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Cockney Skadi – 3 Military Intelligence Battalion

Unit: 3 MI Bn
Location: France, Vanoise National Park
Date: January 2017
Activities: Skiing, bobsleigh
One of the more nuanced elements of military training to explain to the civilian employers of the officers and soldiers of 3 Military Intelligence Battalion (3 MI Bn), is the notion of “adventurous training”. This is particularly the case when this involves skiing! What may seem on the surface to be...

Ex Snowfox 2016 – First Aid Nursing Yeomanry

Unit: First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps)
Location: France, Val D'Isere
Date: January 2016
Activities: Skiing
From 03 – 10 January 2016 the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) kicked off their adventurous training year by taking part in Exercise (ALPINE) SNOW FOX XXI in Val D’Isère, France. Ex Snow Fox is the pan-Yeomanry Alpine Skiing Championship which aims to promote fitness, physical agility, teamwork and leadership....

Expedition Peninsular Cadet – Oakham School Combined Cadet Force

Unit: Oakham School CCF
Location: Sierra de Gredos
Date: August 2015
Activities: Trekking, Community Work
Early on 11th August, 17 cadets from Oakham School CCF departed on an expedition which was to combine an appreciation of two battlefield sites from the Peninsular Campaign with a challenging trek across the Sierra de Gredos mountains of central Spain. The journey took in a 24-hour ferry crossing between...

Pyrenees Trekking Expedition 2015 – 234 (City of Durham) Sqn ATC

Unit: 234 (City of Durham) Squadron ATC
Location: France - Pyrenees
Date: August 2015
Activities: Trekking
A team of 12 Air Cadets and 3 staff from 234 (City of Durham) Squadron have returned from the challenge of a lifetime, trekking in the French Pyrenees and summiting the mighty Pic du Canigou. It had taken 15 months of planning, fundraising and training, so when the Cadets arrived at...

Exercise Northern Alpinista – Leeds University Officers’ Training Corps

Unit: Leeds University Officers' Training Corps
Location: Spain (Northern Pyrenees)
Date: July 2015
Activities: Trekking, Mountaineering
Exercise Northern Alpinista consisted of a two week mountaineering expedition to the Benasque valley region within the Spanish Pyrenees.  The expedition took place during July 2015 and was supported by 15 Officer Cadets (OCdts) from Leeds University Officers Training Corps and Regular and Reserve Forces instructors and staff.  The location...

Operation Vertex – 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron ATC
Location: Pyrenees, France
Date: August 2015
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
It’s one of the toughest summits to reach in the Pyrenees. At a mighty 2784m above sea level combined with a 20m final sharp ascent, stunning views and a test of nerve, few mountains can rival the excitement of the Pic du Canigou in southern France. After 15 months of planning...

‘Tour du Mont Blanc 2015’ – First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps)

Unit: First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps)
Location: Italy, Switzerland and France. The Mont Blanc Massif
Date: June 2015
Activities: Trekking
The Tour de Mont Blanc is one of the most popular long-distance walking routes in the world, traversing through France, Switzerland and Italy as it circumnavigates the immense Mont Blanc massif, the highest mountain in Europe. The full distance is usually walked in 10 days; due to work and time...

Exercise Mercantour 2015 – HQ Air Cadets

Unit: HQ Air Cadets
Location: Mercantour National Park Alpes-Maritimes France
Date: June 2015
Activities: Trekking
The overall aim of the expedition was designed to introduce and develop overseas leadership skills for adult volunteer staff by participation in a real 'expedition situation' where they are the participants. Each day was spent in the mountains developing technical, journeying and leadership skills in a demanding high alpine environment. The...

Exercise Northern Ypres Paccard – 75 Engineer Regiment

Unit: 75 Engineer Regiment
Location: France, Italy and Switzerland in the Mont Blanc Region
Date: June 2015
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
A “Very Polite” Walk in the Alps – Reservists on the Tour du Mont Blanc. By Sapper Kimberly Gee and Sapper Kofi Steele (Reservists with 75 Engineer Regiment, currently studying at Manchester Metropolitan University) When presented with the opportunity to attend Ex Northern Ypres Paccard, trekking the Northern half of the Tour...

Exercise Alpine Adventure 2015 – Northumbria Army Cadet Force

Unit: Northumbria ACF
Location: Serre Chevalier, France
Date: March 2015
Activities: Skiing
Between the 27th March and 5th April 33 cadets and 13 Adults from Northumbria ACF travelled to Serre Chevalier in the French Alps for weeks Alpine Skiing. This was the first venture of this size to be undertaken by Northumbria ACF. The Exercise was designed to give the cadets the opportunity...

Ex Valais Eagle 2014 – 144 Para Med Sqn, 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp RE

Unit: 16 Medical Regiment & 170 (Infra Sp) Engineer Group
Location: Valais, Switzland
Date: April 2014
Activities: Ski racing
Valais, organised by the Swiss Military every two years. Teams of three depart Zermatt and race to Verbier, a distance of 53km (110km actual snow distance) and ascend a total of 4000m. The Swiss Army organised the first military patrol in 1943 to test the abilities of its soldiers.  The...

Operation Vertex – 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 2344 (Longbenton) Sqn ATC
Location: France, Pyrenees, Sahorre
Date: August 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
A team of nine cadets and staff from 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron have succeeded in climbing their first foreign peak – the Pic Du Canigou in France. Flight Lieutenant Will Close-Ash, who famously assisted in rescuing a group of Belgian climbers on the peak in 2008, was leading the team. The group...

Exercise Dragon Pyrenees Pursuit – Birmingham UOTC

Unit: Birmingham UOTC
Location: France
Date: July 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
This expedition was held between the 21st and 31st of July. It was a Summer Alpine Mountaineering Expedition, which its main aim was to complete a section of the GR10, a well renowned French hiking route. The GR10 follows the Pyrenean mountain range, which is situated between the French and...

Ex Northern Alpenglow 2014 – Glasgow & Strathclyde UOTC

Location: France, Italy & Switzerland. Northern Alps.
Date: June 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Alpine)
An expedition has 3 components: Plan, Do, Recover…Fantasise, Criticise, Romanticise!. "We’ve climbed Mt Kenya…what next?”. That was the challenge posed by the Commanding Officer on our return from Kenya in 2013. The European Alps were closer and Mt Blanc the highest in western Europe at 4808m was a perfect ideal. The long...

Ex Ibex EMU (Dragon) 2014 – East Midlands UOTC

Unit: East Midlands UOTC
Location: Switzerland and France
Date: July 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Alpine)
Exercise Ibex EMU was a mountaineering expedition that ran for 19 days from the 14th July – 1st August. It took place in Saas Grund, Switzerland and Chamonix, France. The main effort of the expedition was to summit Mont Blanc. Our unit had attempted to do this previously but had...

Exercise Somme Dragon IX – HQ Clwyd & Gwynedd Army Cadet Force

Unit: Rossett Platoon, HQ Clwyd & Gwynedd Army Cadet Force
Location: Somme, France & Ypres, Belgium
Date: June 2014
Activities: Trekking
Exercise Somme Dragon IX, generously supported by the Ulysses Trust and the Berlin Infantry Brigade Military Trust Fund, deployed for France on the 28th of June.  Led by Capt Mervyn Jones, Platoon Commander Rossett Platoon, Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF, 32 Cadets from Albuhera Coy aimed to honour those who made...