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Dragon Ventura Ardeche 2018

Unit: Ratcliffe College CCF
Location: River Ardeche - S France Vallon Pont Darc
Date: April 2018
Activities: Canoeing
I arrived at Ratcliffe on the Saturday 7th April excited about the prospect of traveling down to the South of France to take part in my very first Easter Adventure Training camp. After loading all the equipment and Lt Col Balmbra giving us all a safety briefing we set off....

Dragon Ventura Ardeche – Ratcliffe College CCF

Unit: Ratcliffe College CCF
Location: Ardeche, France
Date: April 2014
Activities: Canoeing, kayaking
The unit set off from school with extremely excited cadets and eager parents, as they were potentially getting some respite. The travel to the Channel Tunnel was almost uneventful, barring the inevitable Dartfort Tunnel traffic.  During the first fuel stop a pool of pink fluid was under the mini bus...