25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 80

25-anniversary-expedition-day080Skaidi to Stohpojohka. 32km 6 1/2hrs. A change in the weather demanded a change in the plan. I had hoped to stay on scooter tracks but wanted to get to an open shepherds hut tonight to break a potentially long day. Places to stay are decidedly less numerous up here in winter! That meant a start of 13km of road skiing. Thankfully in bad weather motorists around here mostly listen to advice and stay at home, so not too much traffic. The snowplough driver passed me four times before I turned off on a DNT marked summer trail northwards. I now know that scooter drivers also stay at home in bad weather… I saw none. Which has a positive side, that I’m out there all alone with nature again, but the downside of course is that I’m back trailbreaking as much as in the Settesdal mountains in the south in January. It’s definitely still winter up here, and Nordkapp isn’t going to drop like a ripe fruit into my hands. Today was a reminder of hardwork and bad weather… but when I finally reached the open sheperds hut in an isolated nowhere I felt rather happy to be out there alone again. Once I had dug the hut out of course, snowed in both inside and out!! 😂 Today I ate my last dehydrated evening meal and ran out of gas for my stove! Guess I’m eating out from here… 😋 😀if I can find food! 😱🙈

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