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Cockney Skadi – 3 Military Intelligence Battalion

Unit: 3 MI Bn
Location: France, Vanoise National Park
Date: January 2017
Activities: Skiing, bobsleigh
One of the more nuanced elements of military training to explain to the civilian employers of the officers and soldiers of 3 Military Intelligence Battalion (3 MI Bn), is the notion of “adventurous training”. This is particularly the case when this involves skiing! What may seem on the surface to be...

Ex Ice Ready – British Army Reservists

Unit: 5MI, HAC, 7 Rifles
Location: Lakselv, Norway
Date: November 2016
Activities: Skiing
Exercise ICE MAIDEN, the first all-female military transantarctic crossing planned for November 2017, is the vision of expedition leaders Major Nicola Wetherill and Major Natalie Taylor.  The two adventurous Army doctors hope that the expedition will inspire others, particularly women, to seek adventure and to engage in arduous outdoor activity. ...

Ex Bradfield Venturer Tiger 2016 – Bradfield College CCF + Berkhamstead School CCF

Unit: Bradfield College CCF & Berkhamsted School CCF
Location: Norway - Hardangervidda
Date: March 2016
Activities: Skiing
Cadets on the Norway Cross Country Ski Expedition experienced the full range of winter weather conditions during their week skiing over the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Despite the stormy conditions our group of 6 boys and girls made quick progress acquiring the necessary ski skills to complete a demanding Hut...

Ex Blue Tour Dolomite – Oxford University Officer Training Corps

Unit: Oxford UOTC
Location: Italy, Dolomites
Date: March 2016
Activities: Skiing
On 27th March 2016, six Officer Cadets from Oxford University Officer Training Corps set out on an ambitious six-day hut-to-hut ski tour across the Italian Dolomites. For five of the six members, the expedition was especially challenging as it was their first experience of hut-to-hut touring. In spite of this...

Ex Snowfox 2016 – First Aid Nursing Yeomanry

Unit: First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps)
Location: France, Val D'Isere
Date: January 2016
Activities: Skiing
From 03 – 10 January 2016 the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) kicked off their adventurous training year by taking part in Exercise (ALPINE) SNOW FOX XXI in Val D’Isère, France. Ex Snow Fox is the pan-Yeomanry Alpine Skiing Championship which aims to promote fitness, physical agility, teamwork and leadership....

Ex Snow Queen – Glasgow + Lanarkshire Bn ACF

Unit: A & B Troop RA and A Platoon RHF of Glasgow & Lanarkshire Bn ACF
Location: Sportwelt Austria
Date: January 2016
Activities: Skiing
“Amazing, Fantastic, Brilliant” It may have been 07.30 am when the group of 36 cadets and 7 adults left Glasgow but there was not a thing that could have dampened their excitement for the ski trip to Salzburger Sportwelt in Austria, not even the thought of 30 hours of travel....

Exercise Alpine Arc – Oxford University Officer Training Corps

Unit: Oxford UOTC, British Army
Location: European Alps (Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France)
Date: January 2015
Activities: Skiing
It is now a month since the final team from Exercise Alpine Arc arrived at the shores of the Mediterranean; successfully completing the final kilometres of an extraordinary ski-journey through the European Alps. A journey which began in Puchberg am Schneeberg in Austria before winding its way through 1100kms of...

Ex Northern Aoraki Serpent – 12 AMS Army Reserve Units

Unit: 12 AMS Army Reserve Units
Location: South Island, New Zealand
Date: August 2014
Activities: Ski Touring expedition
The majority of the participants arrived at Newcastle airport hotel on the evening of Saturday 2nd August 2014, eagerly awaiting the long haul flight to Christchurch the next day.  Armed with all the paraphernalia required for the three week arduous ski touring event that lay before us, our bags were...

Ex Alpine Adventure 2014 – South West Region Air Training Corps Wings

Unit: South West Region ATC Wings
Location: Bavaria
Date: February 2014
Activities: Skiing
On 14th February 2014, 33 Air Cadets and 9 staff from the South West, set off for Alpine Adventure in Bavaria, Germany. The trip has been running in various forms for over 20 years, and provides cadets with the opportunity learn to ski or improve on their current level of...

Telemark Eagle 1 – Cambridge University Air Squadron

Unit: Cambridge University Air Squadron
Location: Hardanger, Norway
Date: April 2014
Activities: Ski trekking
This Easter 2014, after endless planning, intense fitness regimes and preparation, Cambridge University Air Squadron (CUAS), joined by students from the East Midlands, East of Scotland and Oxford, completed a 17-day expedition in Norway retracing the route of the Heroes of Telemark. The historic significance of the footsteps we followed and...

1363 – ‘Viking Ski Trek’ – Hardangervidda, Norway

Unit: Morrisons Academy CCF
Location: Hardangervidda, Norway
Date: April 2013
Activities: Ski Touring
When you see people cross country skiing you think you’d have to have experience to be good at it but it is quite easy to pick up the basics. We were fortunate enough to have the best weather conditions ever seen by our instructors after four previous trips. Some of...

1412 – ‘Nordic Challenge’ – Norway

Unit: Wycliffe College CCF
Location: Hardangervidda, Norway
Date: April 2013
Activities: Cross Country Skiing
Over the Easter holidays a team of eight staff and students, from Wycliffe College CCF, went on an arduous cross-country skiing expedition to the Hardangervidda mountain range in Norway. The aim of the venture was to introduce a fairly novice group of cadets to cross-country skiing in what is classed...

1413 – ‘Northern Alpine Snow’ – Les Contimines, France

Unit: North West Officer Training Regt.
Location: France, Les Contimines
Date: March 2013
Activities: Ski Touring
Late in March this year, the North West Officer Training Regiment embarked on what has become an annual week-long expedition to the French Alps – this year in Les Contamines – to undertake Alpine ski and Ski touring training at 3 levels: Ski foundation (SF) 1, 2 and 3. The...

1408 – ‘Spanish Snow (Tiger) Venturer’ – Pyrenees, Spain

Unit: Bradfield College CCF
Location: Pyrenees - Spain
Date: March 2013
Activities: Skiing
During the Easter break a group of five UVI Form pupils and one CCF Officer from Bradfield College CCF travelled to the Pyrenees to participate in an introductory week of alpine ski touring. The aim of the trip was to build upon skills learnt on a Nordic Ski Expedition to...

1355 – ‘White Centurion’ – Austria, Mittersill

Unit: 100 Regt RA(V)
Location: Austria, Mittersill
Date: March 2013
Activities: Skiing
A group from 100 Regt RA(V) consisting of reservists took part in “Ex White Centurion” a Novice Skiing and Touring Expedition to the Mittersill area of Austria. This was a change from our planned location of Zell am Ziller due to circumstances beyond our control. The Exped was based in...

1387 – ‘Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger’ – Norway, Hovden

Unit: Canford School CCF
Location: Norway, Hovden
Date: February 2013
Activities: Cross Country Skiing
Objectives: to introduce the art of cross-country skiing and winter survival to seventeen cadets and thereafter complete a three day expedition overnighting in a snow hole on at least one of the nights. Location: Hovden, Norway Dates: 16th – 24th February 2013 Participating personnel: Seventeen cadets, two Canford staff and three instructors care...