Tiger Bavarian Explorer 3

10 cadets from Bucks supported by four Adult Volunteers experienced on an amazing mountain walking week in the Bavarian Alps. The aim of Exercise TIGER BAVARIAN EXPLORER 3 was to introduce cadets to hill walking and build on their Navigation skills.  Additionally, the trip built on cadets leadership skills and challenged them in a safe enjoyable manner.  The first day started very slowly with the cadets exploring the local town in heavy rain, this didn’t put them off from tucking into huge ice creams before settling into the accommodation and preparing their kit for the walks ahead

The cadets began their walking week by trekking through the PartenachKlanm, on to Eckbauer (1236m), back to Garmisch through Wamburg as a gentle introduction to the hill walking skills they would be needing for the rest of the week. The persistent rain presented more challenges.   On day 2 Cadets then consolidated these skills with a walk in the Kreuzeck area, through the Holentalklamm and up towards Kreuzeck.  Again the rain was constant and heavy with little opportunity to shelter, spirits remained high and the cadets were keen to push to the top.  Unfortunately with a few members beginning to suffer from the cold the decision was made to head down, taking in a trip to the Olympic Bobsleigh course from the 1930s on the way back down.

By Wednesday, it was time for a break from the weather and the cadets enjoyed a morning at Linderhof Palace learning about King Ludwig before heading to Sonthofen for an afternoon of fun in the swimming pool.

Fully refreshed the team then spent an arduous wet day trekking headed up past Neuschwanstain Castle, over the Marienbrucke and aiming towards the Tegalberg summit (1708m). Sadly yet again the weather was against us and on meeting the snow line the group had to descend. Although disappointed the cadets didn’t let this deter them and remaining in high spirits taking in the views across the stunning Bavarian Alps.  The final day was a trip up Mount Wank to the High Ropes course where fears were conquered and fun was had!

Throughout the week, the challenges were continuous, both individually and collectively.  Teamwork was crucial to the success of the trip with some natural leaders emerging.  The mountains were more of a challenge than some of the group had imagined, but through sheer grit and determination the mountains were summited and the feeling of achievement attained.

Bavarian Explorer 3 by Cadet Annie Yoxall

Bavarian Explorer was a really good trip, the accommodation was awesome – huge rooms, comfy beds and a lot of space!  Our first mountain Eckbauer was a real challenge but through the support of staff and other cadets we all reached the summit at 1237 and enjoyed the beautiful views.

“Our 2nd day of hiking was in quite bad weather conditions so with waterproofs and warm clothing we started to climb the Krezeck.  Again the start of the climb was challenging but things got easier and we enjoyed seeing the Olympic Tobaggon run that was used in 1936.

“Our rest day we went for a bit of a culture trip to Linderhof Palace and had a tour of the palace and the grounds, it was really beautiful.  We also went to an indoor water park which was really fun.

“Our last hike was up the Tegelberg, which was home to Neuschwanstein castle.  On our last day we did the challenging high ropes course which challenged us all, I think everyone overcame their fear of heights that day.  Overall we had an awesome trip and I definitely want to go back.”

Bavarian Explorer 3 by L/Cpl Karri Pender

“On the Bavarian Explorer trip we experienced many new things and adventured all kinds of places.  We adventured through the Partenklamm gorge, which was an amazing experience, we felt the smooth rock and watched water gush and burst from along its streams.  We traced along the glistening of the water and followed the sound of the water crashing against the rocks up to Eckbauer, where we enjoyed the surrounding of pure nature.

“The next day we proceeded to hike Mount Krezeck and fought through the stormy weather and deflected the challenges by helping each other along the way.  We took enjoyment in running down sections of the mountain, sometimes falling but enjoying the messy muddiness!

“The following day after hiking mountains and eating delicious ice creams we went swimming.  The pool consisted of many slides and there were many smiles and laughter, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  On the same day we also went of a tour of Linderhof Palace and learnt about the life of King Ludwig II.

“The Bavarian Explorers then proceeded to hike the tallest mountain they were going to climb Mount Tegalberg, which is 1720m high.  Crossing the bridge to the Tegalberg we saw a ravine with pouring water hitting rocks, surrounded by people from all around the world with all ethnicities and religion.  A true place of peace.

“The last day of the Bavarian Explorer trip we visited a high ropes course on Mount Wank.  Everyone worked together on all the course, some easy, some difficult.  We are tried our very hardness and succeeded where we tried.  On the last night the Bavarian Explorers surrounded the table and stuffed their faces with all kinds of pizza and exchanged smiles and laughs as they enjoyed the last of their amazing journey and experience.”

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