Yearly Archives: 2017 reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Activity Unit Location
2311 Nov Pacific Longbow Sailing University of London Officer Training Corps St.Lucia - Panama
2307 Oct Bristolian Zeus Mountain biking Bristol ACF Cyprus
2303 Oct Northern Highland Venturer Other, Multi Morrison's Academy CCF Scotland, Cairngorms National Park
2302 Nov Northern Inca Unicorn 2017 Trekking, Exploring 32 Signal Regiment Peru
2301 Nov Mediterranean Ubique 2017 Sailing 103 Reg RA Canary Islands
2298 Sep Snow Dome Venturer 2017 Skiing TS Stirling SCC UK, Midlands
2297 Sep Northern Bavarian Trek 2017 Trekking, Exploring HQNW Cadet Training Team Germany, Bavaria
2295 Oct Tiger Rifles Azure Diving 6 Rifles Malta
2288 Aug Rocky Mountain Dragon Venturer Other, Multi Staffordshire & West Midlands (NS) ACF Canada, Banff National Park
2284 Sep Trojan Glacier Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Trojan Sqn DTUS Switzerland, Valais Alps
2282 Sep Dragon Eldjfall EMU Mountaineering, Rock Climbing East Midlands UOTC Iceland
2281 Aug Roberts Drive 17 Trekking, canoeing Middlesex & North West London ACF South Africa - Kwa Zulu Natal
2279 Jul Baltic Pelican 2017 Sailing Ardingly College CCF Sweden, Finland, Baltic Sea
2278 Jul Northern Andes Serpent Skiing HQ 2 Med Bde, 201 Fd Hosp,202 Fd Hosp, 203 Fd Hosp, 204 Fd Hosp, 205 Fd Hosp, 207 Fd Hosp, 208 Fd Hosp, 256 Fd Hosp,306 HSR, 103 Regt RA, Oxford UOTC, Southampton UOTC, Tayforth UOTC, Navy CSAV Reserves, 22 Fd Hosp, 34 Fd Hosp Chile
2277 Jul Tiger Alpine Bull Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring 11 infantry brigade and HQ South East Switzerland
2276 Jul Neptune Serpent Diving 208, 201, 203, 243 Field Hospitals Cyprus
2275 Aug Thor’s Azure Mountaineering, Rock Climbing DTUS Thunderer Squadron Mont Blanc - France, Italy, Switzerland
2274 Sep Northern Bear (NUOTC) Trekking, Exploring Northumbrian Universities Officers’ Training Corps USA, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
2272 Aug Tiger Ushguli Bugle Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 6th Battalion, The Rifles Georgia
2269 Aug Ardeche 17 Canoeing Essex Wing Air Training Corps France, Rhone Alpes
2268 Jul Summer Tiger Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Lord Wandsworth College CCF Vercors Region, France
2267 Aug Dragon Caledonian EMU Canoeing East Midlands UOTC Scotland, UK
2265 Sep Himalayan Finn Trekking, Exploring NIGSU, RLC, 2 R IRISH and 11 SIG REGT Nepal
2264 Jul Mountain Storm Trekking, Exploring Bristol and Gloucestershire wing units : 2146, (S E Bristol) 2002 (Kingswood), 2125 (North Bristol), 2152DF (Downend), 1245(Cirenceseter), 1329 (Stroud) and 649(Dursley) Canada
2263 Aug Telemark Cadet Trekking, Exploring Oakham School CCF Telemark, Norway
2262 Aug Blue Poseidon Canoeing Oxford University Officer Training Corps Canada
2261 Jul HCS Carros de Foc Whitewater rafting, canyoning, abseiling Hereford Cathedral School CCF Spanish Pyrenees
2259 Jun Sea Wolf Sailing The Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry United Kingdom: Gosport to Barmouth, Wales
2257 Nov Echo Adventure Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 212 Field Hospital Spain, Costa Blanca
2255 Jul Cabot Maori Diving Bristol University Officer Training Corps Cyprus, Buggiba
2253 Jun Yeoman Amphibian 2017 Sailing, running Royal Yeomanry, Queen's Own Yeomanry UK
2250 Dec Atlantic Trident Ocean Rowing Oxfordshire ACF, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Atlantic Ocean
2249 Sep Bavarian Eagle Trekking, Exploring National Reserve Headquarters Royal Artillery (NRHQ RA) Germany - Bavaria
2248 Jul Northern Enduro 2017 Mountain biking, white water rafting Northumbria UOTC La Thuile, Italy
2243 Aug Cockney Ice Axe Mountaineering, Rock Climbing London University Officer Training Corps Swiss Alps
2242 Aug AT Summer Camp, Isle of Wight Other, Multi 218 (Rotherham) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets United Kingdom, Isle of Wight
2237 Aug Delago Tiger Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Exeter UOTC Dolomite Mountains, Northern Italy
2236 Aug Dragon Venturer Cadet Rock Yosemite Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Yosmite National Park, USA
2235 Jul Cockney Barbarian Trekking 7006 Sqn RAuxAF Sardinia
2232 Jul Dusty Dalmatian 2017 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Cambridge University Air Squadron Istria, Croatia
2225 Aug Wesslighthouse Sailing The Royal Wessex Yeomanry English Channel / Irish Sea
2223 Aug Summer Rock 17 2017 Other, Multi London Area Sea Cadets Cornwall
2222 Jun Dragon Cinto 2017 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh (3 R WELSH) Vercors Region, France
2220 May Gurkha Everest 2017 Mountaineering HQBG Nepal, Mount Everest
2218 May Biking Rock 2017 Mountain Biking RAF Regiment Regular and Reserve / RAF Force Protection Force North America, Central America, South America
2217 May Atlantic Rock 2017 Sailing RAF Regiment Regular and Reserve / RAF Force Protection Force Central America, South America, Spain, South Africa
2215 Aug Towering Heights 2017 Canoeing/Caving/Gliding, Hang Gliding/Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring/Other, Multi 31 (Tower Hamlets) Air Training Corps Lake District, UK
2213 Nov Northern Jungle Monkey Trekking, Exploring 101 Regiment Royal Artillery Borneo
2208 Apr DIAMOND PEAK 2017 Mountaineering JHC, 6AAC, 335 Med Evac, London Scottish Nepal, Sagarmatha National Park
2206 Mar Dragon Toubkal 2017 Mountaineering, rock climbing Cambridge UOTC High Atlas, Morocco
2198 May Ten Tors Challenge 2017 Trekking Plymouth & Cornwall Wing Air Training Corps Dartmoor
2196 May Ten Tors Challenge Trekking, Exploring Dorset & Wiltshire ATC Dartmoor
2194 Jun Shamrock Glacier Mountaineering, Rock Climbing 2 R IRISH Chamonix, France
2193 Apr Bavarian Explorer Trekking, Exploring. Buckinghamshire Army Cadet Force Bavarian Alps, Germany
2185 Jul Stirling Venturer Canoeing/Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Other, Multi TS Stirling USA
2184 Jun Boar’s Claw Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Aberdeen Universities Officer Training Corps France
2183 Nov Ice Maiden Skiing, Trekking, Exploring, HAC, RAMC, 37 Sigs South Pole, Antarctica
2183 Nov Ice Maiden Skiing, Trekking, Exploring HAC, RAMC, 37 Sigs South Pole, Antarctica
2180 May Northern Sierra 2017 Mountain Biking 154 (Scottish) Transport Regiment RLC Spain, Andalucia
2179 Aug Operation Drakensberg Elephant Trekking, Exploring Most Sqn Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing ATC KwaZulu Natel South Africa
2178 May Scotland Staff AT Development 2017 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Plymouth & Cornwall Wing ATC Cairngorms, Scotland
2176 Mar Mount Kenya 2017 Trekking, Mountain climbing First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps) Kenya
2173 Jul Channel Islands Challenge Sailing St Albans Sea Cadets, Hitchin Sea Cadet England
2171 Sep Dragon Barbarian Odyssey Diving 159 Regt RLC Lanzarote
2168 Mar Atlantic Marlin 2017 Diving Cambridge University Air Squadron Ascension Island, Mid-Atlantic
2167 Feb Western Winter 2017 Mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking HQ Air Cadets Lochaber, Scotland
2165 Aug Serbia Canoeing Expedition Canoeing Middlesex Wing Serbia
2164 Feb Ice Diamond 2017 Skiing RAMC, HAC, 32 Sigs Hardangervidda, Norway
2160 May Arctic Express Sailing London UOTC UK, Faroes, Iceland
2159 Aug OYT Scotland West Coast Challenge Sailing Headquarters Air Cadets Scotland West Coast
2157 Feb Northumbria Swiss 2017 Skiing Northumbria ACF Crans-Montana, Switzerland
2155 Mar Northern Jacobite 2017 Trekking, Exploring Giggleswick School CCF Scotland
2153 Apr Arctic Tundra Venture 2017 Dog sledding, winter survival Oldham Hulme GS CCF Swedish Lapland - NE Sweden
2152 Apr Finn Sappersoaker 2017 Canoeing, diving 71 Engr Regt Belize
2150 Mar Dragon Atlas EMU 2017 Mountaineering, rock climbing East Midlands UOTC Morocco
2149 Mar Dragon Venturer Snow Cub 2017 Skiing Shropshire ACF Bavaria
2142 Feb Olaf Ski Challenge 2017 Skiing Pate's Grammar School CCF & Gloucester Academy CCF Bavaria, Germany
2141 Feb Dragon Venturer Cadet Norski 2017 Nordic skiing Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Rjukan, Norway
2140 Feb Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger 17 Skiing Canford School CCF Norway, Hovden (Hardangervidda)
2134 Jul Trans Andes Expedition Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Jungle School Budmouth College CCF Ecuador
2133 Oct Toubkal Finn Trekking, Exploring 2 Royal Irish Regiment Morocco High Atlas
2132 May Dragon Eagle Sphinx 6 AAC
2130 May Himalaya Tiger 17 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring Army Mountaineering Association Nepal
2125 Feb Norwegian Troll 2 Caldeian Venture 2017 Skiing Calday Grange Grammar School CCF Norway – Hovden, Aust-Agder
2124 May Simba's Sun Canoeing/Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring/Other, Multi Cumbria ACF Cyprus
2123 Jan Khumbu Commando 2017 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Royal Marines Reserve Merseyside Khumbu Region, Nepal
2112 Mar Castle Adventure 17 Trekking 104 Bn REME Peru
2101 Aug Canada Summer School Waterborne Training and Survival Skills 2017 Other, Multi Chester-le-Street Sea Cadets Nova Scotia Canada
2075 Jan Cockney Skadi Skiing, bobsleigh 3 MI Bn France, Vanoise National Park