Yearly Archives: 2016 reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Activity Unit Location
2119 Nov Northern Plunge Diving 37 Sig Regt, 1JSSU, 208 Field Hospital Cyprus, local areas
2116 Oct Golden Eagle One Hill walking, white water rafting, mountain biking, zip lining 29 Norfolk and Suffolk Wing ATC Sqns Rothiemurchus, Aviemore, Scotland
2114 Nov Ice Ready 2016 Skiing 5MI, HAC, 7 Rifles Lakselv, Norway
2109 Oct Venturer Tariq Watersports Calday Grange CCF Royal Navy Section Gibraltar
2103 Oct Cockney Phoenix Fall Parachuting, Parapenting 71 Y Sig Regt, 14 Sig Regt (EW), 16 Sig Regt Lake Elsinore, California, USA
2099 Sep Tiger Toubkal 2016 Mountaineering, rock climbing Royal Signals Atlas Mountains, Morocco
2098 Oct Northern Gozo 2016 Diving, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 32 Signal Regiment Malta
2096 Jul KwaZulu-Natal Venturer Trekking ACF & CCF (Army) South Africa
2090 Aug Ex Dragon Floating EMU Kayaking East Midlands UOTC France, Ardeche
2086 Jul Loch Shiel Wilderness Open Canoe Canoeing Marine Society & Sea Cadets – Paddlesport Team Loch Shiel, Scotland
2084 Jun Bike Hike 2016 Mountaineering, Trekking, Mountain Biking Liverpool University Air Squadron Italy, Bardoneccia
2080 Aug Yukon Adventure Canoeing Sussex Wing ATC Yukon, Canada
2073 Oct Dragon Venturer Jerboa Rock 2016 Caving, Diving, Sailing, Trekking, Other Derbyshire Army Cadet Force (Mercian Regiment) Gibraltar
2072 Aug Summer Explorer 4 (Tiger) Trekking, Exploring, Other, Multi, Royal Grammar School, Guildford CCF Austria, Stubai Alps
2071 Sep Northern Bear Trekking, Exploring, NUOTC USA, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
2070 Aug Shamrock Glacier 2016 Mountaineering, rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking 2 R Irish France, Chamonix
2069 Sep Northern High Sierra Trekking 156 Regt RLC Sierra Nevada, USA
2061 Aug Tiger Midnight Sun Trekking 77th Brigade Iceland
2058 Jul Dragon Steel Corsica 2016 Rock Climbing, Trekking 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment Corsica, France
2055 Jul Belizean Adventure Diving RNR Air Branch, RN and RM Belize
2045 Oct Northern Blue Juice 2016 Diving Queen's Own Yeomanry Spain, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
2039 Jun Dragon Gozo Eagle 2016 Diving 580 Sqn, 157 Regt RLC. SSW, MOD A Block Gozo, Malta
2033 May Ten Tors Challenge Trekking Dorset and Wiltshire Wing ATC Dartmoor, UK
2024 Jun Tall Ships Challenger 2016 Offshore sailing Selly Oak Trust School KES CCF Solent
2020 Nov Cockney Kala Patthar Trekking, Exploring 101Log Bde Everest Base Camp, East of Nepal
2019 May Cockney Paddler 2016 Canoeing 135 Geo Sqn RE Canada, Ottawa
2017 Apr Ex Cockney Abyss Diving 106 Regt RA Malta
2006 Mar Maltese Mission 2016 Diving Cambridge University Air Squadron Malta
2005 May Ex Ubique Finn Mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing 71 Engr Regt Spain
2004 Apr Northern Alpine Adventure Skiing Northumbria ACF La Plagne, France
2002 Mar Northern Backcountry Sapper Skiing 39 Engineer Regiment, 71 Engineer Regiment Banff National Park, Canada
2000 Mar Cabot Telemark Skiing Bristol UOTC Telemark, Norway
1999 Jul Viking Trail 2016 Trekking, Canoeing Sherborne CCF Norway, Stavanger
1990 May Itchy Foot 2016 Canoeing, Caving, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Trekking Essex Army Cadet Force Peak District
1985 Mar Bradfield Venturer Tiger 2016 Skiing Bradfield College CCF & Berkhamsted School CCF Norway - Hardangervidda
1982 Mar Blue Tour-Dolomite 2016 Skiing Oxford UOTC Italy, Dolomites
1980 Mar Northern Iberian Duke 2016 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 4LANCS Costa Blanca, Spain
1978 Feb Finn Venturer Shamrock Canary Rock 2016 Rock Climbing Royal Belfast Academical Institution Combined Cadet Force Tenerife, Spain
1974 Mar Dragon Venturer Snow Cub Skiing Shropshire ACF Bavaria, Germany
1973 Aug OYT Scotland West Coast Challenge Offshore sailing HQ Air Cadets Scotland West Coast
1972 Mar Northern Jacobite Venturer 2016 Trekking Giggleswick School CCF Kinlochleven, Scotland
1969 Mar Ice Bambi 2016 Skiing HAC, 7 Rifles, 44 MI, 53 MI, 52 MI Norway
1965 Feb Javelin Kutsero 2016 Diving 1RHA, 20X, 299 Sig Sqn, 534 MI Det, Army Cap Info, ARRC Sp Bn, BF SAI, Blandford, DES, DST, HQ Air Comd, HQ ARRC, Innsworth Station, PJHQ, RAF Linton, RAF Losssiemouth, RAF Marham, SPA Busuanga Island, Phillipines
1963 Feb Dragon Venturer Cadet Norski Skiing HQ Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Rjukan, Norway
1962 Feb Cadet Ice 2016 Ice climbing Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training Rjukan, Norway
1958 Apr Ex Dhaulagiri Serpent 2016 Trekking 201 (Northern) Field Hospital Dhaulagiri, Nepal
1951 Jan Tiger Calo Biralo Trekking, White Water Rafting 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (EOD) Annapurna region of Nepal
1949 Apr Dragon Ventura Allier 2016 Canoeing Ratcliffe College CCF France
1944 Feb Canford Norwegian Venturer Skiing Canford School & Wellington College CCFs Norway, Hovden (Hardangervidda)
1940 Jan Snowfox 2016 Skiing First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps) France, Val D'Isere
1938 Jun Cockney Desert Scorpion Trekking, Mountain Climbing NRHQ RA Arizona / California, USA
1937 May Transglobe 2016 Sailing HQAC Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, USA. Canada
1935 Jul Moonlands 2016 White water rafting, trekking, mountain biking Budmouth College CCF Ladakh, Kashmir, India
1934 Jan Snow Queen 8 Skiing A & B Troop RA and A Platoon RHF of Glasgow & Lanarkshire Bn ACF Sportwelt Austria
1928 Jan Ex Red Wyvern Diving 165 & 19 Port and Maritime Regt Red Sea, Egypt
1923 Feb Viking Telemark Skiing Loretto School CCF Norway
1922 Feb Thar Horizon 3 Camel Trekking 282 (East Ham) Sqn ATC India, Rajasthan
1917 Jan Neptune Serpent Diving All 2nd Med Bde units Maldives
1910 Jun Ex Yeoman Nautilus Diving 6 AAC Gibraltar
1783 Nov Polar Pilgrim (SPEAR 17) Skiing British Army Reserves Antarctica