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Ex Norwegian Troll 2 Caldeian Adventure – Calday Grange CCF

Unit: Calday Grange Grammar School CCF
Location: Norway – Hovden, Aust-Agder
Date: February 2017
Activities: Skiing
5 years ago, ‘someone’ suggested it would be a fantastic idea to take Calday Grange CCF Cadets to Norway for a ‘bit of Adventure Training’, 2 years later it happened, and who could have predicted how successful it would have been? Certainly the constant questions from cadets about whether there’d...

Ex Cadet Ice 2016 – Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training

Unit: Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training
Location: Rjukan, Norway
Date: February 2016
Activities: Ice climbing
Six days of challenge and adventure by a mixed team of four Senior Cadets and two Cadet Adult instructors. Arrived safe and well in Rjukan after a very long day travelling. Lower Gorge My first step into ice climbing on steep ground today was awesome, it really took my climbing back...

Ex Swiss Adventure 2014 – 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn & 461 (Chichester) Sqn ATC

Unit: 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn & 461 (Chichester) Sqn ATC
Location: Swiss Alps (Interlaken and surrounds)
Date: July 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer), Trekking, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting
12 cadets and staff from 461 (Chichester) and 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn’s ATC have just returned from a 12 expedition to Switzerland, made possible from a year’s hard fund raising and planning, including lots of generous donations notably the Ulysses Trust and RAF Charitable Trust. The group took the decision to travel...

Exercise Norwegian Troll 2014 – Calday Grange Grammar School CCF

Unit: Calday Grange Grammar School CCF
Location: Hovden, Setesdal, Norway
Date: February 2014
Activities: Cross country skiing, dog sledding, ice climbing, nordic skiing
2 years ago, when the expedition was first suggested, it all seemed so distant. But at 3:30am (yes!) Friday morning, our adventure starts. A night sleeping on the school gym floor might not have been quite what was originally expected, but it certainly helped us test some of the equipment...

1414 – ‘Cadet Ice’ – Rjukan, Telemark, Norway

Unit: Cadet Centre for AT
Location: Rjukan, Telemark, Norway
Date: March 2013
Activities: Mountaineering (Winter)
The Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT) once again based its annual ice climbing course in Rjukan, Norway during the period 9-16 March 2013. The eight students on the course were a mixed bunch consisting of four complete novices (one male Cadet, one female PI and two Cadet Adult Instructors) and...