Latest Expedition Reports

Dragon Caledonian EMU

Unit: East Midlands UOTC
Location: Scotland, UK
Date: August 2017
Activities: Canoeing
A kayaking trip in Scotland? To many this would conjure up thoughts of being cold and wet however to the group of 10 Officer Cadets, many only just back from a kayaking expedition in France this was a chance to further develop and hone their skills on what promised to...

Wesslighthouse 2017

Unit: The Royal Wessex Yeomanry
Location: English Channel / Irish Sea
Date: August 2017
Activities: Sailing
The Rolex Fastnet Race 2017 was the largest offshore yacht race in history, featuring some 400 yachts and 3000 crew members from 29 countries, competing over a 1120km course from Cowes to Plymouth via the Fastnet Rock off the Southern Irish coast. Thanks largely to the Ulysses Trust’s generous sponsorship...

Northern Ventura Snow Peak 2018

Unit: Glasgow & Lanarkshire Battalion ACF
Location: France
Date: January 2018
Activities: Skiing
As 06.00am approached, the 30 cadets and 9 adults of Glasgow & Lanarkshire Battalion had been up and about for ages excited about what lay ahead. Some had skied before whilst others were complete novices. No matter what, there was not a thing that could have dampened their excitement for...

Operation Drakensberg Elephant 2017

Unit: Most Sqn Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing ATC
Location: KwaZulu Natel South Africa
Date: August 2017
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
Operation Drakensberg Elephant was a 22-day expedition to the Drakensberg Mountains and surrounding area in the country of South Africa. The expedition encompassed 27 air cadets and 6 staff from across Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing with the primary objective of providing an overseas expedition focused on 3 weeks of Adventure...

Towering Heights 2017

Unit: 31 (Tower Hamlets) Air Training Corps
Location: Lake District, UK
Date: August 2017
Activities: Canoeing/Caving/Gliding, Hang Gliding/Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring/Other, Multi
31 (Tower Hamlets) is one of the most diverse RAF Air Cadet squadrons in the country. For many of the cadets, the organisation offers a rare opportunity to leave London, and to experience life outside of a city. A highlight of the year is always going away for the week on...

Thor’s Azure 2017

Unit: DTUS Thunderer Squadron
Location: Mont Blanc - France, Italy, Switzerland
Date: August 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Exercise Thor’s Azure saw seven Officer Cadets from DTUS Thunderer Squadron undertake the Tour de Mont Blanc, a 171km mountaineering round trip in the Alps, starting in France and spanning across Italy and Switzerland before finishing back in France. The exercise began with an early start with the team setting out...

Simba’s Sun

Unit: Cumbria ACF
Location: Cyprus
Date: May 2017
Activities: Canoeing/Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring/Other, Multi
Cumbria ACF is a leading youth training organisation based in the North-West of the England, delivering a programme of challenging military, adventurous and leadership training to young men and women aged from 12 to 17. In May 2017, we took 35 cadets (over 10% of our strength), eight adult volunteers...

Snow Dome Venturer 2017

Unit: TS Stirling SCC
Location: UK, Midlands
Date: September 2017
Activities: Skiing
From September 2017 until January 2018 cadets and adult volunteers from TS Stirling Sea Cadets in Birmingham took part in the charity Snow Camp’s ‘First Tracks’ and ‘Graduate’ programmes.  These are the first two of a three phase progressive snow sport programme run by the charity for disadvantaged young people. First...

Congratulations Ice Maidens – First All-Female Team To Cross Antarctica Using Muscle Power Alone

Unit: HAC, RAMC, 37 Sigs
Location: South Pole, Antarctica
Date: November 2017
Activities: Skiing, Trekking, Exploring,
The Ice Maiden Expedition has become the first all-female team to cross the Antarctica continent from coast-to-coast using muscle power alone. The Ulysses Trust is proud to have been a major sponsor for such a challenging and ambitious expedition. After spending 62 days on the ice, the six soldiers crossed the finish line at...

Dragon Venturer Cadet Rock Yosemite 2017

Unit: Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training
Location: Yosmite National Park, USA
Date: August 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Wow, what a trip! I am sitting in the airport at San Francisco, waiting for the flight home, reflecting on the last two weeks. It is hard to know where to start. I could run through the ‘stats’ (everyone climbing between 50 & 60 pitches or 2500 to 3000m of...

Blue Poseidon 2017

Unit: Oxford University Officer Training Corps
Location: Canada
Date: August 2017
Activities: Canoeing
In August 2017 twelve Officer Cadets (OCdts), two instructors and a member of support staff from Oxford University Officer Training Corps (OUOTC) flew to Alberta, Canada for a twelve day open canoeing adventurous training package. The main aim of the expedition was to challenge OCdts, most of which have never...

Ardeche 17

Unit: Essex Wing Air Training Corps
Location: France, Rhone Alpes
Date: August 2017
Activities: Canoeing
In the corner of a quiet Essex pub, ‘three nods’ around the table meant we’d just agreed to run Essex Wing’s first ever overseas paddling expedition. A fantastic journey down the Ardèche River had begun … In the months that followed, routes were chosen, letters of intent sent and a staff team...

Mountain Storm 2017

Unit: Bristol and Gloucestershire wing units : 2146, (S E Bristol) 2002 (Kingswood), 2125 (North Bristol), 2152DF (Downend), 1245(Cirenceseter), 1329 (Stroud) and 649(Dursley)
Location: Canada
Date: July 2017
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
The summer of 2017 saw Royal Air Force Air Cadets from the Bristol and Gloucestershire Wing take on the Canadian Rockies. The self-supported cadet expedition which was the result of two years of planning, fund raising and training was, led by Adult Sgt Edward Smart. It saw 19 cadets & staff...

Tiger Alpine Bull 2017

Unit: 11 infantry brigade and HQ South East
Location: Switzerland
Date: July 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring
The Upper Valais region in Switzerland, with routes up to 3,000 meters altitude and surrounding the magnificent Groesser Aletsch Glacier, was selected for a summer mountaineering expedition, exercise ALPINE BULL, which took place between 24th and 30th July 2017. Twelve personnel with a mixture of background, qualifications, and experience from 11...

Cockney Ice Axe

Unit: London University Officer Training Corps
Location: Swiss Alps
Date: August 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
The aim of the expedition was to introduce Officer Cadets to Alpine mountaineering, including teaching them crevasse rescue techniques and skills for moving on a glacier using ice axe and crampons, and to give them experience of summiting an Alpine peak. There were 11 military participants and one civilian International...

Shamrock Glacier 2017

Unit: 2 R IRISH
Location: Chamonix, France
Date: June 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Introduction On the 16th June 17, myself and a team of mountaineers left Northern Ireland heading to Chamonix, France for what would be one of the most memorial experiences of my life.  Flying into Lyon it was late evening when we arrived in Chamonix. Despite the long journey, seeing the mansion...

HCS Carros de Foc 17

Unit: Hereford Cathedral School CCF
Location: Spanish Pyrenees
Date: July 2017
Activities: Whitewater rafting, canyoning, abseiling
On the 16th of July, after a difficult few weeks of exams and revision, we were all looking forward to an exciting trip, walking a section of the Carros de foc (or Chariots of Fire) which is part of the Aigüestortes mountain range, white water rafting and canyoning, abseiling down...

Channel Islands Challenge 2017

Unit: St Albans Sea Cadets, Hitchin Sea Cadet
Location: England
Date: July 2017
Activities: Sailing
The St Albans sea cadets had planned a sailing trip for 28 cadets and six staff to sail three 72 foot Challenger yachts across to the Channel Islands. This was to take place over six days. Commencing Tuesday 25th July after travelling to Portsmouth by coach, we arrived to meet the...