Winter Newsletter 2015

As I write, the rain is coming down in droves, the wind is howling, and Falmouth harbour is looking as grey as the RFA supply ships berthed alongside the docks.  What better way to brighten up the day than with the Ulysses Trust Winter newsletter, packed full of interesting articles, expeditionary discoveries, and inspirational photographs.

In this edition we focus on the role of women in adventurous training, with a guest article from Captain Tania Noakes from Oxford UOTC about how important AT is to develop confidence particularly in young women, and our Chairman also explores the subject with an insightful perspective on his own experiences climbing with female team members.  We also highlight the appointment of two new Trustees, Sophie Fernandes and Wing Commander Matt Stowers who make valuable additions to the existing team.

We then allow you to participate, if only as a passive observer, in three expeditions with 103 Regt RA setting sail on an ocean going racing yacht around the Canary Islands, Bristol Army Cadet Force hitting the mountain bike trails in Cyprus, and Cambridge UOTC travelling to the remote Lyngen Alps in Arctic Norway with not a ski lift in sight.  There are some great photos, and each report shows how important Adventure Training is to the development of the individual for the benefit of themselves and their wider communities.

None of this would be possible without your support.  If you are able to help us to enable more young people to participate in expeditions throughout 2016, your support would be most welcome.

Without further ado, click here to download the Ulysses Trust Newsletter – Winter 2015.

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