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Arctic Express – London UOTC

Unit: London UOTC
Location: UK, Faroes, Iceland
Date: May 2017
Activities: Sailing
On the 21st May 2017 a fifteen-strong crew, led by Maj Terry Hackett of London UOTC, began a two-week Adventure Training exercise onboard Yacht ‘Adventure’, one of the Army’s two Challenger 72’ Ocean going sail training yachts. The aim of Ex Artic Express was to challenge participants in a demanding...

Ex Hebridean Phoenix – 5 MI Bn

Unit: 5 MI Bn
Location: West Coast of Scotland
Date: May 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer), Offshore Sailing
Ex Hebridean Phoenix was the 5MI Bn entry to the Scottish Islands Peaks Race in 2014.  The race is an arduous event that combines challenging coastal sailing and fell running.  The entry was made to the Inter-Service category where three team members were responsible for the sailing and the remaining...