Winter Newsletter 2014


What better way to spend a cold winter’s night than in front of a roaring fire with a hot toddy and the latest edition of the Ulysses Trust Winter Newsletter.

In this edition we focus on our recent awards ceremony showcasing not just the event, but also highlighting the reports from the three award winning expeditions by 4 Para, East Midlands UOTC, and Gwent & Powys ACF. We welcome a new Trustee Richard Pattison to the Board, and we bid a sad farewell to Sir Tommy Macpherson without whom none of our work would be possible today.

Our Chairman has several interesting things to say about how we are progressing work to follow up comments made by Cadet units in our adventurous training survey earlier this year, and in a regular column we put another key person in the Trust, Colonel Rex Stephenson CBE, under the spotlight and ask him some tough questions.

So, without further ado, I commend to you the Ulysses Trust Winter Newsletter 2014. If you are seated comfortably, click here to begin.

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