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Snow Cub 6 2019

Unit: Shropshire ACF
Location: Germany, Baveria
Date: March 2019
Activities: Skiing
Overview The aim of Ex Snow Cub 6 was to create a challenging and arduous expedition on the Mountainous areas covering the Germany and Austrian border, The mandatory lectures on weather and winter mountain hazards were put into practice as the ski runs were made even more challenging due to fresh...

Dragon Venturer Cadet Norice 2019

Unit: Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training
Location: Rjukan, Norway
Date: February 2019
Activities: Climbing
Ice Climbing Foundation Course A 6-day journey of challenge and adventure by a mixed team of four Senior Cadets and four Cadet Adult instructors. Arrived safe and well in Rjukan after a very long day travelling. The emotional journey first starts when the application form has been submitted by the Cadet Unit which...

Cadet Snow Finn 2019

Unit: 2nd NI BN ACF
Location: Bulgaria Pomoprovo
Date: February 2019
Activities: Skiing
On the 3 February 2019, 22 Cadets and 8 adults (4 of which were instructors) departed on an 8 day alpine skiing expedition to Pamporovo, Bulgaria. Many of the cadets attending had never skied before, therefore this prospect would act as a window of opportunity to allow cadets to learn...

Dragon Venturer Cadet Norski 2019

Unit: Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training
Location: Kvitåvatn, Norway
Date: February 2019
Activities: Skiing
A 6-day journey of discovery and new experiences by a mixed team of eight Senior Cadets and Cadet Adult instructors who were all Nordic skiing novices out on the snow making memories. A long journey from UK to Oslo Airport in Norway followed by 4-hour drive culminated in our arrival on...

Ski Cadet 2019 

Unit: A Troop RA, Glasgow & Lanarkshire Bn ACF
Location: France, Alpe d'Huez
Date: January 2019
Activities: Skiing
A Troop Royal Artillery Glasgow & Lanarkshire Battalion ACF Downhill Skiing, Alpe d’Huez, France January 2019 The record-breaking heat of summer 2018 was a hazy memory at 0430 hrs on Saturday 5 January 2019. 30 Cadets and 10 CFAVs of Glasgow & Lanarkshire Bn AFC gathered to reap the reward of 12 frenetic...

Altea Dragon Venturer 2018

Unit: Staffordshire and West Midlands North Sector ACF
Location: Costa Blanca, Spain
Date: October 2018
Activities: Climbing, Mountain Biking
Staffordshire and West Midlands (NS) Army Cadet Force deployed a 21 strong expedition to Altea, Costa Blanca, Spain to conduct mountain biking and rock-climbing activities. Sat 27 Oct. Exercise participants arrived at MOD Stafford at a blurry eyed 0130hrs on Saturday morning, after checking documentation, equipment and luggage weights we departed...

BE 2

Unit: Buckinghamshire Army Cadet Force
Location: Germany, Bavaria Alps
Date: May 2018
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
10 Cadets from Bucks supported by four Adult Volunteers experienced on an amazing mountain walking week in the Bavarian Alps. The first day started very slowly with the cadets exploring the local town, finishing the day with a cable car ride to the top of the Zugspitze the highest mountain...

Ardeche Gold 2018

Unit: Derbyshire ACF
Location: Ardeche, France
Date: August 2018
Activities: Canoeing
On the 24th August 2018, Derbyshire Army Cadet Force set out for their first overseas canoeing expedition, lasting until September 2nd. I would firstly like to thank the Ulysses Trust for their funding help and making this incredible experience happen, giving us the opportunity to test new waters (literally) and an...

Cockney Venturer Novice 9 2018

Unit: Greater London South East Sector ACF
Location: Snowdonia
Date: June 2018
Activities: Canoeing
Forty three cadets aged between 13 and 17 years from South East London Army Cadet Force spend the half term break 26 May to 2 June 2018 in Snowdonia North Wales as part of an adventurous training package aimed at pushing young people out of their inner-city comfort zone to...

Atlantic Trident 2017

Unit: Oxfordshire ACF, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Date: December 2017
Activities: Ocean Rowing
Between 14 Dec 17 and 20 Jan 18, Capt Jon Armstrong RGR and military amputee LCpl Jordan Beecher PARA rowed 2,550 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean as Row2Recovery. The pair endured storms, physical and mental hardship and capsizing to set a new World Record for the fastest pairs crossing...

Bavarian Explorer 2017

Unit: Buckinghamshire Army Cadet Force
Location: Bavarian Alps, Germany
Date: April 2017
Activities: Trekking, Exploring.
During the Easter break 2017 nine ACF Cadets, supported by 4 Adults all from Bucks ACF completed a week long exploration of the Bavarian Alps. Based out of Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria the expedition aimed to introduce cadets to trekking and enhance their leadership skills by exposing them to challenging routes.  Additionally...

Dragon Venturer Snow Cub 5

Unit: Shropshire ACF
Location: Germany Bavaria
Date: March 2018
Activities: Skiing
The aim of the Exercise was to take Army Cadets to Bavaria for a progressive Adventure Training programme using the medium of alpine skiing.  It was planned to the UKCC Snow Sports Snow Life Awards Course.  This was supported with elements of snow/mountain survival lectures including weather and mountain hazards....

Cadet Snow Finn 18

Unit: 2nd Northern Ireland Bn ACF
Location: Bosnia Herzgovinia, Mount Jahorino Sarajevo
Date: February 2018
Activities: Skiing
Our journey to Bosnia and Herzegovina was an experience in itself. We arrived at Kinnegar late Friday evening and traveled through the night, driving to Dublin by coach, before flying via Munich and Vienna and then getting on a final flight to arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Next we made...

Dragon Venturer Canice 18

Unit: Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training
Location: Banff, Canada
Date: February 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing.
Each day is a summation of the thoughts of the individual climbers (6 x male CFAVs) Canmore Junkyards - Grade 2 Single Pitch It’s hard to believe that we are in Canada standing below an icefall and our introduction to ice climbing.  I was intimidated about the levels of experience amongst the...

Dragon Venturer Canski 2018

Unit: Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training
Location: Banff, Canada
Date: February 2018
Activities: Skiing
The trip started with 10 strangers (8 x CFAVs (6 x male & 2 x female) and 2 x female Senior Cadets) meeting at Heathrow airport after traveling from all parts of the country.  Despite a few problems with the trains we checked in as a group on time and...

Simba’s Sun

Unit: Cumbria ACF
Location: Cyprus
Date: May 2017
Activities: Canoeing/Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring/Other, Multi
Cumbria ACF is a leading youth training organisation based in the North-West of the England, delivering a programme of challenging military, adventurous and leadership training to young men and women aged from 12 to 17. In May 2017, we took 35 cadets (over 10% of our strength), eight adult volunteers...