Yearly Archives: 2018 reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Activity Unit Location
2412 Jun Cockney Venturer Novice 9 Canoeing Greater London South East Sector ACF Snowdonia
2400 Jun Arctic Express Leg 2 Sailing London UOTC UK, Faroes, Iceland
2389 Apr HMS Wildfire Sailing HMS Wildfire UK (Solent) & English Channel
2386 Jun Dragon Safari Sting Diving DCSU, CRHQ (AGC) Worthy Down Lanzarote, Spain
2364 Mar Cabot Telemark Skiing Bristol UOTC Norway
2361 Apr Dragon Capel Sailing, trekking, mountain biking, caving 203 Field Hospital Wales, Snowdonia
2357 Mar Lanzarote Landfall Diving Cambridge University Air Squadron Lanzarote
2355 Mar Finn Tartan Ski 18 Skiing 105 Regt RA Austria
2350 Feb Western Winter Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. HQ RAFAC Scotland, Glencoe and Fort William
2349 Mar Northern Jacobite Venturer Trekking, Exploring, Giggleswick School CCF Scotland, Lochaber
2347 Jan Cairngorm Winter Training 2018 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing London and SE Region Air Cadets Caingorms, Scotland
2346 Feb Oswestrian Snowy Dragon Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Oswestry School CCF Scotland - Cairngorms and Lochaber
2344 Mar Cockney Lycian Trekking, Exploring. CUOTC and 7006 Sqn Antalya, southern Turkey
2343 Apr Snow Camp Venturer Skiing TS Stirling UK and Italy
2342 Mar Northern Rock Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, NUOTC (Northumbrian Universities Officers' Training Corps) Spain, Costa Blanca, Alicante
2340 Mar Dragon Venturer Snow Cub 5 Skiing Shropshire ACF Germany Bavaria
2338 Feb Dragon Venturer Canice 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training Banff, Canada
2333 Feb Dragon Venturer Canski 2018 Skiing Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training Banff, Canada
2329 Jan Northern Ventura Snow Peak Skiing Glasgow & Lanarkshire Battalion ACF France
2328 Feb Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger Skiing Canford School CCF Norway (Hardangervidda)
2323 Jan Ecuadorian Odyssey 18 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, 135 Geo Sqn, 299 Para Sqn, 335 Med Evac Regt Ecuador, Cordillera Occidental Range of the Andes
2322 Apr Dragon Ventura Ardeche Canoeing Ratcliffe College CCF River Ardeche - S France Vallon Pont Darc
2321 Mar Jack Petchey Off shore 2018 Other, Multi South Central District Southern England
2305 Feb Cadet Snow Finn 18 Skiing 2nd Northern Ireland Bn ACF Bosnia Herzgovinia, Mount Jahorino Sarajevo
2290 Apr Guyana Emu East Midlands Universities Air Squadron Guyana, South America
2216 Feb Acog Rock 2018 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing RAF Regiment Regular and Reserve / RAF Force Protection Force Argentina