Ambassador: Levison Wood

Levison Wood is a British explorer whose work has featured around the world. You may recognise Lev from his recent appearances on Channel 4 TV presenting adventure documentaries.

He has previously served as an officer in the Parachute Regiment where he spent four years in Afghanistan. In 2017, he is circumnavigated the Arabian peninsula for an upcoming documentary series.

After leaving the army he took up a career in journalism and photography, and has become a bestselling author. He has extensive experience in travel and exploration in over 80 countries and in 2011 was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

His rising popularity, travel experiences and growing public profile make him an inspiration to our beneficiaries.


Levison Wood is a best selling author, explorer and photographer. He has covered stories and events around the world for over ten years. His work has featured in international publications around the world including Channel 4, the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and the Sunday Telegraph. In 2014 he completed a nine month expedition walking the length of the Nile, which was documented in a critically acclaimed Channel 4 series and accompanying book. In 2015 he embarked on an even more ambitious challenge to walk the length of the Himalayas from Afghanistan to Bhutan. The 5 x 60′ documentary series appeared on C4, with Levison’s book published simultaneously in January 2016. It was subsequently voted Adventure Travel Book of the Year at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards. Lev’s most recent expedition ‘Walking The Americas’ from Mexico to Colombia aired on Channel 4 as a 4 x 60′ series in January 2017, whilst his accompanying book became a Sunday Times bestseller. Lev also embarked on a major 25 date tour of the UK, playing to audiences of 600 to 1000 per venue. Lev’s most recent TV series ‘From Russia To Iran: Crossing The Wild Frontier’ aired on Channel 4 for four weeks in August 2017. His latest book ‘Eastern Horizons’ about his travels as a 22 year-old-man hitchhiking the Silk Road was published on November 2nd.

Levison spent a number of years as an Officer in the British Parachute Regiment, where he served in Afghanistan fighting against Taliban insurgents in Helmand, Kandahar and Zabul in 2008.

As a photographer and writer, Wood has contributed to some of the most respected publications in the world including the Times, the Telegraph, the Financial Times, BBC, National Geographic, CNN, Discovery Channel and Condé Nast Traveller. His photography has taken him from the streets of Baghdad in 2003 to the mountains, deserts and jungles of Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, most of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. His passion for adventure and discovering more about indigenous ways of life has led him mountain climbing in Iraq, horse riding the river Oxus on the Afghan-Tajik border and conducting scientific research in Central Africa for the Natural History Museum. His photographic exhibition ‘Visions of Africa’ was held in the Royal Opera Arcade on Pall Mall, London, whilst his first solo show ‘Ground Truth’ was Leica Mayfair’s most successful photography exhibition of recent years.

Attracted to foreign climes and adventure since a young age, Levison has travelled and worked in over ninety countries worldwide. In 2011 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. His work in journalism has led him to enter the world of documentary making and he has collaborated on productions with National Geographic, Animal Planet, Channel 4 and the BBC. He has interviewed and photographed some of the most prominent names in the International community, from Hollywood actor George Clooney to travel writer Paul Theroux and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

When not abroad Levison lives in London.