months we'll showcase some of the photos taken with our flag in various parts of the world and here at home. Here's one taken in the Swiss Alps by @wmwaco

Did you know we post photos and reports from EVERY Cadet, Reservist and UOTC expedition we support? Rock climbing, diving, sailing and ice climbing are just a few of the activities recently undertaken. Visit our website for more https://t.co/PkxF2O5dF3

Final day trekking for @wmwaco @ComdtAC team in the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 good views on the trek. @UlyssesTrust @rafcharitable @WMRFCA @OCWMercianWing

Rest day in Zermatt for @wmwaco @ComdtAC team. Visit to Air Zermatt mountain rescue @airzermatt for a look round and talk on their work. Thanks to Will @mountainenergy for arranging. @UlyssesTrust @rafcharitable @WMRFCA @OCWMercianWing

Last day of West Mercian Wing, @wmwaco @ComdtAC Team on their Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 expedition. Cooler day today but still a tough 1100m ascent. Team smashed it 👏 @UlyssesTrust @rafcharitable @WMRFCA @OCWMercianWing #expedition #swissalps

Day 4 of West Mercian Wing, @wmwaco @ComdtAC team in the Swiss Alps. Another tough day in the heat crossing the Meidpass before descending to Gruben. Team still going strong. @UlyssesTrust @rafcharitable @WMRFCA @OCWMercianWing @mountainenergy #expedition #SwissAlps

Day 3 of West Mercian Wings alpine adventure 🇨🇭, @wmwaco @ComdtAC another tough but enjoyable day. Hot and sunny but the team did well. @WMRFCA @UlyssesTrust @rafcharitable @ForcesRadioBFBS @mountainenergy @OCWMercianWing

Day 2 of West Mercian Wing @wmwaco @ComdtAC venture in the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 a tough day with 1600m ascent and a hot sunny day. All enjoyed the experience and stopping in a hut next to the Moirey glacier @UlyssesTrust @rafcharitable @WMRFCA @OCWMercianWing @RCWalesandWest1

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Expedition Videos

Here are a selection of expedition videos produced by Reservist, Cadet and UOTC units we have supported.


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors Levison Wood and Tania Noakes are often out and about exploring the wilderness, climbing mountains and promoting the Ulysses Trust.

Find out what they are up to at the moment via clicking on their Instagram photos below.

Levison Wood

  • The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day. ~Albert Einstein. #curiosity #photography #exploration 📸 by @simonbuxton
  • This was the first leopard I saw in the wild. What a beauty. Taken on a @leica_camera 70-280mm lens #photography #botswana #leopard #africa #wildlife @tusk_org @generation_tusk
  • This week marks 18 years since 9/11, 16 years since I went to Iraq in 2003 and two years since I began my expedition around the Arabian Peninsula beginning with a time spent with the Iraqi military as they fought to defeat ISIS in Mosul and the banks of the Tigris. Today ISIS are gone, but the peace is a precarious one. Let’s not forget what happened so that it may never happen again. I took this shot on the frontline of Hawija in September 2017 as young boys and old men wearing a rag tag collection of uniforms and weapons sauntered into battle. This 70 year old man wore a childs’ rucksack carrying water and ammunition, it summed up perfectly the chaos and ridiculousness of war. #photography #iraq #9/11 #war #hawija #isis #frontline #battle #leica
  • Massive thank you to everyone that has made this an incredible summer. Work hard, play harder. Now I better get some writing done! 📸 @adventure_in_focus (can’t believe this pic is only 5 years ago... it’s been a hard paper round)

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Tania Noakes

  • Last one if it’s a good one.🌟☺️
Today I teamed up with @giovanni.orlando.83 for the incredible “Spigolo Strobel” VII on Rochetta Alta.
It’s been a long day 13hrs car to car but quite simply one of the best routes that I have ever done in the dolomites. 😍
The peak itself is beautiful and the route shoots upwards taking a line of cracks and corners close to the prominent arete. Snaking past a series of stepped roofs with some steep, super-solid and consistently hard climbing... 750m mostly grade VI or above. 
All this set high above one of the most idyllic of valleys... I have wanted to do this climb for years and to finally succeed with a strong and enjoyable partnership has been a dream come true! It’s been so relaxing today in the company of a fellow #ifmga mountain guide... no stress, no delays...just fun, safe and efficient climbing! I can totally understand why people hire mountain guides 😉
This fantastic climb is also one of my last remaining #classicclimbsofthedolomites and now I just have two left in my book. 💪💪 #spigolostrobel #rochettaalta #rifugiobosconero #valdizoldo #incredibleclimb #92/94 #climbwithaguide #italianmountainguides #britishmountainguides #lastoneifitsagoodone
  • I have spent today mostly negotiating scree. Which can be either slow and bothersome, or fast and exhilarating, depending on whether you are going up it or down it. 😝
My summer season in the Dolomites is coming to a close. It’s been a full and varied summer, sharing routes with friends, some old, some new.  Today was one of those beautiful, endless sky days which keep teasing a little bit more out of you...
I planned a gentle tour from Passo San Pellegrino up Cima dell’uomo 3010 ⛰
It’s well marked and easy scrambling and often climbed. When spilling out of the scree filled gully at the end I saw the continuation of a protected path heading up and over a new col...
Know thyself. 🤔
My self-talk said I’d just go look at the col... 😉 ...then it changed to just continuing the easy descent through the next valley... 😜..and finally, half-way up the next monster scree-slope I accepted that I was on my way to Sasso di Valfredda 3009m ⛰😂🙈.
But it was a beautiful day... not to be wasted. Delivering two more 3000m summits and some rapid altitude loss on their scree ramparts.
#passosanpellegrino #cimadelluomo #sassodivalfredda #3000m #dolomiti3000ers #blueskyday #screeslopes #refineyourtechnique #screerunning #heartofthedolomites #hiddensummits #offthebeatenpath #dolomitiunesco #worldtreasures #mountaingirlatheart
  • With acceptance that “Via delle Soddisfazione” is going to take a few more days at least to dry, we agreed on one final climb above the delightfully hospitable #rifugioagostini before Martin heads home. On advice from Roberto the hut guardian we chose “Via Vienna” VI the classic of its grade which takes the central part of the Cima d’Ambiez face... critically BETWEEN the water streaks. 😅
The climb weaves up an indistinct line but delivers some really beautiful climbing on rough, featured and remarkably solid grey limestone. An immensely enjoyable consolation prize, marred somewhat by committing us to a descent of the normal route of Cima d’Ambiez. This classic route to a fine 3000m dolomite summit has recently (2 years ago) been bolted for a safe and fast descent with single 50m rope. Quite useful since it’s still covered in rapidly melting snow... we got soaked 😝 and my ropes soaked up more water than either of us!
Now back in the valley of Arco in 30degree heat and beginning to think that it might just be possible for all that snow to melt away again... 🤞
#viavienna #cimadambiez #offlist #classicclimbs #valdambiez #brentadolomiti #burnthatsnow #latesummerdays #recommended #awesomehuts #clickornotclick #solidasarock #climbing #climbingworldwide #climberlife
  • There are two routes on Cima d’Ambiez in my book of #classicclimbsofthedolomites
Yesterday we climbed the “Fox/Stenico” V+ which takes a line of cracks and corners on the left side of the south face. It was the first route opened on this beautiful shield-like cliff which catches the early morning sun and glows it’s invitation to the hut below.
I had spoken with the guardian of the #rifugioagostini who had advised me that this one might go despite the snow... and there has certainly been quite some snow! There’s still a good 20cm on the access ledge at the base of the route but the rock itself was dry (mostly 😉) and in the sunshine not too cold to touch.
The warmth is gradually returning to the air and as we climbed the air filled with clouds formed from rising vapour... fortunately no further rain is forecast these days. That said, we climbed the left hand variant to finish to avoid a waterfall gathering in afternoon force... and rappelled the route to avoid the snow still lying heavy on the descent... 😱😂
So another climb in the chalk bag 🌟 but acceptance that “Via della Soddisfazione” which flirts with one of the big black waterstreaks on the SE face will need to be saved for another time... it was a veritable waterfall as we crossed back underneath it on our return to the hut!
#valdambiez #fourtogo #91/94 #damnthatsnow #meltwater #autumntooearly #lastchance #nosuchluck #whatgoes #readyforhome

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