25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 82

25-anniversary-expedition-day082-01Nordkapp tunnel to… 😉 Nordkapp! 😀🍾 48km 7hrs. I was on the road at 4.30am for the 2 1/2hr ski to Honningsvåg. I stopped at the gas station, swallowed a hamburger and two large coffees and hatched a plan. The ladies working there told me that Honningsvåg had been cut off for 10 days. The roads had only just been opened on Monday! No wonder the snow plough driver was somewhat agitated. The access to Nordkapp had also been closed and only just reopened… what amazing luck! The ladies let me store all my surplus gear in their storeroom, I bought water and more biscuits and set off for what I hoped would be my final 30km. Good weather, light winds, immaculate views and fast skiing on the road… but I’d been told the last 15km were forbidden for skiers (or those on foot) due to avalanche risk and only convoy traffic was permitted. 15km of deep snow can take a long time… it meant that even to the very end I didn’t know if I’d make it today. As I reached the plateau another snow plough driver pulled level. He suggested I needed medication because of what I was doing, then asked where I was going. When I mentioned Nordkapp with my best smile he shook his head and said the road was closed to skiers… he wasn’t angry, a little amused and, I think, sympathetic to my cause. I said I’d go as far as I could… he said I could have a lift in the convoy at 11. 🙈 I skied hard. The conditions and terrain helped. Steep ups and long, icy, fast and straight descents… I was cruising at speed towards the convoy when I saw it leave with the snowplough leading. The barrier was down and it did indeed say no pedestrians. I guess that is what I am… but a friend once told me “Better to ask for forgiveness than permission”. So I ducked the barrier and started skiing for my life. I had some time before I would be caught at least… 4km down and I’m rumbled, but he points out I can cut onto a scooter track that goes all the way too. He says scooters have been out this morning so it shouldn’t be too much slower.. and he even offers me a lift back to town if I get there before his last run. These last kms are amazing and finally… finally I let myself feel that it’s real!

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