1224 – ‘Poseidon Dragon’ – Cyprus, Dhekelia Garrison

Poseidon Dragon was a was a 5 Div authorised, Level 3 Adventurous Training (AT) Sea Kayaking Expedition organised by LCpl Wrigley 3RW.

There were five main objectives of the exercise:

To deliver Distributed Training (DT), for Kayak Proficiency K2F to those without the award and to develop the skills at all levels of those who previously attained the award.To undertake a challenging 4 day, self sufficient expedition in a remote and wild area of Cyprus.To enhance unit teamwork and cohesion within 3RW personnel through participation and cooperation over the two week period.To broaden participants knowledge of overseas destinations, their culture and the opportunities they present.To successfully organise, carry out and understand the processes involved in a military Adventure Training Expedition, with the aim to utilise this knowledge to continue to provide such expeditions.

The exercise was conducted in Cyprus over the period of 1-12 May 2012 for 3 Royal Welsh. It was based out of Kayak Wing Joint Service Adventurous Training Centre (CJSATC) located in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area (ESBA) of Cyprus, Dhekelia Station. The first 4 days were spent on day trips in the local area learning the skills required to attain the military basic kayaking qualification of K2F. The morning was given over to skill acquisition and the afternoon a small trip took place so that each day a new area of the south east coast was explored, utilising the naturally found features of the coast such as rock hopping, small cave entrances and waves to practice the varying kayaking strokes.

The expedition phase took place around the Akamas Peninsula, a remote area of Cyprus in which a 3 night, 4 day self supported journey was completed.

There were 10 personnel in total, all of whom are reservists from 3 Royal Welsh: 2 were instructors, 1 advanced paddler and potential instructor, 1 intermediate paddler and 6 novice paddlers. 6 K2F were awarded and progressional training in both teaching and leading was undertaken by the advanced paddler.

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