Expedition Report Writing – Guidance Notes

Reports are vital to the Trust, and providing us with an Expedition Report is a condition of any grant. The report is to be identified by the UT Expedition Grant number, and submitted  as an email attachment to the Report Reviewer ([email protected]) not later than 28 days after completion of the expedition.

The report will be used for publicity purposes, the public face of your expedition, so should:

  • Describe how individuals, your group and unit have benefitted from the experience, particularly in the context of the objectives of the Ulysses Trust. What difference has the experience made? Give examples and quotes. This is the most important part of your report, and explains to readers the true value of the expedition.(In the case of Cadet expeditions, also consider input from teachers and parents).
  • Be succinct, informative and engaging as it will be published on the Ulysses Trust website.
  • Be written by a member of the expedition in a journalistic style avoiding service format, abbreviations and jargon. Assume that readers have no prior knowledge about your expedition.
  • Outline objectives, location: dates, participating unit(s), and numbers participating.
  • Explain the challenges that particular individuals and the group faced, highlighting key achievements and interesting incidents. Strong individual stories and quotes are invariably of interest and help bring the report to life
  • Please highlight any individual stories that we could follow-up as a case study to attract/secure future funding. We are particularly interested in Cadets who face disadvantage and have benefitted from the expedition experience.
  • Be supported by pictures, to bring the report to life.  There should be at least 4 (preferably more) sharp action photographs, with captions explaining what is going on, and including one group shot.  Remember: faces bring photos to life. They should be high definition and preferably accompany the report as attached image files (NOT embedded in an email or the report).
  • Video is also encouraged, preferably uploaded to YouTube, with the link to it included in your report. Alternatively the video can be burned onto DVD and delivered by post.

Any questions on format or requests for further guidance should be emailed to the Report Reviewer before the report is submitted.

Failure to submit an appropriate report could affect the response to future grant applications.

All reports and photographs received on time are entered into the annual competition to recognise the best VR, Cadet and UOTC expedition.


  1. As reports will be used by the Trust for publicity purposes, to comply with the Data Protection Acts and Copyright Law, you should ensure that individuals featuring in a report are content to be identifiable, parent/guardian/local authority consent given (if relevant), and that those taking photographs are content for them to be used unless they have assigned copyright to the expedition. This will be assumed by The Ulysses Trust, unless advised otherwise.
  2. The Trust also welcomes other material for publicity purposes, such as video diaries, journal or other work which may have formed part of the expedition objectives.