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Exercise Atlantic Endeavour – Cambridge University Air Squadron

Unit: Cambridge University Air Squadron
Location: Ascension Island
Date: March 2014
Activities: Diving
Atlantic Endeavour was a SCUBA diving adventurous training expedition to Ascension Island in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean. The goal was to develop individual courage and leadership and to provide BSAC training for six prospective ocean divers, two sports divers, one dive leader and one advanced diver, including boat handling skills for...

Ex Dragon Valetta 30 Nov – 10 Dec 2013

Unit: 143X and 49X
Location: Malta
Date: November 2013
Activities: Rock Climbing
In the first week of December I was fortunate enough to attend adventure training Exercise DRAGON VALETTA in Malta with personnel from 143 (West Midlands) Brigade.  Malta is a beautiful island pushing it’s way up from the Mediterranean, with some great opportunities for both rock climbing and open water diving...