25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 54

25-anniversary-expedition-day054Virvasshytta to Bolnastua. 24km 5 1/4hrs. Last night I saw the northern lights! 😍 The clouds had been blown fast away by sunset to leave a clear sky which inhaled all remaining warmth as the stars appeared one by one… The only upside I can see of an outdoor toilet when it is -25C is that otherwise you might not leave the cabin. My night time comfort break, though not altogether comfortable was rewarded with my first view of the northern lights this trip! The clear skies and much reduced wind stayed till dawn, allowing a much gentler and less exhausting journey out to the main Lønsdalen valley. A lot of snow has been transported this last week… I passed this cabin #corraskoia today. Thank goodness it’s not my #homeforthenight 😱

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