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For all new applications, please complete the following form.  If you are visiting to amend or view a previous grant application, you can bypass this form by selecting from one of the options at the foot of this page.

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Make sure you enter your Unit Email Address correctly on the application form! You will be notified of the progress of the Application by email, so if the address is wrong, you will not hear anything. You should receive an email immediately the Application is verified – if not, please contact the Hon Operations Director (tel: 0208 409 0255).

Other Application Functions

Click this button to view any prior applications you have made. You will need to enter the application ID and contact email address

Click this button if you have been asked to resubmit your application by the Operations Director.  You will need to enter the original application ID and contact email address.

Click this button to retrieve a saved application. You can continue to edit it and submit it when complete. You will need to enter the 8 character ID given when it was saved.