25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 29

25-anniversary-expedition-day029Grimsbu to Lomåsen 52km, 12hrs. Today I made a poor decision…and over-estimated the distance I could cover in these conditions. This was the first day that was uncomfortably long… it started in Musher heaven and finished in Trucker hell. It started with a good plan… when I arrived at Grimsbu last night I discovered that a famous dog-sled race was due through in the early hours of this morning. Which meant a track was in and marked which I could use to jump ahead away from any roads. It seemed such unbelievable luck! But there’s a chinese proverb about luck where what appears good luck at the next twist in the tale seems bad luck and visa versa. I estimated a day of 43km… long but ok on a pressed track. However, race courses don’t always go the most direct route, and after 13km when I realised I was only 3km from Grimsbu I knew it was going to be a long day. So I stopped picking up all the discarded dog gloves and tried to pick up my pace. When you’re working hard, seeing others work hard definitely helps ease the burden… and everytime one of these amazing dog-teams passed me I told myself how they’d already been out over 24hrs and I dug a little deeper. I was immensely glad of all the amazing beond bars from @pulsinandbeond and the savoury snack bars from @forihq … I ate two days supplies today… 😊Finally reaching Lomåsen after a short but unpleasant walk along the E3 at 8pm. Wonderful reception by my AirBnB host and now doing my washing and eating as much as humanly possible…


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