25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 30

25-anniversary-expedition-day030Lomåsen to Vingelen. 20km, 4 1/2hrs. I expected to wake tired and sore… but I felt fine, but very hungry. I was seriously considering a rest day because Eystein’s house in Lomåsen would be perfect for that… but I’m running out of supplies… The thought of the supermarket in the quiet rural village of Vingelen 20km away got me out of the door and on my skis. It’s been a magical and gentle day of quiet farm tracks, cleared but skiable and pressed ski tracks. All coated evenly with 5cm of fresh snow, enough to make it appear that no one else exists in the world… I ski almost effortlessly through rolling meadows, and upland farms, silent for the winter and don’t see a single soul… I join an old Pilgrims route through an arched avenue of snow laden silver birches… it feels like skiing through Narnia, and without mentioning it soft silent snowflakes start to fall through the still air. After yesterdays battle I love the graceful kick and glide I can maintain for the last 6k into Vingelen and arrive at my rustic farmhouse home for the night, refreshed and very happy.


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