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Arctic Express – London UOTC

Unit: London UOTC
Location: UK, Faroes, Iceland
Date: May 2017
Activities: Sailing
On the 21st May 2017 a fifteen-strong crew, led by Maj Terry Hackett of London UOTC, began a two-week Adventure Training exercise onboard Yacht ‘Adventure’, one of the Army’s two Challenger 72’ Ocean going sail training yachts. The aim of Ex Artic Express was to challenge participants in a demanding...

Ex Tiger Midnight Sun – 77th Brigade

Unit: 77th Brigade
Location: Iceland
Date: August 2016
Activities: Trekking
Steam billowing up from under snow bridges, sideways jaw-freezing hail turning your woolly hat white, sunburned noses, soggy tents and dust storms.  Lush mossy landscapes set against black volcanic ash tinged by red and green, and dark verdant canyons filled with thundering waterfalls. The Laugavegur trail is considered to be one...

Ex Midnight Sun – Bristol University Air Squadron

Unit: Bristol University Air Squadron
Location: Iceland
Date: August 2015
Activities: Cycling, Trekking
Bristol University Air Squadron deployed to Iceland on EX MIDNIGHT SUN to carry out a cycling and walking tour of the Golden Circle. The initial plan was to fly out to Iceland to then cycle a route starting from Reykjavik, travelling into the Landmannalaugar National Park. We would then return...

Ex Blue Fara – Oxford UOTC

Unit: Oxford UOTC
Location: Iceland
Date: July 2015
Activities: Trekking, rock climbing
This summer, ten officer cadets from Oxford University Officer Training Corps set off to attempt to trek 500 kilometres, unsupported, from the north to the south of Iceland over the course of three weeks. Our leader, Junior Under Officer Graves, had selected a team of nine Officer Cadets from the...

Exercise Icelandic Endeavour – Royal Wessex Yeomanry

Unit: Royal Wessex Yeomanry
Location: Iceland
Date: July 2015
Activities: Trekking
Twenty minutes into the journey, an about turn was required to retrieve the passport left at Barracks. Passports all present and correct we proceeded to board the plane where we were entertained by the sight of two bags forgotten on the runway, only to later discover that they contained an...

Exercise Vulcan EMU – East Midlands UOTC

Unit: Officer Cadets of East Midlands UOTC
Location: Southern Iceland
Date: August 2014
Activities: Trekking
Exercise Vulcan EMU was a trekking expedition run between the dates 26/08/2014 until 05/09/2014 for Officer Cadets of East Midlands UOTC. Led by (IC) Officer Cadet Marcus Robertson and (2IC) 2Lt Darren Hastings, the expedition was instructed by Major David Larkam. The aim of the expedition was to improve the team...

Ex Ice Dragon 2014 – Wales Universities Officers Training Corps

Unit: Wales UOTC
Location: Iceland
Date: August 2014
Activities: Trekking
Exercise Ice Dragon 2014 was an adventurous training expedition sponsored by the Ulysses Trust. The expedition leader was OCdt Smith of Bangor Company and involved 13 members of Wales Universities Officers Training Corps (WUOTC). The two mountain leaders with the requisite adventurous training qualifications were SM Williams, currently RA and...

Ex Nanuk Pioneer – 23 Pioneer Regiment Royal Logistics Corps

Unit: 23 Pioneer Regt RLC and Sussex Army Cadet Force
Location: Greenland
Date: April 2014
Activities: Nordic Skiing
Ex NANUK PIONEER saw 5 members of 23 Pioneer Regt RLC and an instructor from the Army Cadet Force deploy to Greenland.  Following extensive pre-deployment preparation, the group finally arrived at Constable Point (CNP), Liverpool Land in Greenland.  This would be base camp and home for the next 2 weeks. On...