If you are a member of the Volunteer Reserve or Cadet Forces of the UK, and your unit is organising an expedition or adventurous training activity, the Ulysses Trust may be able to provide financial support.

Annual Review 2018

To read or download our 2018 Annual Review, please click the image below

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The expeditions we support cover the globe! Around a third take place in and around the UK, but the rest cover all 4 corners of the world. This handy graphic from page 23 of our Annual Review tells the story. More at: https://t.co/6sutUCtFjd

Announcing the winners of our 2018 Prince of Wales's Expeditionary Awards.

The @Bristol_UOTC OCdts on their last few days in Norway. A great AT event that has pushed them out of their comfort zone and challenged them all the time. Thanks @UlyssesTrust for your help.

Good Luck to Cadets from TS TIGER Leicester Sea Cadets who are about to embark on Ex: TS TIGER Bronze Qualifying Expedition 2019, rowing across the Midlands (supported by The Ulysses Trust). Best of Luck! Please keep us posted!

Many congratulations to Colonel Chris Young OStJ ACF @acfFAadvisor on the announcement today of his award of an Officer of St John by HM The Queen. The award is well deserved and recognition of his furtherance of First Aid & MSOs within the @ArmyCadetsUK https://t.co/554Djyh5e0

You know things are getting serious when this box turns up - it's a bit like that scene in Blackadder where he gets a 'new' trusty service revolover. Thank-you @UlyssesTrust for helping to make this possible - they are out on the plateau as we speak.

This underwater photo can be seen on page 23 of our Annual Review. It features Reservists from 106 Regiment Royal Artillery during their diving expedition in Malta.
You can find out more about this expedition or read our Annual Review via our website at https://t.co/lUBip4XVsT

Following in the ski tracks of the 'Real heroes of Telemark', Bristol UOTC feature on page 18 of our Annual Review. This photo was taken during Ex: Cabot Telemark in Norway last year (supported by The Ulysses Trust). Visit https://t.co/lUBip4XVsT for more details.

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Expedition Videos

Here are a selection of expedition videos produced by Reservist, Cadet and UOTC units we have supported.


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors Levison Wood and Tania Noakes are often out and about exploring the wilderness, climbing mountains and promoting the Ulysses Trust.

Find out what they are up to at the moment via clicking on their Instagram photos below.

Levison Wood

  • Final day in South Africa. What an epic week working with @meetsouthafrica and @cnbccatalyst  on a very special project. I’ll let you know more about it very soon! #travel #adventure #southafrica #zebula #quad #airborne 📸 @alberto.caceres_
  • Words cannot describe the sadness at the loss of such a monument to mankind’s ability to create wonder. Notre-Dame will rise again but for now we can only mourn a devastating blow to our collective history. I’m happy I braved the queues. Vive La France 🇫🇷 #notredame
  • ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes’ – Marcel Proust.  @cnbccatalyst @meetsouthafrica #travel #adventure #capetown #southafrica #triumph #thruxton #belstaff 📸 @alberto.caceres_
  • When a zebra photobombs your blue steel motorbike snap. Casual. Been an epic week of riding around South Africa working on a new project with @meetsouthafrica and @cnbccatalyst to be announced soon. Loving the @officialtriumph #tiger800xcx #photography #southafrica #zebula #triumph #zebra #belstaff #motorbike #triumphsouthafrica photo by @alberto.caceres_

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Tania Noakes

  • Portu Pedrosu at dawn.
Something needs to change. I can feel it building; rising remorselessly like the sea as it rolls to shore.
We are creatures of learned habits. We learn to survive. Patterns of responses that appear our character but, like an invisible cage, define the hand we’re played. 
To desire the unavailable asks interesting questions, and as we talk, I expand into some interesting answers.  My filter of perspective shifts and I begin to see another way of moving forward. A faint path, unnoticed before, leading out from amongst the tangled undergrowth and broken rocks of this deep and unforgiving territory.
I’m a little scared. I don’t know where the path leads. But I do know that standing here, alone, admiring my beautiful emotional wilderness, isn’t working for me anymore... I want something else. Not safe escapism, security, hollow dreams and indecision. The rolling tide of change is lifting me and sweeping me forward into the unknown...
“I am a great friend of chaos.  It’s all we have. I mean this whole concept of being able to manage life... life is risk, life is chance, life is being open to chance. The best things in my life, and probably in anybody’s life, is being open to being blown off course.” #tildaswinton 
#portupedrosu #savagethoughts #wildthoughts #opentochange #blownoffcourse #freshhorizons #newdawn #forward #timetoreflect #innerlife #outerworld
  • Incredible couple of days in Ulassai shared with old friends and new. 
I am so completely in awe of this world class climbing venue. The rock, the moves, the beauty of this place is difficult to capture in words...
I was in love with Sardinia before but now I think it may be infatuation... 🤪😂🙈
The photo is of the imposing and inspiring Su Casteddu, and following the line of Let’s Fetz Petz, 7b. One of numerous beautiful, technical and athletic lines... 😍😍😍
Difficult to leave but now fired up with motivation to get stronger to rise to this formidable and exciting challenge!
#ulassai #rockclimbing #sucasteddu #letsfetzpetz #inspirationalclimb #climbstrong #magicplaces #strongcrew #lovesardinia #homefromhome #homeiswheretheheartis #illbeback #rockclimbingwomen #tothelimit
  • A quick forage into the wilds of Sardinia’s Jurassic Park crag, close to Porto Santoru. 
We climbed to the striking needle called #dillosaurus 6b/c.  This two pitch route has incredible granite dihedral climbing followed by airy swings up the thin pinnacle above the void... the exposure, and the wind, increasing for us as we climbed.
This area is such a contrast to the limestone massif further north. Rappelling down, our ropes were being blown out in seething tangles across the crag... time to make fast an escape to warmer more sheltered crags! 😂
#jurassicpark #dillosaurus #sardinia #sardinianadventures #epicadventures #amazingadventures #amazingadventure #mywildworld #wildwomen #instaepic #climbingphotos #sardinianclimbing #hiddengems #beautifulroutes #classicclimbs #climbsardinia #rockadventures
  • Monica swinging out on the final sharp jugs of Marinaio di Foresta (6a+ 190m) at Pedra Longa, Sardinia. 
I may be a mountain girl but that stunning water below sure is winning my heart!  Finally getting a chance to get stuck into the incredible rock climbing around here... 😍💪 #sardinia #sardiniarocks #rockclimbingphotography #rockclimbingwomen #sardinianadventures #mywildworld #girlguides #beautifulsea #rockingit #rockadventure #rockclimbing #sunshinesmiles #girlswhorock

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