Sir Tommy Macpherson

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Sir Tommy Macpherson CBE, MC**, TD DL on 6th November 2014, aged 94.

Sir Tommy Macpherson had been a vice-patron and great supporter of the Ulysses Trust from its inception in 1992. It was not just what he did, but also the way he did it, and his irrepressible enthusiasm and confidence was hugely encouraging. He and Lady Macpherson were invited as guests of honour at the Ulysses Trust Awards ceremony on 22nd October this year. Sadly, Sir Tommy was unable to attend due to ill health, however Lady Macpherson attended and she reinforced his passion for adventurous training, particularly as a source of inspiration for young people.

Sir Tommy’s life exemplified what it is to be an adventurer. He will be greatly missed by all at the Ulysses Trust.

Sir Tommy in a uniform he wore in the Second World War. Picture: John Paul

Sir Tommy Macpherson – Rest In Peace. Picture: John Paul