Part 2 – Conditions of Grants

There are certain minimal conditions to grants. These are in order to:

  • Demonstrate to the Trust’s benefactors what is achieved with their support, and therefore to our ability to continue and grow our support for units in the future.
  • Enhance the public esteem of Reserve and Cadet Forces.
  • Encourage greater expedition activity through sharing of experience and knowledge.
  • To satisfy the audit requirements of the Charities Commission that donations are put to best effect.

In accepting a grant from The Ulysses Trust, therefore, units agree to the following conditions:

Applicants should note that, in allocating a grant, The Ulysses Trust is unable to make any judgement on the risk management and safety aspects of an expedition, and accepts no responsibility for these or any other liabilities that might attach to the expedition. These remain the responsibility of the applicant/organiser of the activity and any approval authority.

Provision of an Expedition Report
Reports and pictures of completed expeditions are vital to the Trust, are an absolute condition of receiving a grant, and are required within 28 days of returning from the expedition. They are published on the trust’s website and may be used for other publicity purposes, so should comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Acts and Copyright Law. Click here for our Guide To Expedition Report Writing.

Outcome Measurement Surveys

Units sponsoring an expedition are required to complete a short survey on outcomes from their expedition in respect of benefits to the unit, benefits to individuals, and support provided by The Ulysses Trust. Expedition Leaders are requested to bear this in mind when undertaking the expedition.

Publicity and Social Media
It is a condition of any grant that all successful applicants will publicise the support given to them by The Ulysses Trust both within print and online. This publicity is essential for generating future financial support for the Trust. Details of how this publicity will be organised are required on the Application Form. Feedback on the outcomes of any supported project is also expected from beneficiaries. Online publicity should be accompanied by links to The Ulysses Trust website at Expeditions should also copy The Ulysses Trust into their social media activities:

Following the Trust on these accounts would also be helpful to further raise our visibility.

Joint Promotion of Expeditions
The Ulysses Trust works closely with a number of other charities, such as the Nuffield Trust for the Forces of the Crown and the RAF Charitable Trust in supporting expeditions. Sponsoring Units and Expedition Participants should also be prepared, before and after the expedition, to meet reasonable requests to help promote these, The Ulysses Trust and Reserve and Cadet Forces. This might take the form of a Presentation or if you have a good story to tell cooperating in the production of PR material. Where an expedition or project involves an element of voluntary social action or community work at home or abroad, units might also be requested to help promote the #iwill campaign.

Expedition Procurement
The Ulysses Trust is registered with ‘Give As You Live,’ an on-line shopping gateway which contributes a percentage of all purchases made through the gateway to the purchasers nominated charity. Expedition leaders can help other grant applicants in future, by using this gateway for expedition procurement of travel, equipment insurance etc where possible. Click here to visit Give As You Live and help us to help you.

The Prince of Wales’s Annual Best Expedition Awards Scheme
The Ulysses Trust presents The Prince of Wales’s awards for the VR, UOTC and Cadet expedition each year which the Trustees consider best achieved the underlying objectives of the Trust. Trustees base their judgement primarily on the Expedition Report and accompanying imagery, and entry is automatic on its receipt. It’s a great way to raise the profile of your unit, so follow up a good expedition with a good report!

What More Can You Do For The Ulysses Trust?
The Trust needs to raise funds year-by-year in order to provide grants to expeditions. In addition to the basic conditions of a grant, we ask recipients to make unit and expedition members aware of the help received from The Ulysses Trust, and promote ways in which their friends and families can help the Trust help others. The next section briefly explores what you can do for us.

Click here for Part 3 – How Grant Applicants Can Help The Ulysses Trust