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Ex Norwegian Troll 2 Caldeian Adventure – Calday Grange CCF

Unit: Calday Grange Grammar School CCF
Location: Norway – Hovden, Aust-Agder
Date: February 2017
Activities: Skiing
5 years ago, ‘someone’ suggested it would be a fantastic idea to take Calday Grange CCF Cadets to Norway for a ‘bit of Adventure Training’, 2 years later it happened, and who could have predicted how successful it would have been? Certainly the constant questions from cadets about whether there’d...

Operation Venturer Tarik – Calday Grange CCF (RN Section)

Unit: Calday Grange CCF Royal Navy Section
Location: Gibraltar
Date: October 2016
Activities: Watersports
Between 21 and 28 October 2016, nineteen Royal Navy CCF cadets (10 male and 9 female) and three staff members from Calday Grange Grammar School (Wirral, Merseyside) travelled to Gibraltar for an adventure training expedition. The expedition name comes from the MOD requirements that cadet expeds should include the word Venturer. ...