Lev’s Lectures

Cadets from 2nd (NI) Bn ACF backstage with Lev Wood (centre) in Belfast

Staff from 1329DF, 2146 and 2152DF with Lev Wood (centre) in Bath

Our ambassador Levison Wood has been busy travelling across the UK, giving talks and lectures to share his tales of adventure and putting in a good word for The Ulysses Trust.

Lev has been roaming the length and breadth of Britain with his ‘Journeys through the Badlands and Beyond’ tour. Lev kindly provided a rucksack full of tickets for us to share with some of the units we supported this year. Some of the lucky recipients even got to meet Lev during the interval for a backstage chat (see photos).

We’d like to say a big thank you to Lev and his management team for helping us to provide this unique opportunity to the Cadets and Reservists who attended.

“Thanks for a great night!”

“Thank you very much for arranging the Levison Wood Journeys through the Badlands live talk tickets. Our senior Cadets very much enjoyed the talk, Levison’s anecdotes and stories, and were keenly looking up his documentaries to watch after the talk.  It was nice to attend an event that appealed to them and give them some development time as older cadets away from hubbub of Unit life. The Cadets who had benefited from Ulysses funding for our ScotPaddle are still asking when we can do more and what’s next, I did point out Arabia does not have many rivers!”

“Super inspiring evening which gave us lots of ideas!”


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