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Ex Calo Biralo – 101 Engineer Regiment

Unit: 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (EOD)
Location: Annapurna region of Nepal
Date: January 2016
Activities: Trekking, White Water Rafting
Ex Calo Biralo 2016, which saw 19 Members of 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (EOD) and their instructors travel to the Himalayas of central Nepal and trek the much revered Annapurna Circuit. Its aim; to test the group both physically and mentally in an arduous environment culminating in...

Ex Tiger Thulo Traverse – British Army

Unit: 3 R Welsh, 3 Yorks, RMons, EMUOTC, NUOTC, 170 Engr Gp
Location: Nepalese Himalayas
Date: March 2015
Activities: Mountaineering (High Altitude), Trekking
Introduction Maj Andy Gooch Exercise TIGER THULO TRAVERSE (Ex TTT) set out to trek the 1600km length of the Nepalese Himalayas along a route called the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT).  It was to follow in the footsteps of ex-Sapper Captain Doc McKerr who became the first person to trek the route...