Yearly Archives: 2019 reports

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ID Date Expedition Name Activity Unit Location
2585 Jun Adriatic Lion 2019 Sailing University of Birmingham Air Squadron Croatia, Dalmation Coast
2550 May Bavarian Explorer 3 2019 Trekking, Exploring. Buckinghamshire Army Cadet Force Bavaria, Germany
2542 May Finn Swift Singletrack 2019 Mountain Biking 204 (North Irish) Field Hospital Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain
2516 Apr Northern Dalesman Paoli 2019 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Yorkshire officers Training Regiment Cap Corse, Corsica, France
2515 Apr TS TIGER Bronze Qualifying Expedition 2019  Rowing Leicester Sea Cadets United Kingdom, Thrapston to Northampton
2512 Jun Northern Atlas 2019 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. Reserve - Royal Electircal & Mechanical Engineers Morocco - Toubkal National Park
2507 Apr Cabot Telemark 2019 Skiing Bristol UOTC Norway
2503 Feb Adventure Training 2019 Other, Multi, Barnard Castle CCF Cairngorm National Park
2502 Apr Easter Challenge 2019 Trekking, Exploring. Southampton UOTC Sierra Nevada, Spain
2498 Jun Yankee Stirling Venturer 2019 Other, Multi. TS Stirling SCC, Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College CCF, Solihull School CCF, Taurus Squadron DTUS USA, Massachusetts
2496 Mar Viking Challenge 2019 Skiing First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps) Norway (Oslo & Rjukan)
2495 Feb Tiger Venturer Matravers 2019 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing. Matravers Combined Cadet Force France, Mercantour National Park
2492 Feb Dragon Venturer Cadet Norice 2019 Climbing Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Rjukan, Norway
2491 Apr Blue Plunge 2019 Diving Cambridge University Air Squadron Belize
2489 Mar Snow Cub 6 2019 Skiing Shropshire ACF Germany, Baveria
2486 Feb Northern Aconcagua 2019 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing APC Glasgow Argentina
2485 Feb Northern Langtang Serpent 2019 Trekking, Exploring. HQ 2 Med Bde,203 Fd Hosp, 205 Fd Hosp, 207 Fd Hosp, 208 Fd Hosp, 212 Fd Hosp, 243 Fd Hosp, 256 Fd Hosp, MOSG Nepal, Langtang Valley
2484 Feb Dragon Venturer Cadet Norski 2019 Skiing Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training Kvitåvatn, Norway
2481 Apr Snow Camp Venturer Excel 2019 Skiing Training Ship Stirling UK and Italy
2478 Apr Northern Jacobite Venturer 2019 Other, Multi. Giggleswick School CCF Scotland, Lochaber
2477 Mar Northern Purple Endeavor 2019 Skiing 51st HIGHLAND, 7th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland Norway, Rjukan
2471 Apr SUOTC Norway Challenge 2019 Skiing Southampton UOTC Norway, Tromso region
2470 Feb Canford Norwegian Tiger Venturer 18 2019 Skiing Canford School and Bradfield College CCFs Norway (Hardangervidda)
2469 Feb Cadet Snow Finn 2019 Skiing 2nd NI BN ACF Bulgaria Pomoprovo
2464 Jan Dragon Kanchenjunga 2019 Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, 37 Signal Regiment Nepal
2461 Jan Ski Cadet 2019 Skiing A Troop RA, Glasgow & Lanarkshire Bn ACF France, Alpe d'Huez
2442 Feb Frimley Glacier 2019 Skiing Cadet Training Centre Frimley Park Meribel (French Alps)
2368 Mar Duke of Edinburgh 2018 Trekking, Exploring. Redditch & Bromsgrove Sea Cadets and Royal Marines Cadets Worcestershire