Dragon Ventura Ardeche 2018

I arrived at Ratcliffe on the Saturday 7th April excited about the prospect of traveling down to the South of France to take part in my very first Easter Adventure Training camp. After loading all the equipment and Lt Col Balmbra giving us all a safety briefing we set off. I didn’t expect that it was going to be such a long trip. We drove down to the Channel Tunnel and were soon in France.

We continued to drive until the following days lunch time. As soon as we arrived, although tired we had to set up the tents. A good job we did as it then started to rain. The next day we were put into groups for kayaking and canoeing. I was very excited as I had never done any of these activities. The camp site was right on the edge of the river so it made getting in very easy.

My first day was in a kayak, I was a little nervous as I knew I would have to do a capsize drill at some point. I learnt a lot of new skills of how to paddle, forward and backwards. We were even taught how to make the kayak go sideways. The best bit was when we played games, paddling after a football and playing kayak tag. The next day we were in canoes. I found this a lot easier and had a great time learning how to move the canoes. We even had the opportunity to practice on a small rapid near the camp site. Unfortunately, the weather was not as great as we had all hoped; it didn’t stop raining.

Day three gave us the opportunity to finish the skills needed for the 1 Star British Canoeing Award. The last two days we were unable to get onto the water as the instructors said the water had risen too much as was too fast. So on safety grounds we didn’t do any more. We had a great trip to some local caves which I found fascinating. I made many new friends and the experience has given me more confidence in myself.

“This was probably the best trip I have been on.’”

Report written by: Cadet Tyla Gregory
Ratcliffe College CCF

With thanks to:

Ulysses Trust

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