Latest Expedition Reports

1045 – ‘Northern Geo Adventure’ – France

Unit: 32 Signal Regiment (V)
Location: France
Date: January 2011
Activities: Skiing

If you're craving the kind of excitement you can't get from a nine-to-five job, the Territorial Army could be just what you're looking for.

Members of 32 Signal Regiment (Volunteers) had a taste of that real excitement.

They've left their civilian jobs behind temporarily, to be part of EXERCISE NORTHERN GEO...

1075 – ‘Antarctic Odyssey’ – Antarctica

Unit: HQ ATG(A)
Location: Antarctica
Date: January 2011
Activities: Mountaineering

Expedition ANTARCTIC ODYSSEY 11 was part of a Reserve Forces adventurous training project to climb the '7 Summits' comprising the highest mountain in every continent; a challenge yet to be achieved by any military organisation. The project is jointly patroned by the Duke of Westminster and Sir Chris Bonnington and...

1009 – ‘White Sentinel Tiger’ – Aconcagua, Andes

Unit: 655 Sqn AAC (V)
Location: Aconcagua, Andes
Date: January 2011
Activities: Mountaineering

My love hate relationship with this 4.3 mile high summit started in 2007 whilst still serving as a regular Army Air Corps soldier, 5 years later as a Territorial Army Air Corps soldier and full time mountain guide this pile of ancient rock, scree, ice and snow is still testing...

1051 – ‘Northern Wanderer’ – Norway

Unit: Tayforth University Officer Training Corps
Location: Norway
Date: January 2011
Activities: Ski Touring

Exercise Northern Wanderer conducted by Tayforth University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) was both ambitious and challenging in scale and scope. The exercise took place above Rjukan in the Telemark region of Norway over the period 3rd January to 10th February 2011 and drew Officer Cadets from St Andrews, Dundee, Stirling...

1079 – ‘Canary Gold’ – Canary Islands

Unit: 5 RRF
Location: Canary Islands
Date: January 2011
Activities: Offshore Sailing

After a trouble free flight to Lanzarote, the ten-strong crew arrived at Puerto Calero to embark on HM Sailing Training Vessel KUKRI, a Nicholson 55 cruising yacht, and to meet the Skipper. The first full day was taken up with finding our way around the boat, stowing the mountain of...

1037 – ‘Phoenix Dragon’ – Les Arcs, France

Unit: Overview
Location: Les Arcs, France
Date: January 2011
Activities: Skiing

Like any adventure training trip, the journey out was full of anxious new, and a variety of experienced skiers,  in their seats ready for a long 20 hr coach journey to Les Arcs. All I can say is thank god for a toilet and Capt Ebo playing DJ on the...

1029 – ‘Tiger Karakoram’ – Himachal Pradesh, India

Unit: Oxford University OTC, University of London OTC & 72 Engr Regt
Location: Himachal Pradesh, India
Date: October 2010
Activities: Mountaineering

In early October, eleven of us set off for the Indian Himalayas, with the aim of climbing several previously unclimbed and unnamed mountains around 6000m in height. The team was made up of a broad spread of ranks and units, both TA and regular.

After arrival in Delhi, we picked up...

964 – ‘Jinn Badiya’ – Sultanate Of Oman, Muscat

Unit: 241 Sqn ATC
Location: Sultanate Of Oman, Muscat
Date: October 2010
Activities: Trekking/Other - detail below

Following on from previous successful expeditions run by this unit that were quite technical adventurously, we were in pursuit of a new challenge that would be more accessible to all cadets and provide an exclusive experience out of the everyday for the participants. Oman was selected as our destination for...

905 – ‘Trekking’ – ‘Dragon Venturer Eagle’, Nepal, Khumbu

Unit: Derbyshire ACF
Location: 'Dragon Venturer Eagle', Nepal, Khumbu
Date: October 2010
Activities: Mountaineering


Dragon Venturer Eagle was a trekking and climbing expedition to the Everest region of the Nepalese Himalayas which took place from the 8 to the 28 October 2010 to mark the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Cadet Forces. The Expedition team consisted of 20 Army Cadets...

1026 – ‘Intsail (Tiger)’ – Croatia, Adriatic Sea

Unit: Intelligence Corp
Location: Croatia, Adriatic Sea
Date: October 2010
Activities: Offshore Sailing

Intsail is an annual Intelligence Corps Adventurous Sail Training Exercise open to all Corps personnel as well as non Int Corps personnel working alongside the G2 community. Training objectives are essentially those set out in the RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper syllabus, so the exercise provides an excellent...

1017 – ‘Mulberry Paddle’ – Alberta

Unit: 165 Port Regt RLC(V)
Location: Alberta
Date: September 2010
Activities: Canoeing
On the 18th Sept 10, 10 personnel from 165 Port Regt and 2 personnel from 17 Port and Maritime Regt departed from Heathrow to Edmonton in Alberta, Canada for expedition Mulberry Paddle. After the eight hour flight, we were met by Lt Lisa Bayduza, Commanding officer of 2995 Lac La...

1019 – ‘Western Stretch’ – Devon

Unit: 7TH Battalion The Rifles
Location: Devon
Date: September 2010
Activities: Multi-activity
7 Battalion The Rifles deployed on their Annual Training Period to Oakhampton camp for 2 weeks on 10th Sep to consolidate and confirm training that had been taking place throughout the year. In order to give the soldiers some much needed R&R from the mainly range based activities, it was...

1021 – ‘Venturer Red Tiger’ – Spain, Los Picos National Park

Unit: Bristol, Devon, Glamorgan and Somerset ACFs
Location: Spain, Los Picos National Park
Date: September 2010
Activities: Multi

For the 13th successive year, Major David Waterworth, Devon ACF's Cadet Executive Officer, organised and ran an Adventure Training expedition to the Los Picos Mountains of Northern Spain. Once again the Ulysses Trust awarded a very generous grant which kept the cost to the individual Cadets and Adult Instructors...

1023 – ‘Wandering Wyverns’ – Devon

Unit: 155 (Wessex) Transport Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps (Volunteers)
Location: Devon
Date: September 2010
Activities: Trekking
A group of 14 intrepid adventurers deployed to the most northerly point of the North Devon coast on Saturday 25 September 2010. With the sun shining and our spirits high, we were all excitedly looking forward to finding out what the coming days and 120 miles would bring. Starting off at...

1025 – ‘499 Padi’ – Spain – Alicante

Unit: 499 Port Talbot Squadron ATC
Location: Spain - Alicante
Date: September 2010
Activities: Diving

Dive One:

Dive One:

Our first dive consisted of becoming familiar with all the diving apparatus and diving techniques. The previous day we had been issued with all our equipment to save time so we could have more time in the water. Also our dive instructor gave us an overview...

1016 – ‘Cockney Grande Randonee’ – Mont Blanc Tour

Unit: 256 (City of London) Field Hospital
Location: Mont Blanc Tour
Date: August 2010
Activities: Mountaineering

In September 2010 256 Field hospital (volunteers) deployed a group of seven on an expedition of the Mont Blanc mountain range, a famous long distance trek at altitude. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe (4807m), the mountain range has 400 summits, more than 40 glaciers, and crosses...

994 – ‘Northern Icelandic Venturer’ – Iceland

Unit: Queen Ethelburgas College CCF
Location: Iceland
Date: August 2010
Activities: Mountaineering

An Icelandic proverb: If you don't like the weather, wait a minute! After a couple of hours' kip on the floor of Stansted Airport and an uneventful flight to Keflavik, five cadets and three staff from Queen Ethelburga's College CCF set up their first camp in Reykjavik at the...

957 – ‘Norway Challenge’ – North Sea

Unit: HQ Air Cadets.
Location: North Sea
Date: August 2010
Activities: Offshore Sailing

On the 6th August 2010 eleven cadets and two staff joined the Ocean Youth Trust (OYT) Scotland challenge vessel 'Alba Endeavour' for the start of an exciting adventure which would take them across the North Sea into the Fjords of Norway and back through stormy conditions to Edinburgh.

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