(Almost) The Oldest Paperboy Raises £2K For The Trust

David Benest - on his paper round

Colonel David Benest OBE on his local paper round – Picture courtesy of the Gazette and Herald

The Trust would like to say a huge thank you to Colonel David Benest OBE who at the beginning of this year surpassed his donation target of £2000 in support of the Ulysses Trust’s work with Cadet adventurous training.

Since January 2015, David has been supporting his community by ‘volunteering’ as a paperboy, distributing copies of the local news and highlighting the good work of the Trust to his neighbouring villagers throughout his round.  In doing so, he has helped to raise funds for the Trust from a number of sources, not least of which is his own earnings from the paper round itself.

As a result of his actions, David has become a celebrity appearing on Page 3 of the local newspaper – the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald – and even appearing on BBC Radio Wiltshire with Philip Neame, the Ulysses Trust Founder and Vice Chairman.  The recording of this interview can be heard below.

Your support is invaluable David, and as Phil said, if we could find a few hundred more people with your passion and enthusiasm who would be willing to raise funds for us from within their local area, we could significantly increase the support that we offer to enable more young people to participate in adventurous training.

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