25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 24

Gjendebu to Hindseter Fjellstue. 38km, 8 1/2hrs. Today I felt like a character in ‘The Revenant’ movie. I started before light because I wanted to make this a big day… and I had all 19km of lake Gjende to cross. 😱 The first 10km I broke trail… and then noticed in the milky whiteness a ski track running parallel to mine 10m away… wow, what are the chances, 😂 I’ve seen no-one the last two days. So I hopped in the tracks and made faster progress. Past the ghostly galleons that make my 5hr crossing in less than an hour in summer… and then onto cut tracks to Bessheim. Then it was back to breaking trail up the Sjodalen and finally reaching cross country ski heaven at Hindsæter.


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