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Northern Sierra – 154 (Scottish) Transport Regiment RLC

Unit: 154 (Scottish) Transport Regiment RLC
Location: Spain, Andalucia
Date: May 2017
Activities: Mountain Biking
In late May 2017, after a 6 month build up period, 20 members of 154 Regiment set out from Scotland bound for Granada in Southern Spain and a week-long Mountain-biking expedition. The membership of this group represented the Regiment’s Reserve make-up in almost perfect microcosm; 6 Girls and 14 Guys;...

Ex Ubique Finn 2016 – 71 Engineer Regiment

Unit: 71 Engr Regt
Location: Spain
Date: May 2016
Activities: Mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing
Exercise Ubique Finn (ID 02005) took place in the mountain regions north of Malaga between 14th-21st May 2016. Taking part in the exercise where 17 reserve troops from 71 Engineer Regiment comprising of personal from 102 (Paisley), 124 (Edinburgh) and 591 (Bangor) Squadrons. The pasty white Celtic troops travelled from...

Ex Northern Iberian Duke – 4 Lancs

Unit: 4LANCS
Location: Costa Blanca, Spain
Date: March 2016
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
‘No, there really is climbing on the Costa Blanca, I’ve been. It’s really rather good.’ The OC Major Kennon raised a quizzical brow and I crossed my fingers… Fast forward some months and after a late night brief, and even later night packing kit and travelling, we arrived bleary eyed in...

Ex Northern Brighella – 201 Field Hospital

Unit: 201 Field Hospital
Location: Sierra Nevada, Spain
Date: September 2015
Activities: Trekking
On 05 September 2015 a team from 201 Field Hospital embarked on Exercise Northern Brighella. Adventurous Training (AT) is an integral part of Military Training and greatly valued at 201 Field Hospital. The definition of AT is ‘Challenging outdoor training for Service Personnel in specified adventurous activities that incorporates controlled...

Ex Dragon Venturer Cadet Rock – Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training

Unit: HQ Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training
Location: Southern Spain
Date: October 2015
Activities: Rock climbing
Once again a group of Senior Cadets and CFAVs assembled at Manchester Airport to fly to Spain in search of sunshine and dry rock in October.  The Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT) delivers a rock climbing course each year in Spain, offering Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Senior Cadets...

Ex Northern Ypres Trepador – 75 Engineer Regiment

Unit: 75 Engineer Regiment
Location: Spain, Costa Blanca
Date: October 2015
Activities: Rock Climbing
On 24 Oct 15 ten personnel from 75 Engineer Regiment left Manchester and travelled to Costa Blanca, Spain for a week of climbing the stunning limestone sport climbing routes which populate the area just North of Benidorm. The week's aim was to introduce novice climbers to the sport with the long-term...

Pyrenees Adventure 2015 – Cumbria and Lancashire Wing ATC

Unit: Cumbria and Lancashire Wing ATC
Location: Spain, Central Pyrenees, Benasque Valley
Date: August 2015
Activities: Trekking, kayaking, white water rafting
The overall aim of this overseas expedition was not only to teach the Cadets and Staff about adventurous training but also to teach them life skills in adapting to change within a new environment, teamwork and leadership. The Cadets were aged between 15 and 18 and both Cadets and Staff...

Expedition Peninsular Cadet – Oakham School Combined Cadet Force

Unit: Oakham School CCF
Location: Sierra de Gredos
Date: August 2015
Activities: Trekking, Community Work
Early on 11th August, 17 cadets from Oakham School CCF departed on an expedition which was to combine an appreciation of two battlefield sites from the Peninsular Campaign with a challenging trek across the Sierra de Gredos mountains of central Spain. The journey took in a 24-hour ferry crossing between...

Exercise Northern Alpinista – Leeds University Officers’ Training Corps

Unit: Leeds University Officers' Training Corps
Location: Spain (Northern Pyrenees)
Date: July 2015
Activities: Trekking, Mountaineering
Exercise Northern Alpinista consisted of a two week mountaineering expedition to the Benasque valley region within the Spanish Pyrenees.  The expedition took place during July 2015 and was supported by 15 Officer Cadets (OCdts) from Leeds University Officers Training Corps and Regular and Reserve Forces instructors and staff.  The location...

Operation Vertex – 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron ATC
Location: Pyrenees, France
Date: August 2015
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
It’s one of the toughest summits to reach in the Pyrenees. At a mighty 2784m above sea level combined with a 20m final sharp ascent, stunning views and a test of nerve, few mountains can rival the excitement of the Pic du Canigou in southern France. After 15 months of planning...

Trek Pyrenees 2014 – 633 (West Swindon) Squadron ATC

Unit: 633 (West Swindon) Squadron ATC
Location: French/ Spainish Pyrenees
Date: July 2014
Activities: Climbing, walking, fundraising for chairty
This year’s planning for ‘Pyrenees 2014’ started with a shorter lead into than 2011 trek due to the experience and planning of other squadron activities, so back in November 2013, the initial letter went out and presentations by myself from the previous trek to encourage interest from the over 16’s....

Peninsular Cadet 2014 – Oakham School Combined Cadet Force

Unit: Oakham School CCF
Location: Spain
Date: August 2014
Activities: Trekking, community work
Fifteen 6th form cadets from Oakham School's CCF set off in mid-August on a 10 day expedition to explore the Peninsular battlefields of Central Spain where their forebears of the two affiliate units - Royal Anglian Regiment and Royal Logistic Corps - fought against the French during Wellington's ultimately triumphant...

Ex Dragon Formigal – 37 Signal Regt (V)

Unit: 37 Sig Regt
Location: Aragon, Pyrenees
Date: August 2014
Activities: Trekking, mountain biking
Exercise Dragon Formigal was a 37 Sig Regt adventurous training exercise in the Aragon region of the Spanish Pyrenees, held over the period 04-17 August 2014. The aim was to complete two treks along sections of the GR11 and to also introduce participants to mountain biking along some of the...

Ex Cadet Rock 2014 – Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT)

Unit: Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training
Location: Costa Blanca, Spain
Date: October 2014
Activities: Climbing
Ex CADET ROCK was an eight day climbing expedition to the Costa Blanca run by the Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT).  Four instructors which included Maj Kevin Edwards OC CCAT, Lt Col Cath Davies, Billy McIntosh and Dave Rees plus 8 x Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Senior Cadets...

Operation Vertex – 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron Air Training Corps

Unit: 2344 (Longbenton) Sqn ATC
Location: France, Pyrenees, Sahorre
Date: August 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
A team of nine cadets and staff from 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron have succeeded in climbing their first foreign peak – the Pic Du Canigou in France. Flight Lieutenant Will Close-Ash, who famously assisted in rescuing a group of Belgian climbers on the peak in 2008, was leading the team. The group...

Exercise Dragon Pyrenees Pursuit – Birmingham UOTC

Unit: Birmingham UOTC
Location: France
Date: July 2014
Activities: Mountaineering (Summer)
This expedition was held between the 21st and 31st of July. It was a Summer Alpine Mountaineering Expedition, which its main aim was to complete a section of the GR10, a well renowned French hiking route. The GR10 follows the Pyrenean mountain range, which is situated between the French and...

Summer Newsletter 2014

It's that time of year again where we publish our Summer Newsletter containing all sorts of news and information about the Ulysses Trust and the outstanding adventurous training activities and expeditions that we have supported over the last few months. In this edition we feature three expeditions namely 4 Para powering their...

Ex Northern Black Spoke – 4 Para

Unit: 4 Para
Location: Spain
Date: May 2014
Activities: Mountain Biking
Ex NORTHERN BLACK SPOKE (NBS) was an Adventurous Training expedition to Southern Spain that took place in May 2014.  The exercise was run by 4 PARA, but benefitted from integrating soldiers from the Regular Parachute Battalions; this really helped generate a mix of experience and provided another good opportunity to...