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Ex Itchy Foot 2016 – Essex Army Cadet Force

Unit: Essex Army Cadet Force
Location: Peak District
Date: May 2016
Activities: Canoeing, Caving, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Trekking
On Sat 28th May 2016, 42 members of Essex Army Cadet Force met at Chelmsford Army Reserve Centre to embark on the celebratory twenty first Exercise Itchyfoot. From an idea born by Lt. Col. I. Coffin, this seven day Adventurous Training exercise has grown and developed into a leading event...

Ex Ubique Finn 2016 – 71 Engineer Regiment

Unit: 71 Engr Regt
Location: Spain
Date: May 2016
Activities: Mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing
Exercise Ubique Finn (ID 02005) took place in the mountain regions north of Malaga between 14th-21st May 2016. Taking part in the exercise where 17 reserve troops from 71 Engineer Regiment comprising of personal from 102 (Paisley), 124 (Edinburgh) and 591 (Bangor) Squadrons. The pasty white Celtic troops travelled from...

Ex Northern Iberian Duke – 4 Lancs

Unit: 4LANCS
Location: Costa Blanca, Spain
Date: March 2016
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
‘No, there really is climbing on the Costa Blanca, I’ve been. It’s really rather good.’ The OC Major Kennon raised a quizzical brow and I crossed my fingers… Fast forward some months and after a late night brief, and even later night packing kit and travelling, we arrived bleary eyed in...

Ex Northern Gozo – 32 Signal Regiment

Unit: 32 Signal Regiment
Location: Malta
Date: October 2016
Activities: Diving, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Exercise Northern Gozo was an extremely successful level 3 Adventure Training exercise to the beautiful island of Malta, for 14 Officers and soldiers from 32 Signal Regiment. The aim of the exercise was to undertake two one week foundation level courses in Rock Climbing and Sub Aqua Diving, to continue to...

Ex Shamrock Glacier – 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment

Unit: 2 R Irish
Location: France, Chamonix
Date: August 2016
Activities: Mountaineering, rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking
Report written by Lt NJW Richmond C Coy 2 R IRISH The aim of Joint Service Adventurous Training is set out as follows; “to promote, through the conduct of arduous outdoor activities with exposure to hardship and danger, the Army’s core values, leadership, teamwork and other qualities necessary to enhance the...

Ex Dragon Steel Corsica – 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment

Unit: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment
Location: Corsica, France
Date: July 2016
Activities: Rock Climbing, Trekking
If you look up the GR20 online you will see it described as “the toughest long distance trail in Europe”. Spanning 300 miles and crossing Corsica from Calenzana in the north to Conca in the south the GR20 crosses some of the most spectacular mountain terrain in Europe and is...

Finn Venturer 2016 – Royal Belfast Academical Institution CCF

Unit: Royal Belfast Academical Institution Combined Cadet Force
Location: Tenerife, Spain
Date: February 2016
Activities: Rock Climbing
Royal Belfast Academical Institution CCF deployed 9 Senior Cadets and 2 Officers for a rock climbing exercise in Tenerife on 16 – 23 February 2016. This exercise had been months in planning and everyone was delighted to finally receive full clearance. It would mark the first ever overseas AT Exercise...

Ex Dragon Venturer Cadet Rock – Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training

Unit: HQ Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training
Location: Southern Spain
Date: October 2015
Activities: Rock climbing
Once again a group of Senior Cadets and CFAVs assembled at Manchester Airport to fly to Spain in search of sunshine and dry rock in October.  The Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT) delivers a rock climbing course each year in Spain, offering Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Senior Cadets...

Ex Northern Cutlers’ Climb – Sheffield University Officer Training Corps

Unit: Sheffield UOTC
Location: Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Date: August 2015
Activities: Mountaineering, rock climbing
At Sheffield University Officer Training Corps (SUOTC) we run an annual adventure training expedition for the cadets and subalterns reaching the end of their third and final year of OTC. This is the culmination of all their training and development and a ‘last hurrah’ before they embark on civilian and...

Ex Bavarian Wanderer II – Tayforth UOTC

Unit: Tayforth Universities Officer Training Corps
Location: Bavarian Alps
Date: August 2014
Activities: kayaking, rock climbing, hill walking, mountain biking, white water rafting
Exercise Bavarian Wanderer II was an extremely successful level 3 Adventure Training exercise in the spectacular Bavarian Alps, for forty personnel from Tayforth UOTC. The aim of the exercise was to build on training which the Officer Cadets taking part in the exercise had received over the course of the...

Vietnam Venturer 2014 – 2391 (Parkstone) Squadron ATC

Unit: 2391 (Parkstone) Squadron ATC
Location: Vietnam
Date: October 2014
Activities: Mountain climbing, hiking, canoeing, cycling, rock climbing
When initial planning for this expedition started the aim was to provide cadets with the environment to develop personal and team skills and to take them out of their “comfort zone”. With the emphasis being on Adventure Training one of the goals would be the reaching the top of Mount...

Ex Northern Dolomites – Leeds University Officers’ Training Corps

Unit: Leeds University Officers' Training Corps
Location: Italy - North East, Dolomites
Date: July 2014
Activities: Rock Climbing, Trekking
Leeds University Officers' Training Corps conducted an adventurous training expedition consisting of rock climbing and trekking in the Dolomites in Northern Italy. OCdt Victoria Carbutt takes up the story... Our first full day in Cortina d’Ampezzo consisted of an acclimatisation trek to Tonde de Cianderou from Camping Olympia (SH 1711m),...

Ex Highland Fling 2014 – 46F (Kensington) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 46F Kensington ATC
Location: Aviemore, Scottish Highlands
Date: August 2014
Activities: Canoeing, Mountaineering (Summer), Rock Climbing
Cadets from 46F Kensington Air Cadets took to the Scottish Highlands for a week of action packed adventure training. To help fund the camp cadets helped Christmas shoppers pack their bags at the local Sainsbury’s store on Cromwell Road, as well as the generous grant awarded by the Ulysses Trust...

Ex Northern Kenyan Venturer – Army Cadet Force & Combined Cadet Force (Army)

Unit: ACF and CCF(Army)
Location: Kenya
Date: July 2014
Activities: Trekking
This expedition must rank as one of the most successful ever mounted by the Army Cadet Movement.  57 out of 58 participants, in two independent groups and 8 adults and 20 cadets, summited Point Lenana (4,985m) on Mt Kenya.  Also a local primary school was given a brand new classroom...

Ex Canpaddy Finn 2014 – Regional Training Centre (NI)

Unit: 2 Royal Irish;152 TPT REG RLC; 32 Signal Regt; 5 RMP 243 Pro Company
Location: Canada
Date: July 2014
Activities: Multi-activity
A group of 10 staff and instructors from the Regional Training Centre, Northern Ireland (RTC(NI) recently took part in Ex CANPADDY FINN - a 14 day exercise based at Trails End Camp (TEC) in the Canadian Rockies. The group included staff members from the Royal Irish, RLC, Royal Signals and...

Ex Highland Dragon Venture – Staffordshire and West Midlands Army Cadet Force

Unit: Staffordshire & West Midlands North Sector Army Cadet Force
Location: Scottish Highlands
Date: July 2014
Activities: Canoeing, Mountaineering (Summer), Rock Climbing, Whitewater Kayaking
On the morning of Saturday 26 July 14, 24 Cadets and 6 Adult Instructors from Staffordshire and West Midlands Army Cadets force started the long drive north to Inverness for the start of a seven day adventurous training package. The aim of the expedition was to expose the cadets to the...

Essex Army Cadets take on the Rock

Unit: Essex Army Cadet Force
Location: Gibraltar
Date: April 2014
Activities: Caving, kayaking, rock climbing
As everybody celebrated Easter, C Company Essex Army Cadet Force commenced Exercise Dragon Venturer in Gibraltar. For 310 years Gibraltar has faced many challenges as our British Overseas Territory and for one week 40 Army Cadets and 14 instructors faced many of their own. The trip offered the cadets so much...

Ex Dragon Valetta 30 Nov – 10 Dec 2013

Unit: 143X and 49X
Location: Malta
Date: November 2013
Activities: Rock Climbing
In the first week of December I was fortunate enough to attend adventure training Exercise DRAGON VALETTA in Malta with personnel from 143 (West Midlands) Brigade.  Malta is a beautiful island pushing it’s way up from the Mediterranean, with some great opportunities for both rock climbing and open water diving...