Latest Expedition Reports

996 – ‘Northern Cutlers Challenge’ – Dolomites, Italy

Unit: Sheffield OTC
Location: Dolomites, Italy
Date: August 2010
Activities: Mountaineering
Between August 3rd and August 12th, Sheffield UOTC took 16 intrepid Officer Cadets to Cortina d'Ampezzo, in the midst of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. The purpose of this expedition was to introduce the group to the climbing methods of via ferratta, where one climbs up the side of a...

997 – ‘Dragon Venturer Ecrin’ – France

Location: France
Date: August 2010
Activities: Mountaineering

Every Leader knows that an expedition never entirely unfolds according to the plan and that the inevitable curved ball or two is to be expected. Co-ordinating two expeditions travelling to France on the same day with a multitude of pick up points collecting eighteen canoeists and ten mountaineers on route...

967 – ‘Cockney Oceanic’ – UK to Portugal

Unit: University Of London OTC
Location: UK to Portugal
Date: August 2010
Activities: Offshore Sailing

Cockney Oceanic was a Sailing Expedition with the ULOTC on a Nicholson 55 that took place in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, France, Bay of Biscay, Spain and Portugal from 27 August to 24 September 2010.

Divided into two legs, it saw 22 participants in total; 4 Skippers and 18...

1022 – ‘Dolpo 10’ – Nepal, Upper Dolpo Region

Unit: HQ Air Cadets
Location: Nepal, Upper Dolpo Region
Date: August 2010
Activities: Trekking

In September 2010, four adult staff and a 19 year old cadet of the Air Training Corps, all experienced and strong walkers, embarked on a 14 day trek through Upper Dolpa, Nepal; a very remote, sparsely populated, poor, culturally Tibetan Himalayan region; the route included three passes above 5000...

969 – ‘Dragon Salty Spray’ – UK, France

Unit: East Midlands UOTC
Location: UK, France
Date: August 2010
Activities: Offshore Sailing

Monday 2nd August Crew collected foul weather clothing - oillies and willies, and further safety briefings were conducted. In the afternoon we practiced coming-alongside drills in the marina and set off into the Solent for some sail training, practising man-overboard drills and tacking the boat. Sailed down the Solent to...

1001 – ‘Lung Buster’ – Alps, Haute Route

Unit: Oxford University Air Squadron
Location: Alps - Haute Route
Date: August 2010
Activities: Mountaineering
The weather and views were stunning, and the long walk provided an excellent opportunity to acclimate ourselves to our ice gear and to practice the principles that would keep us safe while journeying across ice and crevasses for the duration of the trip. The gradual ascent became quite steep as...

‘Freedom Drift’ – Solent

Unit: Bristol University Officers Training Corps
Location: Solent
Date: August 2010
Activities: Sailing
On the 2-8th August Bristol University Officers Training Corp was fortunate to send twelve Officer Cadets yacht sailing in the Solent area on the south coast. The weather was excellent and the Solent was full to bursting with crafts of all types hoping to enjoy the festival of Cowes week....

917 – ‘Belize’ – Belize

Unit: Sutton Valence CCF
Location: Belize
Date: July 2010
Activities: Trekking

On 9th July seventeen cadets, two school staff and two regular soldiers – Dins and Glyn, left Heathrow for Belize, via a stopover in Houston. On arrival in Houston a quick stop by the hotel and then off to see a baseball game – a very overrated experience. The following...

989 – ‘Northern Mountain Warrior III’ – Bavaria, Tyrol

Unit: Liverpool University OTC
Location: Bavaria, Tyrol
Date: July 2010
Activities: Mountaineering /Trekking

Liverpool UOTC's 2010 annual climbing trip began by setting up camp on the Edelweiss Lodge Wilderness Campground in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Day one brought a beautiful sunrise and glorious sunshine as the group set off climbing at a crag approximately 30 minutes drive away from base camp. The instructors went through all the...

919 – ‘Tiger Splash 3 Venturer’ – Red Sea

Unit: Surrey ACF
Location: Red Sea
Date: July 2010
Activities: Diving

Following months of planning, training and fund raising, the time had finally come to begin the final phase of this expedition. During the build up to the expedition cadets had raised sponsorship through bag-packing, a 24 hour sponsored swim and approaching local businesses to seek donations. The cadets themselves took...

1015 – ‘Alps’ – Switzerland, Valais

Unit: 1034 (Surbiton) Sqn ATC
Location: Switzerland, Valais
Date: July 2010
Activities: Trekking

The Expedition started with 4 cadets and 2 staff being driven early in the morning to Gatwick airport en route for Geneva. A delayed flight led to a small panic with trains and buses but eventually the group arrived at the campsite at Bonatchiesse high up in the Val...

920 – ‘Cadet 150 Lesotho’ – Lesotho

Unit: HQ LF Cadets
Location: Lesotho
Date: July 2010
Activities: Trekking


On 25 July 2010, 59 cadets from the three services, accompanied by 10 adult staff, a doctor and a Media Ops man, set out for Lesotho on a major adventurous training exercise as part of the Cadet 150 celebrations, returning home on 18 August. The expedition provided a challenging and...

926 – ‘Ace Canada’ – Ontario

Unit: Pate's Grammar School CCF
Location: Ontario
Date: July 2010
Activities: Canoeing


This Expedition was put together as part of the Cadet 150 celebrations. The aim of the Expedition was to complete an arduous and adventurous canoe journey circumnavigating Algonquin Provincial Park, delivering JSAT and BCU qualifications as part of the journey and to give adult instructors the experience they need to...

930 – ‘Canford Alpine Venturer Tiger’ – France

Unit: Canford School CCF
Location: France
Date: July 2010
Activities: Mountaineering

Monte Bianco – A New Venture

This summer, twelve cadets from the Canford School CCF linked up with the Italian Alpine Regiment in Perenni Barracks, Courmayeur, to conduct some Alpine climbing. The task was clear enough: twelve cadets and two members of staff guided by Bill Billingsley from the Royal...

972 – ‘Cockney Blue Calypso’ – Malta & Gozo

Unit: UL OTC
Location: Malta & Gozo
Date: July 2010
Activities: Diving

Cockney Blue Calypso was a Scuba Diving expedition with the ULOTC that took place in Gozo from 11 - 22 July 2010. It consisted of 29 students and 5 instructors. We were divided into two groups for the duration of the expedition; the novices, who would be undertaking the British...

1003 – ‘(Tiger) Shrivenham Bethesda’ – Snowdonia

Unit: Taurus Sqn, DTUS
Location: Snowdonia
Date: July 2010
Activities: Canoeing/Mountaineering (Summer)

(TIGER) SHRIVENHAM TAURUS BETHESDA was an 8 day multi-activity expedition to Snowdonia for members of the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS). Adventurous Training is a big part of what DTUS delivers as it provides an ideal vehicle to maintain interest in Service life and to develop leadership and physical attributes.


979 – ‘UK Coast to Coast’ – East Coast to West Coast

Unit: 211 (Newbury) Sqn ATC
Location: East Coast to West Coast
Date: July 2010
Activities: Trekking

Newbury Air Cadets walk from Coast to Coast - 192 miles covered in an epic 8 day feat of endurance Cadets from 211 (Newbury) Squadron, Air Training Corps recently took part in an expedition of great stamina and fortitude; walking from St Bee's Head to Robin Hoods Bay along...

1004 – ‘Freedom Tiger’ – Pyrenees, France

Unit: Bristol UOTC
Location: Pyrenees, France
Date: July 2010
Activities: Mountaineering

Twenty-three personnel from Bristol UOTC took part in Freedom Tiger, following "Le Chemin de La Liberte" or the Freedom Trail, through the Pyrenees.

The convoy, consisting of two combivans and a minibus, left Bristol to catch the Portsmouth to Caen ferry, followed by a very long drive to St...