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Pyrenees Trekking Expedition 2015 – 234 (City of Durham) Sqn ATC

Unit: 234 (City of Durham) Squadron ATC
Location: France - Pyrenees
Date: August 2015
Activities: Trekking
A team of 12 Air Cadets and 3 staff from 234 (City of Durham) Squadron have returned from the challenge of a lifetime, trekking in the French Pyrenees and summiting the mighty Pic du Canigou. It had taken 15 months of planning, fundraising and training, so when the Cadets arrived at...

Operation Vertex – 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron ATC
Location: Pyrenees, France
Date: August 2015
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
It’s one of the toughest summits to reach in the Pyrenees. At a mighty 2784m above sea level combined with a 20m final sharp ascent, stunning views and a test of nerve, few mountains can rival the excitement of the Pic du Canigou in southern France. After 15 months of planning...

Operation Vertex – 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 2344 (Longbenton) Sqn ATC
Location: France, Pyrenees, Sahorre
Date: August 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
A team of nine cadets and staff from 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron have succeeded in climbing their first foreign peak – the Pic Du Canigou in France. Flight Lieutenant Will Close-Ash, who famously assisted in rescuing a group of Belgian climbers on the peak in 2008, was leading the team. The group...