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Sweat Finn 2019

Unit: 71 Engr Regt 591 Sqn
Location: Spain
Date: September 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing.
Exercise Sweat Finn took place in the mountain regions north of Malaga between 14th-21st September 2019. Taking part in the exercise where 17 reserve troops from 71 Engineer Regiment comprising of personal from 102 (Paisley), 124 (Cumbernauld), 591 (NI) Squadrons and RHQ. The aim of the exercise was to conduct level...

Finn Harz Endeavour 2019

Unit: 105RA
Location: Germany, Harz Mountains
Date: August 2019
Activities: Trekking, Exploring.
Exercise Finn Harz Endeavour was an Adventure Training package to the Harz mountains in Germany from 24th August to 1st September 2019. This adventurous training exercise was planned in order to enhance each soldier’s courage and physical attributes whilst participating in mountain biking and hill walking in a challenging environment. This...

Shamrock Glacier 2019

Unit: 2 R IRISH
Location: France and Switzerland
Date: August 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing.
Exercise Planner: “Antoine, are the guides concerned about the two deaths on the Matterhorn on 24 Jul?” Antoine: “I was there ………!   I watched the rock and them fall past me, still roped together.  They were already dead as they fell out of sight!” Background As the dust settled on the successes...

Northern Dolomite Serpent 2019

Unit: 207 Field Hospital
Location: Dolomites, Italy
Date: August 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
  In August 2019, 15 members of 207 Field Hospital travelled from Manchester to the Dolomite mountains, Italy. With the grant from Ulysses Trust, the option to participate was open to all members of the unit, encouraging junior ranks to take part. A group of three mountain leader instructors, a physio,...

Sail19-01 2019

Location: UK - Solent and South Coast
Date: July 2019
Activities: Sailing
HMS WILDFIRE arranges two sailing weekends per year, using the Joint Services Adventure Training yachts based in Gosport, UK. The aim of these weekends are to introduce novices to sailing; build teamwork, comradery  and understanding amongst all ranks and rates; develop those with some sailing skills to enable them to...

Northern Azure Fox 2019

Unit: The Queen's Own Yeomanry
Location: Bugibba, Malta
Date: July 2019
Activities: Diving
On the 28th June 2019, 13 members of The Queen’s Own Yeomanry (QOY) and 2 external instructors deployed to Bugibba, Malta for a 10-day Sub-Aqua Diving expedition. The QOY personnel had a variety of experience and abilities, ranging from complete beginners to highly qualified divers. On arrival in Malta, an RSOI...

Tiger Ama Rjukan19 2019

Unit: MOD Abbey Wood - Regular Unit
Location: Norway - Rjukan
Date: February 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
It has been a while since the AMA conducted an overseas Winter Climbing expedition, but Feb 2019 saw the AMA return to Rjukan, Norway.  21 members of the AMA from 18 units located across the UK deployed from three airports over three days and managed to make it to Rjukan...

Dragon Cinto 19 2019

Location: Corsica, France
Date: June 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing,
Corsica’s 190km GR20 has the reputation of being the toughest of all the Grand Routes and it is a reputation well deserved. The route slices through the heart of this mountainous and rugged island from Calenzana in the NW to Conca in the SE. This then was the destination for...

Solent Sapper 2019

Unit: 75 Engineer Regiment
Location: UK Solent and Isle of White
Date: July 2019
Activities: Sailing
  During the impeccable winter months of January, the Training Major for 75 Engineer Regiment Regt shuffled a warning order for Ex (Exercise) Solent Sapper across my desk. For those that are unaware, Ex Solent Sapper is the Corp of Royal Engineers annual Sailing flotilla held on the Solent and around...

Alpine Concordia 2019

Unit: Joint Forces Intelligence Group
Location: Swiss Alps, Saas Grund
Date: July 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
On Saturday the 29th of July, tri-service mountaineers from across the UK started their journey to Saas-Grund, Switzerland, where they spent two weeks completing alpine mountain training. The reason for this training was to prepare regular and reserve members of all three armed forces for the British Services Mountaineering Expedition...

Finn Corsica Challenge 2019

Location: Corsica
Date: June 2019
Activities: Trekking, Exploring
Exercise CORSICA CHALLENGE was an Adventurous Training (AT) expedition conducted in Corsica, France from 20 – 30 June 2019. Twenty participants, mostly NHS employees, and two support staff attended the exercise. The aim was to provide a challenging, testing and enjoyable experience outside of the normal military environment. All participants not...

Adriatic Lion 2019

Unit: University of Birmingham Air Squadron
Location: Croatia, Dalmation Coast
Date: June 2019
Activities: Sailing
Beginning with an early start on Saturday 22nd June, 12 Students and 4 staff members from the University of Birmingham Air Squadron ventured off to begin their 6-day offshore sailing expedition, taking place in the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Croatia. The students began with a range of abilities;...


Unit: Reserve - Royal Electircal & Mechanical Engineers
Location: Morocco - Toubkal National Park
Date: June 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing.
Introduction: Ex NORTHERN ATLAS was a high altitude trekking expedition in Morocco’s Toubkal National Park. The expedition was conducted under a Defence Engagement Agreement between Morocco and the UK, with both nations assembling a team of fourteen to trek together in the Atlas Mountains. The main objective of the expedition was...

Northern Dalesman Paoli 2019

Unit: Yorkshire officers Training Regiment
Location: Cap Corse, Corsica, France
Date: April 2019
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Ex Northern Dalesman Paoli was a rock-climbing expedition taking place in Corsica, France in April 2019. The expedition took place over 11 days and was attended by 13 personnel. The first obstacle was to physically get to Corsica, and so 9 Officer Cadets and 1 member of staff set off at...

Finn Swift Singletrack 2019

Unit: 204 (North Irish) Field Hospital
Location: Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain
Date: May 2019
Activities: Mountain Biking
Following an incredible mountain biking expedition in 2018, run by 204 (NI) Fd Hosp to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain, the opportunity arose once more in 2019. 2 RIFLES were planning their own expedition and had some places available for 204 personnel. Knowing what we knew from our previous experience, on...

Frimley Glacier 2019

Unit: Cadet Training Centre Frimley Park
Location: Meribel (French Alps)
Date: February 2019
Activities: Skiing
What is CTC Frimley Park? CTC Frimley Park is the national cadet training centre based in Frimley, Surrey. We offer a variety of developmental and qualification courses to Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV’s) primarily from the Army Cadet Force (ACF) and Combined Cadet Force (CCF) but places are also allocated to...

Canary Express 2018

Unit: 75 Engineer Regiment
Location: Spain, Lanzarote
Date: November 2018
Activities: Sailing
On 18th November 6 members of 75 Engineer Regiment Regt travelled to Lanzarote for Ex Canary Express 2018. The Joint Services Sail Training Centre had forward based a 47ft yacht in the Canary Islands. The aim of this was to enhance sailing and leadership skills through offshore sailing. After meeting the...

Dragon Corse 2 2018

Unit: 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital
Location: Corsica, France
Date: July 2018
Activities: Trekking, Exploring.
203 (Welsh) Field Hospital is an Army Reserve unit based in Cardiff with detachments locations spread across north and south Wales. The unit planned and ran Exercise Dragon Corse 2 which was a level 3 Adventure Training (AT) expedition to Corsica which ran from the 13th July 2018 to the...