EVENT: Tania Noakes: The Length of Norway by Skis


Tania Noakes: The Length of Norway by Skis
9th October 2018 | London

Please make a note in your diary for 9th October 2018. This is when our ambassador Tania Noakes will be giving a lecture to members of The Alpine Club about her recent expedition to Norway to support The Ulysses Trust. Find out more at: https://tinyurl.com/y8g4vd3x

Bar 6pm | Lecture 7.30pm. Non-members welcome with a donation.


“In January 2018 Tania embarked on what she calls “the most beautiful and memorable journey” of her life. In 82 days from January to April she skied 2,533km to complete a solo winter journey called, in Norwegian, “Norge på langs”. The lengthwise traverse of Norway from Lindesnes lighthouse in the south to Nordkapp on the arctic coast has long been established as one of Europe’s best long distance summer treks. It is far less frequently completed in winter, and rarely completed solo. Tania will talk about her unforgettable journey, highlighting some of the most rewarding aspects but also discussing some moments which tested all of her mountaineering and skiing skills.”

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