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Ice Maiden 2017

Unit: HAC, RAMC, 37 Sigs
Location: South Pole, Antarctica
Date: November 2017
Activities: Skiing, Trekking, Exploring
Reservist Sophie Montagne, shares her experiences of this ground-breaking expedition across Antarctica, proudly supported by the Ulysses Trust. As we touched down on the blue ice runway of Union Glacier base camp and the Ilyushin plane’s doors opened, we braced ourselves for that first blast of the Antarctic chill. But it...

HMS Wildfire

Unit: HMS Wildfire
Location: UK (Solent) & English Channel
Date: April 2018
Activities: Sailing
HMS WILDFIRE typically runs 2 sailing expeditions (SAILEXs) per year in April and October to fit around the unit’s busy summer training programme. The first of these this year was a long weekend in the Solent from 26 – 29 April. A Halberg Rassey 342, SKUA, was used from Joint...

Northern Andes Serpent 2017

Unit: HQ 2 Med Bde, 201 Fd Hosp,202 Fd Hosp, 203 Fd Hosp, 204 Fd Hosp, 205 Fd Hosp, 207 Fd Hosp, 208 Fd Hosp, 256 Fd Hosp,306 HSR, 103 Regt RA, Oxford UOTC, Southampton UOTC, Tayforth UOTC, Navy CSAV Reserves, 22 Fd Hosp, 34 Fd Hosp
Location: Chile
Date: July 2017
Activities: Skiing
EXPEDITION 1: Dates: 15th – 31st July 2017 Through July and August 2017, 28 enthusiastic participants, mostly deriving from HQ 2nd Medical Brigade, embarked on an adventure to the southern hemisphere, between latitudes 33’ and 41’ in the high Andes of Chile to conquer snow covered volcanoes on skis. It...

Bavarian Eagle 2017

Unit: National Reserve Headquarters Royal Artillery (NRHQ RA)
Location: Germany - Bavaria
Date: September 2017
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
As Europe returned to work after the summer holidays, officers from National Reserve Headquarters Royal Artillery (NRHQ RA) headed south on Exercise BAVARIAN EAGLE. We were bound for Haus Magnus in Wertach, which incidentally, is a comfortable, well run Adventurous Training Group (ATG) lodge ideally placed for mountain hiking in...

Wesslighthouse 2017

Unit: The Royal Wessex Yeomanry
Location: English Channel / Irish Sea
Date: August 2017
Activities: Sailing
The Rolex Fastnet Race 2017 was the largest offshore yacht race in history, featuring some 400 yachts and 3000 crew members from 29 countries, competing over a 1120km course from Cowes to Plymouth via the Fastnet Rock off the Southern Irish coast. Thanks largely to the Ulysses Trust’s generous sponsorship...

Tiger Alpine Bull 2017

Unit: 11 infantry brigade and HQ South East
Location: Switzerland
Date: July 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing/Trekking, Exploring
The Upper Valais region in Switzerland, with routes up to 3,000 meters altitude and surrounding the magnificent Groesser Aletsch Glacier, was selected for a summer mountaineering expedition, exercise ALPINE BULL, which took place between 24th and 30th July 2017. Twelve personnel with a mixture of background, qualifications, and experience from 11...

Shamrock Glacier 2017

Unit: 2 R IRISH
Location: Chamonix, France
Date: June 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Introduction On the 16th June 17, myself and a team of mountaineers left Northern Ireland heading to Chamonix, France for what would be one of the most memorial experiences of my life.  Flying into Lyon it was late evening when we arrived in Chamonix. Despite the long journey, seeing the mansion...

Mediterranean Ubique 2017

Unit: 103 Reg RA
Location: Canary Islands
Date: November 2017
Activities: Sailing
A day or so after having returned from our two week Annual Camp in Denmark a rather unexpected and exciting opportunity presented itself to me, sailing! Being a fairly sporty person I am always up for trying something new but this was something I had not even considered before. I...

Echo Adventure 2017

Unit: 212 Field Hospital
Location: Spain, Costa Blanca
Date: November 2017
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Between 17th-24th November 2017, eighteen volunteer reservists from 212 Field Hospital undertook a rock climbing expedition to the Costa Blanca region of Spain. The aim of this expedition was to challenge the participants mentally and physically, using rock climbing as a medium to do this. The group consisted of greatly varied...

Neptune Serpent 2017

Unit: 208, 201, 203, 243 Field Hospitals
Location: Cyprus
Date: July 2017
Activities: Diving
Thanks to the likes of Jacques Cousteau and our own Sir David Attenborough, for the uninitiated, talk of scuba diving may conjure up pictures of kaleidoscope coloured reefs, the inimitable ‘Finding Nemo’ clownfish and a plethora of sharks and weird and wonderful fish.  However, reality and fantasy are rarely synchronised...

Sea Wolf 2017

Unit: The Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry
Location: United Kingdom: Gosport to Barmouth, Wales
Date: June 2017
Activities: Sailing
In June 2017, a crew consisting of soldiers from The Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry took part in an expedition to sail the Royal Armoured Corps Yacht Club boat, Yacht Ajax, from Gosport to Barmouth in Wales. Named ‘Exercise Sea Wolf’, reflecting the unit’s cap-badge of a grey wolf, the aim...

Cockney Kala Patthar 2016

Unit: 101Log Bde
Location: Everest Base Camp, East of Nepal
Date: November 2016
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
16 days, 174 miles, 2,758 flights of stairs, 18 pieces of the best apple pie in the world and a lot of dal bhat power. Exercise COCKNEY KALA PATTHAR took 10 Reservists from 151 Regiment RLC and 3 Regulars from 10 QOGLR on a 3 week trek to the Himalayas. The...

Ex Dragon Phoenix – 37 Signal Regiment

Unit: 37 Signal Regiment
Location: Arizona, USA
Date: October 2015
Activities: Trekking
On the 1st of October a team from 37th Signal Regiment headed out to Arizona, USA to take part in Exercise Dragon Phoenix, an expedition with the primary aim of summiting  four ‘Ultra-Peaks’ across the state. An ‘ultra-peak’ is defined as a mountain summit with over 1500m (4921 ft) of...

Ex Dragon Jerboa Plunge – HQ 7 Inf Bde and 3 PWRR

Unit: HQ 7 Inf Bde and 3 PWRR
Location: Egypt
Date: September 2015
Activities: Diving
The seven day diving expedition was based in Marsa Nakari, Egypt.  We were a group of ten personnel which included regular, reserve and civilian SADS from Harrogate.  The expedition ranged in ability from novice diver undertaking the BSAC Ocean Diver qualification to Open Water Instructor trainers.  The main objective of...

Exercise Dragon Corse – 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital

Unit: 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital
Location: France
Date: July 2015
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
The aim of Exercise DRAGON CORSE was for members of 203 Fd Hosp to complete the northern half of the GR20 high altitude route in Corsica. Putting 16 Officer's and Soldiers under pressure while conducting arduous physical and mental adventurous training and develop leadership outside of their normal comfort zones. The...

Summer Newsletter 2015

Nothing says summer more than relaxing on the lawn with the sounds of the village cricket match in the distance, the latest test match on the radio, a glass of something cool by your side, and the latest edition of the Ulysses Trust summer newsletter to enthrall you with...