1233 – ‘CWA Training Module’ – Kent

On 3 – 4th March 2012, 6 adult volunteer members of the Marine Society Sea Cadets (MSSC) from Southern Area attended a Climbing Wall Award (CWA) training course in London area.

The Marine Society and Sea Cadet Corps (MSSC) have introduced a new revolutionary adventure training manual which includes a rock climbing scheme. In order to teach the new scheme there needs to be qualified staff in place to teach. The first step on the civilian recognised training scheme to become a climbing instructor is Climbing Wall Award Training. This is governed by the MLTE (Mountain Leader Training England).

The climbing wall award training was held at two indoor climbing venues: on the first day at The YMCA Centre, Romford and the second day at The Reach, Woolwich.

The six candidates had been chosen to take this introductory training as they had completed the pre requisite for the course. Moreover they had shown dedication to MSSC, great leadership skills and strong communication skills. Four staff were from from Hastings Unit, one from Crawley Unit, and one from Ryde Unit.

This training was challenging but also fun and friendly. It covered all the elements and skills required to be a successful and safe climbing wall award holder. It focused on group management, warm up exercise, climbing games/competitions, climbing grades, movements, technique and styles of climbing. The most important training delivered is surrounding health and safety policy and procedure, rescue techniques and management of equipment. During the training all candidates have to physically show their capabilities and understanding by performing different skills in front of the group.

The Ulysses Trust’s kind donation has enabled MSSC to develop six adult volunteers to a level which now only requires a short period of consolidation prior to attending the next stage of Climbing Wall Award: Assessment. Once this final stage has been completed all six candidates can teach and develop hundreds of children within the MSSC and enable these children to learn so many important skills linked to climbing such as team work, safety awareness, trust and confidence.

Thank You Ulysses Trust!

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