Grant Applications

It is important that those considering applying to the Ulysses Trust for a grant should read this entire section of our website to understand whether you are eligible, the criteria that our Grant Applications Committee apply in considering applications, and what we expect from you in return for our support. This will help you present the best possible case for a grant, using our online application process.

We well understand the value of early or speedy responses to requests for funds when planning an expedition. We aim to respond quickly, and complying with the criteria and process outlined in this section will assist that.

Part 1 – Applying For A Grant – General Guidance – including the purpose of the Trust, basic eligibility criteria for a Ulysses Trust grant, what levels of grants we typically provide, and how to make an application;

Part 2 – Conditions of Grants – what we expect from your unit in return for our support;

Part 3 – How Grant Applicants Can Help The Ulysses Trust – help us to help you;

Part 4 – Advice to Units Applying For A Ulysses Trust Grant – including criteria for financial support and what factors we take into account when considering applications;

Part 5 – The Applications Process – how the process works;

Grant Application Form – make an online application

Expedition Reports – guidance for writing a good expedition report upon your return from your expedition.

Alternatively, you can view the guidance notes in PDF format here – Applying for a Grant – General Guidance Updated Oct 2019. To save them onto your computer, right click on the file link and select the Save option.

For expedition or application enquiries, or to suggest how our support, and the process of applying for it, can be improved, please contact:

The Ulysses Trust Hon Operations Director
Squadron Leader Kev O’Brien FRGS RAF (Operations Director)
Tel: 07968 861 271 (if you are transferred to voicemail, please leave an answerphone message with a contact number)
E-Mail: [email protected]