The Ulysses Trust Annual Review 2018

The Ulysses Trust is proud to announce the publication of our Annual Review 2018.

Since 1992, we have supported over 35,000 Cadets and Reservists to undertake more than 2,700 expeditions. The Annual Review contains a detailed summary of our work in 2018.

In terms of results, 2018 was one of the best years in the Trust’s history. In fact, it was the best year ever in terms of the grants made. Comparing 2018 to the previous year, amongst a number of improvements were:

+ participants supported – up 23%
+ expeditions supported – up 10%
+ Cadet expeditions supported – up 22%
+ number of Cadet participants – up 25%
+ Cadet grants – up 29%
+ proportion of expedition costs met by Trust grants – up 21%
+ Cadet market penetration – up 24%.

The Review includes:

+ an update on our strategy to support disadvantaged Cadets
+ articles from our adventurous ambassadors Lev Wood and Tania Noakes
+ a detailed analysis of the Trusts’ performance
+ a regional breakdown of where our grants went
+ a summary of our data for those who enjoy statistics
+ details of the Prince of Wales’s Expeditionary Awards
+ a breakdown of our outcome measurement to ascertain the impact of our grants
+ financial and funder details, with special thanks to our supporters and donors
+ a look ahead to our plans for the future.

In addition, it features photos and quotes from a selection of the expeditions we supported in 2018.

In short, everything you need to know about The Ulysses Trust in a 24 page ‘nutshell’.

Printed copies are available on request. Or, if you prefer can read it online or download a .pdf copy.