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10 Cadets from Bucks supported by four Adult Volunteers experienced on an amazing mountain walking week in the Bavarian Alps. The first day started very slowly with the cadets exploring the local town, finishing the day with a cable car ride to the top of the Zugspitze the highest mountain in Germany, with stunning views the cadets were surprised to find some snow left on the summit and soon set to work on a quick snow ball fight!

The Cadets began their walking week by trekking through the PartenachKlanm, on to Eckbauer (1,236m), back to Garmisch through Wamburg  as a gentle introduction to the hill walking skills they would be needing for the rest of the week. On day 2 Cadets then consolidated these skills with a walk in the Kreuzeck area, through the Holentalklamm up to Hollental Hut looking up towards the Zugspitze. A few map-reading errors extended the walk by a few kilometres and served as a vital lesson in orientating the map correctly! Cadets learnt to use their walking poles, became adapt at selecting their equipment, ensuring they only carried what was needed!

By Wednesday, it was time for a break from the mountains and the cadets enjoyed a day at the high ropes course in Garmisch, before a relaxing afternoon in Fussen to buy their souvenirs to take home

Fully refreshed the team then spent a arduous day trekking headed up past Neuschwanstain Castle, over the Marienbrucke and to the Tegalberg summit (1,708m). The views were stunning across the Bavarian Alps and certainly worth the climb up, the heat was a challenge but plenty of water and rest stops ensuring the team remained in good spirits. The final days trekking was cut short by a predicted thunderstorm, the Cadets were disappointed but didn’t let this deter them and enjoyed an afternoon in the local swimming pool before heading back for a BBQ at the apartments.

Throughout the week, the challenges were continuous, but Cadets dug deep and overcame them all, working together, supporting weaker members to ensure the group achieved everything they planned to and things that they had not imagined possible.

You can view this expedition as a SPARK presentation.


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