Yearly Archives: 2018 reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Activity Unit Location
2635 Jul Golden Tarn II Canoeing Thames Valley Wing Air Cadets Gorge Du Tarn, France
2472 Dec Cockney Abyss 2 2018 Diving 106 Regiment Royal Artillery Malta
2465 Nov Canary Express 2018 Sailing 75 Engineer Regiment Spain, Lanzarote
2458 Oct Freefall Fougasse 18 Parachuting, Parapenting, 42 Engr Regt (Geo), 254 (SGIS) Sigs Sqn, 65 Wks Gp, 162 Regt RLC Spain, Madrid
2453 Sep Cockney Slovenian Wolf 2018 Trekking, Exploring. NRHQ RA Slovenia - Julain Alps
2452 Oct Cockney Medsail 2018 Cyprus NRHQRA Sailing
2451 Oct Altea Dragon Venturer 2018 Climbing, Mountain Biking Staffordshire and West Midlands North Sector ACF Costa Blanca, Spain
2449 Sep Dragon Mansing 2018 Trekking, Exploring 3RWELSH Annapurna, Central Nepal
2447 Oct (Northern) Gozo Diver 2018 Diving 156 Regiment RLC Gozo
2446 Nov Tiger Adriatic Rifles 2018 Diving 6 RIFLES Vis, Croatia
2445 Aug Ardeche Gold 2018 Canoeing Derbyshire ACF Ardeche, France
2443 Sep Northern Black Maple 2018 mountain biking, kayaking, white-water-rafting 4PARA Canada
2441 Sep Northern Ice Trekking, Exploring. Northumbrian Universities’ Officer Training Corps Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland
2440 Aug Finn Glacier 2018 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Exploring, Other, Multi, 152 (NI) Regt RLC France, Chamonix, Mont Blanc
2439 Jul Scot-Paddle Loch Shiel Canoeing Southern Area Sea Cadets – Paddlesport Team Scotland
2437 Aug Northern Integrated Serpent Trekking, Exploring 203 Fd Hosp, 204 Fd Hosp, 207 Fd Hos, 208 Fd Hosp, 212 Fd Hosp,CRHQ RA, Tayforth UOTC USA, Grand Canyon (Arizona) and Mount Whitney (California)
2436 Aug Delago Tiger 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. Exeter UOTC Dolomite Mountains, N Italy
2435 Jul Challenge 2018 Sailing St Albans Sea Cadet Unit England Hertfordshire
2433 Jul Tiger Pacific Longbow Sailing INT CORPS (including personnel from Regular and Reserve Bns) Atlantic crossing: Canada to Iceland
2431 Oct Northern Tartan Dive Diving 51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland Malta
2430 Jul Channel Pelican 2018 Sailing Ardingly College CCF United Kingdom
2429 Jun Cockney Yeoman Buccaneer Sailing The Royal Yeomanry, 158 Regt RLC, East Midlands UOTC, Durham ACF, The Royal Lancers UK & The Republic of Ireland
2428 Dec Snowdome Venturer 2018 Skiing TS Stirling Sea Cadet Corps England, West Midlands
2427 Oct Himalyan Fox Trekking, Exploring Queen's Own Yeomanry Nepal - Mardi Himal
2425 Aug 9 Coy Adventure Training Team Building 2018 Other, Multi, Greater London South East Sector Cornwall
2423 Aug Northern Alpine Fusilier 50 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, 1RRF, 5RRF Switzerland, Swiss Alps
2422 Jul Triton Navigator Sailing NCHQ, HMS DALRIADA, HMS PRESIDENT, HMS VIVID, HMS KING ALFRED Faslane - Scotland
2421 Jul Northern Dolomite Trekking, Exploring 71 Engineer Regiment Italy, Dolomites region
2420 Aug Dolomite Cadet 2018 Trekking, Exploring, Oakham School CCF Dolomites, Northern Italy
2417 Jul Blue Lavaredo Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Oxford University Officer Training Corps Italy
2413 Sep Dragon Castle Adventure 2018 Trekking, Exploring 103 Bn REME (V) France, Corsica
2412 Jun Cockney Venturer Novice 9 Canoeing Greater London South East Sector ACF Snowdonia
2411 Oct Magic Malawi 2018 Trekking, Exploring. 359 (Bexleyheath) Squadron Malawi, Africa
2410 Jun Yeoman Amphibian Other, Multi, Royal Armored Core, Royal Yeomanry, Queen's Own Yeomanry, Royal Dragoon Guards, Royal Welsh West Coast of Great Britian
2408 Aug Kabek Bugle Tiger Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, 6 RIFLES Georgia, South Caucasus
2407 May BE 2 2018 Trekking, Exploring Buckinghamshire Army Cadet Force Germany, Bavaria Alps
2406 Jul Viking Shiburnia 2018 Other, Multi. Sherborne School CCF Norway - Hardangar
2405 Jul Viking Trail 2018 Canoeing Loretto School CCF Norway
2402 Jun Mercantour 2018 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Exploring, HQ Air Cadets, NACATC Windermere France. Alpes Maritimes, Parc du Mercantour.
2401 Jul Reflective Saltire 2018 Trekking, Exploring, 102 Battalion REME France, Pyrenees
2400 Jun Arctic Express Leg 2 Sailing London UOTC UK, Faroes, Iceland
2399 Aug T/S Jack Petchey Voyage Other, Multi, Fishguard Sea Cadets Wales
2398 Aug Blue Vidda Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. Oxford UOTC Hardangervidda, Norway
2397 Jul Great Pacific Race 2018 Rowing NRHQ RA USA, Pacific Ocean, Hawaii
2396 Aug IOW Summer Camp Other, Multi. 218 Squadron, RAF Air Cadets United Kingdom, Isle of Wight
2395 Jul Northern Enduro III Other, Multi. Northumbrian Universities Officers' Training Corps (NUOTC) France, Morzine
2394 Aug Cape Namibia 2018 Canoeing, Trekking, Exploring. London Wing Royal Air Force Air Cadets Eastern Cape of South Africa and Southern Namibia
2393 Aug Towering Heights 2018 Canoeing, Gliding, Hang Gliding, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Exploring, Other, Multi, 31 (Tower Hamlets), 296 (Stoke Newington), 444 (Shoreditch), 338 (East Ham), 329 (Finsbury) Squadrons, Air Cadets. Lake District, Cumbria
2391 Aug Green Camp Cornwall Other, Multi. 291 Westminster and Chelsea Squadron RAF Air cadets UK - Cornwall
2390 Jul Summer Rock Other, Multi. London Area Sea Cadets Snowdonia, UK
2389 Apr HMS Wildfire Sailing HMS Wildfire UK (Solent) & English Channel
2388 Jul Dragon Corse 2 2018 Trekking, Exploring. 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital Corsica, France
2387 Sep Himalayan Venture 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing RAF, RAF FTRS, RAuxAF, UAS, RAF Air Cadets Nepal, Rolwaling and Khumbu Himal
2386 Jun Dragon Safari Sting Diving DCSU, CRHQ (AGC) Worthy Down Lanzarote, Spain
2383 Jun Tall Ships Offshore Sailing Exped. 2018 Sailing Selly Oak RN Section (KES CCF) UK, South Coast
2381 Jun Boar's Claw 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Aberdeen Universities Officer Training Corps Slovenia
2379 Jul Northern Chamonix Climber Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, 104 Regt RA, Joint Cyber Unit, 210 Fd Hospital Chamonix, France
2378 Jul Tiger Heights 18 Other, Multi. 77 Brigade (a specialist hybrid unit) Italy. Dolomites National Park
2376 Aug London Neptune Sailing City of London School Corfu Greece
2375 Jul RAF 100 Namibia Other, Multi Wales and West Region Air Cadets Namibia, Africa
2373 Aug Scottish Trail Endeavour Mountain Biking The King's School CCF Scotland, 7Staines Mountain Bike Trail
2372 Oct Emerging Panda 2018 Trekking, Exploring. Oldham Hulme GS CCF China
2371 Oct West Mercian & Staffordshire Wing Everest Basecamp Expedition, Nepal 2018 Trekking, Exploring West Mercian & Staffordshire Wing ATC Nepal
2370 Aug TIGER ALPINAE EXPERIENTIA 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. 103REME, NRHQRA, 201 Field Hospital, 1ISRX Alps - France, Italy, Switzerland
2369 Jul Northern Alpine18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Northumbria UOTC Germany, Bavaria
2364 Mar Cabot Telemark Skiing Bristol UOTC Norway
2362 Jul Finn O'Leary Trekking, Exploring 2 R IRISH French Pyrenees
2361 Apr Dragon Capel Sailing, trekking, mountain biking, caving 203 Field Hospital Wales, Snowdonia
2360 Jun Dragon Barbarian Odyssey 2 Diving 159 Regt RLC Cyprus
2357 Mar Lanzarote Landfall Diving Cambridge University Air Squadron Lanzarote
2356 Jul Dragon Lapone 2018 Trekking, Exploring, 3RWELSH Northern (sub-arctic) Sweden
2355 Mar Finn Tartan Ski 18 Skiing 105 Regt RA Austria
2353 Aug Partisan Shadow Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. 2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron Italy - Dolomites
2352 Jun Yankee Stirling Venturer Other, Multi TS Stirling Sea Cadets, Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College CCF, Taurus Squadron DTUS USA, Massachusetts
2350 Feb Western Winter Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. HQ RAFAC Scotland, Glencoe and Fort William
2349 Mar Northern Jacobite Venturer Trekking, Exploring, Giggleswick School CCF Scotland, Lochaber
2348 Feb Olaf Ski Challenge 2018 Skiing Pate's Grammar School CCF Germany, Bavaria
2347 Jan Cairngorm Winter Training 2018 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing London and SE Region Air Cadets Caingorms, Scotland
2346 Feb Oswestrian Snowy Dragon Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Oswestry School CCF Scotland - Cairngorms and Lochaber
2344 Mar Cockney Lycian Trekking, Exploring. CUOTC and 7006 Sqn Antalya, southern Turkey
2343 Apr Snow Camp Venturer Skiing TS Stirling UK and Italy
2342 Mar Northern Rock Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, NUOTC (Northumbrian Universities Officers' Training Corps) Spain, Costa Blanca, Alicante
2340 Mar Dragon Venturer Snow Cub 5 Skiing Shropshire ACF Germany Bavaria
2338 Feb Dragon Venturer Canice 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training Banff, Canada
2336 Aug Yorkshire Stingray Diving 4 Yorks Egypt (Red Sea)
2335 Jul Moonlands Expedition Other, Mult. Budmouth College CCF Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India
2334 Aug OYT Scotland West Coast Challenge 2018 Sailing Headquarters RAF Air Cadets United Kingdom - West Cost of Scotland
2333 Feb Dragon Venturer Canski 2018 Skiing Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training Banff, Canada
2329 Jan Northern Ventura Snow Peak Skiing Glasgow & Lanarkshire Battalion ACF France
2328 Feb Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger Skiing Canford School CCF Norway (Hardangervidda)
2326 Jun Seascape 18 Sailing HQ Cumbria & Lancashire Wing Air Training Corps United Kingdom
2323 Jan Ecuadorian Odyssey 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, 135 Geo Sqn, 299 Para Sqn, 335 Med Evac Regt Ecuador, Cordillera Occidental Range of the Andes
2322 Apr Dragon Ventura Ardeche Canoeing Ratcliffe College CCF River Ardeche - S France Vallon Pont Darc
2321 Mar Jack Petchey Off shore 2018 Other, Multi South Central District Southern England
2316 Jun Northern Amazon Serpent 2018 Canoeing 225 Medical Regiment Brazil, Amazonia
2305 Feb Cadet Snow Finn 18 Skiing 2nd Northern Ireland Bn ACF Bosnia Herzgovinia, Mount Jahorino Sarajevo
2294 Aug Incan Venture Adventure 2018 Trekking, Exploring, Sussex Wing Air Training Corps Cusco and Inca Trail, SE Peru
2290 Apr Guyana Emu Canoeing, Trekking, Exploring, Other, Multi. East Midlands Universities Air Squadron Guyana, South America
2216 Feb Acog Rock 2018 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing RAF Regiment Regular and Reserve / RAF Force Protection Force Argentina