Latest Expedition Reports

Blue Lavaredo 2018

Unit: Oxford University Officer Training Corps
Location: Italy
Date: July 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
12 Officer Cadets (OCdts) from Oxford University Officer Training Corps (OUOTC), split into two phases, travelled to the Dolomites for an action-packed multi-pitch climbing package. The main aim of the expedition was to challenge the OCdts in a high-pressure environment and develop their climbing skills on some of the best...

Scot-Paddle Loch Shiel 2018

Unit: Southern Area Sea Cadets – Paddlesport Team
Location: Scotland
Date: July 2018
Activities: Canoeing
Whilst canoeing up the sea loch towards Kinlochmoidart, the sun shone for a few moments; we were happy to have successfully completed the expedition, but also very sad it was over.  The moment of sunshine made the week of paddling in strong head winds to finish the last section of...

Finn O’Leary 18

Unit: 2 R IRISH
Location: French Pyrenees
Date: July 2018
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
This was 2 R IRISH’s main Type 3 AT activity for the current trg yr and was designed to give all serving members the opportunity to experience an arduous trek in a completely new area.  13 members of 2 R IRISH took part and they were joined by three members...

Tiger Pacific Longbow 2018

Unit: INT CORPS (including personnel from Regular and Reserve Bns)
Location: Atlantic crossing: Canada to Iceland
Date: July 2018
Activities: Sailing
Our journey starts at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and finishes at Reykjavik, Iceland. Day 1 (JSASTC, Gosport, 9 Jul 18) Five odd things we’ve learnt as we prepare to sail across the Atlantic Ocean (authored by LCpl Rebecca Lefort) Exercise PACIFIC LONGBOW is the British Army’s major adventurous training sailing exercise, circumnavigating the Atlantic...

Summer Rock 2018

Unit: London Area Sea Cadets
Location: Snowdonia, UK
Date: July 2018
Activities: Other, Multi.
Summer Rock 2018 was a multi-activity training and adventure week delivered by the London Area Sea Cadets Adventure Training Team. The weeklong camp this year was based at the Capel Curig military training camp in North Wales. The event took 36 young people between the of 12-18 from across London into...

Northern Chamonix Climber 2018

Unit: 104 Regt RA, Joint Cyber Unit, 210 Fd Hospital
Location: Chamonix, France
Date: July 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing,
My first military trip to the Alps was on the Joint Services Alpine Meet, staged from a campsite in Saas Grund in 2009. It was run slightly differently to previous iterations in as much that the Joint Services Mountain Training Centre had intervened to assist. Little did I know at...

Northern Alpine 18

Unit: Northumbria UOTC
Location: Germany, Bavaria
Date: July 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing,
Exercise Northern Alpine 18 was a Mountaineering exercise based in Wertach, Bavaria, and designed to develop the mountaineering skills and experience of 9 officer cadets.  The exercise took place in early August and spent 8 days training in the Allgau Alps.  Activities included trekking, climbing and klettersteig (an Alpine discipline...

RAF 100 Namibia 2018

Unit: Wales and West Region Air Cadets
Location: Namibia, Africa
Date: July 2018
Activities: Other, Multi
9 Cadets and 5 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from the Air Training Corps (ATC) have just returned from a three week trip to South Africa and Namibia. The team came from 6 Wings, representing 3 Regions of the ATC. The main purpose of the trip was to complete the Fish...

Golden Tarn II 2018

Unit: Thames Valley Wing Air Cadets
Location: Gorge Du Tarn, France
Date: July 2018
Activities: Canoeing
Thames Valley Air Cadets Golden Tarn II Expedition was a culmination of 12 months of planning and training for its 19 participants. The expedition to the Gorge Du Tarn, France carried 2 elements:
  • a challenging and ambitious unsupported and unaccompanied 100km canoeing venture for a group of Air Cadets who were...

Northern Dolomite 2018

Unit: 71 Engineer Regiment
Location: Italy, Dolomites region
Date: July 2018
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
Ex NORTHERN DOLOMITE was a trekking expedition conducted in the Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy. Amongst glorious Italian scenery, 20 regular and reserve soldiers (16 from 71 Engineer Regiment) covered over 6,000m of ascent (and the reciprocal knee buckling descent) over a 7-day expedition. The temperature and the gradient of...

Northern Enduro III

Unit: Northumbrian Universities Officers' Training Corps (NUOTC)
Location: France, Morzine
Date: July 2018
Activities: Other, Multi.
Morzine Mountain Biking Expedition – Report 1 (Pte Qureshi)   After a challenging annual camp in Lydd, 18 officer cadets and staff headed to Morzine for a week of mountain biking in the French alps. This provided a unique opportunity to further test the officer cadets both physically and mentally; needless...

Dragon Lapone 2018

Location: Northern (sub-arctic) Sweden
Date: July 2018
Activities: Trekking, Exploring,
The Kungsleden (King’s Trail) in Northern Sweden is 460km in length and is the best known trail in that country. Over its length it traverses high mountains, open fell, forest and also crosses a number of lakes. It was to the most northerly section, 250km within the Arctic Circle that...

Dragon Barbarian Odyssey 2

Unit: 159 Regt RLC
Location: Cyprus
Date: June 2018
Activities: Diving
“When I started this adventure, I did not think after a week’s training, it would be so natural to be in an environment so alien to me. I was left literally breathless in its beauty and gasping for more!!” WO2 Wayne Dunn
On 23rd June, 11 reservists and one regular soldier boarded...

Tiger Heights 2018

Unit: 77 Brigade (a specialist hybrid unit)
Location: Italy. Dolomites National Park
Date: July 2018
Activities: Other, Multi.
In July 2018, a group of regular and reservist personnel from 77th Brigade travelled to the stunning Dolomites mountain range in Italy for a demanding adventurous training week – Exercise Tiger Heights 2018. The adventure training provided an ideal opportunity to test members of the brigade against the challenging terrain of...

Boar’s Claw 2018

Unit: Aberdeen Universities Officer Training Corps
Location: Slovenia
Date: June 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing,
  Day 1 - Napoleonica, Italy (30 minute drive) Vast area situated above and below a disused road. The area chosen was at the far end of the crag, situated slightly above the road. The crag was quiet, well bolted and provided adequate introductory grades for the first day. Student feedback – “Steep terrain:...

Scottish Trail Endeavour 2018

Unit: The King's School CCF
Location: Scotland, 7Staines Mountain Bike Trail
Date: August 2018
Activities: Mountain Biking
The Summer Mountain biking expedition is one of the highlights of our cadet calendar and it is a key foundation of cadet development. The Team picks its self with volunteers wanting to take on the ardouous challenge set by the Scottish 7Stanes Mountain Bike Trails. Having completed an Intermediate course...

Mercantour 2018

Unit: HQ Air Cadets, NACATC Windermere
Location: France. Alpes Maritimes, Parc du Mercantour.
Date: June 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Exploring,
Attending the International Mountain Leader [IML] introduction week with Head Quarters Air Cadets [HQAC] this year was a great experience. We were in France for a total of six days situated in the beautiful Alpes Maritimes, Mercantour National Park near Nice. The party comprised of five Cadet Force Adult Volunteers...

Triton Navigator 2018

Location: Faslane - Scotland
Date: July 2018
Activities: Sailing
The expedition was based out of Faslane and the boat used was the Royal Navy Sailing Association boat Scorcher. This boat is available for charter and is an excellent facility. The daily activities are given below: 15th July 2018 – This was an arrival day with all those involved on the expedition...