25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 55

Bolnastua to Lønstua. 32km 6hrs. Today I crossed the Arctic circle! A wonderful feeling… a real milestone in this journey, and one that I wrote about in various articles before starting. Remarkably I cross it pretty much to the day that I estimated… I have now skied 1525km during 368hrs in the 55days since starting on the 14th January. I can confidently say I’m well past half-way… and I can’t believe how quickly the days fly by… even though my head and heart are already filled with so many amazing memories. The wind has dropped significantly, and although it’s still well below zero, this is the first time in ten days I’ve skied without my duvet trousers on. I followed the old road high above the E6 for the first half of this long, open valley. The peaks of Saltfjellet rising in jagged sweeps to the west. Then I skied beside the train line, which was unusual and great fun; fast, firm, compact snow, and the train driver even waved at me when a freight train passed heading south.

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