Yearly Archives: 2015 reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Activity Unit Location
1977 Dec Tall Ships Christmas Expedition Sailing Sea Cadets HQ Las Palmas, Canary Islands
1966 Jul Romanian Dragon 2015 Trekking, community work Wales ACFA Romania
1957 Dec Transglobe Leg 6 Sailing London UOTC Australia to New Zealand
1927 Oct Fistral Folly 2015 Coasteering, mountain biking Durham Army Cadet Force Cornwall
1925 Oct Northern Ypres Trepador 2015 Rock Climbing 75 Engineer Regiment Spain, Costa Blanca
1920 Oct Cockney Toubkal Trekking Royal Yeomanry, EMUOTC Morocco Atlas Mountains
1918 Oct Toubkal Adventure 2015 Trekking, community work 2530 (Uckfield) & 19 (Crawley) Sqns ATC Morocco (High Atlas Mountains)
1915 Oct Dragon Venturer Cadet Rock Rock climbing HQ Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Southern Spain
1914 Oct Atlantic Ubique 2015 Offshore sailing 103 Regt RA Canary Islands
1911 Aug Transglobe 2015 Offshore sailing University of London OTC Atlantic
1909 Sep Ex Dragon Jerboa Plunge Diving HQ 7 Inf Bde and 3 PWRR Egypt
1908 Sep Georgian Bugle Trekking 6 Rifles Adjara Region of Georgia
1905 Oct Dragon Sail 2 2015 Sailing 104 Regt RA California USA
1903 Sep Ex Northern Brighella Trekking 201 Field Hospital Sierra Nevada, Spain
1899 Jun Mercantour 2015 Trekking HQ Air Cadets Mercantour National Park Alpes-Maritimes France
1898 Aug Peninsular Cadet 2015 Trekking, Community Work Oakham School CCF Sierra de Gredos
1897 Oct Dragon Phoenix 2015 Trekking 37 Signal Regiment Arizona, USA
1896 Jul Himalaya Expedition Trekking Bury Grammar School CCF Ladakh region, Indian Himalayas
1895 Aug Ex Midnight Sun Cycling, Trekking Bristol University Air Squadron Iceland
1894 Jul Knoydart Wilderness Open Canoe 2015 Canoeing Marine Society & Sea Cadets – Paddlesport Team Knoydart, Scotland
1893 Oct Bristolian Zeus 2015 Mountain biking Bristol ACF Cyprus
1892 Oct Operation Global Dragon Trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, community activities Devon & Somerset Wing, Plymouth & Cornwall Wing ATC South Africa
1891 Aug BURNU Dive ASI Diving Birmingham University Royal Navy Unit Ascension Island
1888 Nov Dragon Inca Medic 2015 Trekking 202 Field Hospital Peru
1886 Jul Zulu Kingdom 2015 Trekking, Community Activities, Historical Research Bromsgrove School CCF South Africa, Kwazulu Natal
1882 Aug Expedition Red Maple Leaf 5 2015 Canoeing, Trekking 1955 City of Wells Sqn Canada
1880 Jul Dhaulagiri Alpine Dragon 2015 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 103 Regt RA, Bristol UOTC Switzerland, Saas Fee
1879 Aug Northern Cutlers' Climb 2015 Mountaineering, rock climbing Sheffield UOTC Triglav National Park, Slovenia
1878 Jul Northern Venturer Baidarka III Sea Kayaking Strathallan School CCF Canada
1876 Jul Dragon Aventura Peruana Trekking DTUS Trojan Sqn + 135 Geo Sqn RE Peru
1875 Aug Ex Dragon Slim Corsica Mountaineering, rock climbing UOTC Birmingham Corsica
1873 May Dragon Toubkal Mountaineering, rock climbing 1st Military Working Dogs Regiment Atlas Mountains, Morocco
1870 Aug Falzarego Tiger 2015 Mountaineering, rock climbing Exeter UOTC Dolomites, Italy
1867 Aug Pyrenees Adventure 2015 Trekking, kayaking, white water rafting Cumbria and Lancashire Wing ATC Spain, Central Pyrenees, Benasque Valley
1865 Jul Dragon KES Kayaking 2015 Kayaking King Edwards School CCF Briancon, France
1864 Jun Ascension Serpent 2015 Diving 208 Field Hospital, 201 Field Hospital, 37 Sig Regt, RAF Waddington Ascension Island
1863 Jul Wrekin Cathedral Challenge 2015 Caving, climbing, abseiling Wrekin College CCF Shropshire
1860 Jul Icelandic Endeavour 2015 Trekking Royal Wessex Yeomanry Iceland
1859 Jul Northern Carpathian 2015 Trekking Northumbria UOTC Romania (Carpathian Mountains, Brasov)
1857 Aug Dragon Rocky Blue Canoeing, Trekking, Exploring Cambridge UOTC USA
1856 Jun Ex Maroon Heights - Tour du Mont Blanc 2015 Trekking First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps) Italy, Switzerland and France. The Mont Blanc Massif
1853 Sep Dragon Madagascar Blue 2015 Trekking Cambridge UOTC Madagascar
1852 Jul Caledonian Canal Expedition 2015 Canoeing 138 (1st Nottingham), 143 (Longridge), 341 (City of Preston) and 2459 (Poulton Le Fylde) Scotland, Fort William to Inverness
1848 May Phoenix Munro 2 Sea kayaking 5 MI Bn North West Scotland
1847 Jun Altiplano Tiger 2015 Mountaineering, rock climbing Army Mountaineering Association Bolivia - Cordillera Blanca
1841 Apr Tiger Trident Ubique 2015 Offshore sailing 295 (Hampshire Yeomanry) Bty RA Solent
1838 Jul Ex Blue Fara 2015 Trekking, rock climbing Oxford UOTC Iceland
1837 Jul Ex RGS Island Venturer Diving, Trekking Royal Grammar School, Guildford Montserrat
1836 Aug Operation Vertex Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron ATC Pyrenees, France
1834 Oct Polish Polka Venturer 2015 Trekking Oldham Hulme GS CCF Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia and Poland
1831 Jul Northern Alpinista 2015 Trekking, Mountaineering Leeds University Officers' Training Corps Spain (Northern Pyrenees)
1830 Mar Neptune Serpent 2015 Diving 2 Med Bde Egypt
1829 Jul Cabot Coral 2015 Diving Bristol UOTC Northern Red Sea, Egypt
1828 Sep Rolling Eagle Cycling Exeter UOTC North America, Canada
1827 Aug Submerged Battlefield (Dragon) 2015 Diving ATU(WM) Malta
1825 Mar Tiger Thulo Traverse 2015 Mountaineering (High Altitude), Trekking 3 R Welsh, 3 Yorks, RMons, EMUOTC, NUOTC, 170 Engr Gp Nepalese Himalayas
1821 Apr Tiger Soar 15 Gliding Army Gliding Association France - southern French Alps (Sisteron)
1820 May Dragon Diver 2 Diving MTMC Canary Islands
1820 Jul Dragon Diver 2015 Diving 157 Regt, 9 AAC, HQ AMS, WUOTC Florida Keys, USA
1815 Jul Dragon Corse 2015 Mountaineering (Summer) 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital France
1808 Aug OYT Scotland West Coast Challenge 2015 Offshore Sailing Headquarters Air Cadets Scotland - West Coast
1806 Jun Northern Ypres Paccard 2015 Mountaineering (Summer) 75 Engineer Regiment France, Italy and Switzerland in the Mont Blanc Region
1805 Oct Ex Southern Leopard 2015 Trekking Reed's School CCF South Africa
1804 Mar Dragon - Arctic Heights 2015 Mountaineering (Winter), Skiing Cambridge UOTC Norway
1803 Mar Alpine Adventure 2015 Skiing Northumbria ACF Serre Chevalier, France
1802 Jul USA 2015 Trekking Bravo Company, Royal Marines Cadets Appalachian Trail, Connecticut, USA
1796 Mar Northern Lights 2015 Dog sledging, trekking 1998 (West Cross) Squadron ATC Sweden
1795 Aug Dragon Mongolian Odyssey 2015 Mountaineering, Trekking, Exploration 135 Geographic Sqn (V) Mongolia, Tavan Bogd Mountains
1793 Mar Nordic Challenge 2015 Skiing Wycliffe College CCF Norway, Hardangervidda
1792 Mar Exercise Northern Drakensberg Duke 2 2015 Trekking, mountaineering, river rafting 4 LANCS & 2 LANCS Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa
1791 Apr Northern Atlas 2015 Mountaineering (High Altitude) Scottish & North Irish Yeomanry Morocco
1789 Aug Ex Blue Salt Blade 2015 Sea kayaking Devon & Somerset Wing ATC Cornwall
1784 Mar Winter Cairngorm 2015 Mountaineering (Winter) NACATC Windermere Scotland - Highlands
1781 Apr Exercise Rock Pool 2015 Diving HMS Collingwood, CCF HQ, RNR Air Branch, HMNB Portsmouth Gibraltar
1774 Aug Corsican Dragon Venturer 2015 Mountaineering (Summer) Staffordshire & West Midlands North Sector Army Cadet Force Corsica GR20
1772 Aug Fastnet 2015 Offshore sailing HMS President, HMS Flying Fox and HMS Ferret English Channel and Irish Sea
1763 Jun Sea Province 2015 Canoeing Southampton UAS Cape Town, South Africa
1757 Jul Tartan Orca Sea kayaking USGAS & ESUAS Canada, Vancouver Island
1756 Mar Ascension Endeavour Diving, Trekking Cambridge University Air Squadron Ascension Island
1754 Jun The Rock 2015 Offshore Sailing Basingstoke Sea Cadets Gibraltar and Western Med
1752 Jan Alpine Arc 2015 Skiing Oxford UOTC, British Army European Alps (Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France)
1751 Aug Pyrenees Trekking Expedition 2015 Trekking 234 (City of Durham) Squadron ATC France - Pyrenees
1696 Feb Mountain Goat 2015 Skiing Writhlington School Combined Cadet Force Andorra