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Ex Tiger Midnight Sun – 77th Brigade

Unit: 77th Brigade
Location: Iceland
Date: August 2016
Activities: Trekking
Steam billowing up from under snow bridges, sideways jaw-freezing hail turning your woolly hat white, sunburned noses, soggy tents and dust storms.  Lush mossy landscapes set against black volcanic ash tinged by red and green, and dark verdant canyons filled with thundering waterfalls. The Laugavegur trail is considered to be one...

Tiger Toubkal – Royal Signals

Unit: Royal Signals
Location: Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Date: September 2016
Activities: Mountaineering, rock climbing
The Atlas mountains are, at first look, forbidding and hostile. The weather conditions are changeable and the environment inhospitable to people, animals and vegetation. Over the duration of the two-week expedition the team got to know the people, the terrain and learned much about the Berber culture and...

Ex Northern Cutlers’ Climb – Sheffield University Officer Training Corps

Unit: Sheffield UOTC
Location: Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Date: August 2015
Activities: Mountaineering, rock climbing
At Sheffield University Officer Training Corps (SUOTC) we run an annual adventure training expedition for the cadets and subalterns reaching the end of their third and final year of OTC. This is the culmination of all their training and development and a ‘last hurrah’ before they embark on civilian and...